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HELP - out of focus

hi there,

i have been scanning a bunch of negatives that i’ve shot in the last couple of months. i use different cameras, one of which is an M6 with a 35 summicron. a couple of the films are completely out of focus, the focus seems to be shifted towards the camera. I’m sure that some of the films that are out of focus have been shot with my M6 but then others that I also shot with it later on are ok. i’m a little worried as i’m leaving to prague for an assignment in 2 weeks and there is no place where i’m now that can check my leica. is there some way that i can check my focusing at home? i also ran out of developer so i can’t process any film. and the developer will arrive after i leave.

i hope that someone has some tips.


by Peter Klesken at 2007-08-14 18:54:25 UTC (ed. Mar 12 2008 ) London , United Kingdom | Bookmark | | Report spam→

The only thing I can think of, and it’s kinda McGuyver, is to place a small piece of wax paper or scuffed plexiglass over the film gate. Basically you’re trying to hack a groundglass for focussing. Check the rf in the camera and compare to the gg with a loupe. Not ideal but if yer up the creek so to speak…

If this is not happening, shoot xp2 and take it boots for processing.

The rf can be adjusted but you do so at your own peril and with a 6, you need a special tool.

good luck


by Fred Lum | 14 Aug 2007 22:08 | Toronto, Canada | | Report spam→
There’s also be useful information at rangefinderforum.com if you haven’t already got that bookmarked. If yer a rf freak, this is a must forum. Pretty civilized except for the odd thread here and there ;)

let us know what up with your 6


Classic 6 user

by Fred Lum | 14 Aug 2007 23:08 (ed. Aug 15 2007) | Toronto, Canada | | Report spam→
try focusing on something at infinity. and perhaps something closer with a tape measure?

m6’s can easily get knocked out of focus and can easily be adjusted by a trained leica repair person.

by Aaron Lee Fineman | 15 Aug 2007 01:08 | New York City, United States | | Report spam→
Heres the mirror test. I use the moon as infinity or a cloud if there are any in the UK. :))

The M2 is a snap to adjust. I think the M6 requires a special tool.

Hope this helps.

by Paul Rigas | 15 Aug 2007 02:08 | Grass Pants, Oregon, United States | | Report spam→
that’s a cool trick…must remember.

re:6, you also have to pop off the red dot, THEN use the special tool. earlier M’s use regular slot screwdrivers for both adjustments.

by Fred Lum | 15 Aug 2007 02:08 | Toronto, Canada | | Report spam→
Thanks a lot Paul :) that’s a really cool trick :)

by Peter Klesken | 15 Aug 2007 04:08 | London, United Kingdom | | Report spam→


(Rangefinder acuracy)

(DIY Rangefinder adjustment)


by Roberto Louzan | 15 Aug 2007 10:08 | Galicia, Spain | | Report spam→
Go out and buy some cheap C41 film – Kodacolor or something – and a pad and a marker. Find some space where you won’t be disturbed too much – hotel corridor would be perfect, if there’s enough light – and just fire off a roll of film, focusing each frame on the pad, but at a different distance each time. Before each exposure write the distance – read off the lens barrel – on the pad.

Take the film to a 1 hour photo shop – I’m sure there must be plenty in Sliema or Valetta – drink two bottles of Cisk, pick up the film and see where your focusing problems are. Then consult an optician – since you say it’s happening with more than one camera I’d say the fault lies with the common component – your eye. PHC.

by Paul Hardy Carter | 16 Aug 2007 08:08 | Monte Pego, Spain | | Report spam→
hehe paul, you seem to know this place :) acctually that’s what i did i shot a roll of c-41 yesterday and i’m off to valletta today afternoon after they have their 4 hour siesta.

cheers peter

by Peter Klesken | 16 Aug 2007 12:08 | London, United Kingdom | | Report spam→
some old L39 lens with adapter fix on M body may appear like this,but i am not sure your lens(M39 or L39?).
and you can just insert a c41 negative into your m6 and then half an hour you will see.
and check your lens to make sure if it was opened before,if it is,it may your lens problem.

by laocao | 18 Aug 2007 08:08 | shanghai, China | | Report spam→
…..where is the button to start a new post in the Leica group!? Been looking in vain for about ten minutes..

by Omar Mullick | 18 Aug 2007 18:08 | Brooklyn, NY, United States | | Report spam→
Omar – choose one of the items in the “Discuss” menu bar at the top of the page and then see the link in the panel on the right. PHC.

by Paul Hardy Carter | 18 Aug 2007 18:08 | Monte Pego, Spain | | Report spam→
thanks, paul!

by Omar Mullick | 18 Aug 2007 19:08 | Brooklyn, NY, United States | | Report spam→

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