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iPod sound recording

Dear LS, Have any of you been using the Belkin TuneTalk Stereo device for ambient sound recording in combination with the video iPod? Any comments will be valuable.. Cheers Dick

by Dick Vos at 2006-09-20 14:17:45 UTC (ed. Mar 12 2008 ) Kampen , Netherlands | Bookmark | | Report spam→

hey bro.. have not used the ipod recorder.. i made the decision in june to go with an olympus hand held.. that uses batteries… slides off for usb connection etc.. there are some old threads on here about this.. but.. frm my research it seems the ipod ones.. well.. i chose olympus… ill see if i can find those old threads.. and if you do go with the ipod recorder.. let me know how it goes!! >ê<

by e.t.r. | 20 Sep 2006 19:09 | portland, oregon, United States | | Report spam→
ciao Dick. i tried using the ipod with the belkin mic on it but the quality was really bad. audio recording while taking stills is really hard and demanding. im using ann M AUDIO device, that uses CF cards but its still not good enough for demanding clients. i heard of dudes mounting shot guns mics on their hot shoe of their cameras. it might be a good idea. i dont really see any other way of not getting distracted from our only job.

by [former member] | 20 Sep 2006 22:09 | Milan, Italy | | Report spam→
I’m thinking of mounting my shot gun mic on my DSLR. Azden (www.azden.com but I forget the model number) makes a seet mic with a small cone of sound, something like 45 degrees all around and its mono so it won’t pick up too much camera sound.


by Bill Putnam | 21 Sep 2006 01:09 | Portland, Oregon, United States | | Report spam→
Hi Guy, did you use the(latest) iPod 5G in combination with the new ‘dual mic’ Belkin (or the older type Belkin mic)?


by Dick Vos | 21 Sep 2006 07:09 (ed. Sep 21 2006) | Kampen, Netherlands | | Report spam→
Hi, what about the iRiver? Cause I’m considering the H10 with a SONY ECM-719 for ambience and a shotgun mic for interviews.


by Ricardo Arduengo | 21 Sep 2006 12:09 | San Juan, Puerto Rico | | Report spam→
Hi all, I found a review of the Belkin Tune Talk Stereo here: http://www.insidehomerecording.com/?p=161

I’m gonna pick up an Edirol R-09 for ambient sound recording..


by Dick Vos | 22 Sep 2006 09:09 | Kampen, Netherlands | | Report spam→
I have the i-river. the quliaty is heads and shoulders above the i-pod setup, expecially if you record on the (3-D) setting. This item is especially good for interview/ audio (up to about 4-5 feet). For ambient you may have to go with some thing else or another kind of mic.

by Omar Mullick | 22 Sep 2006 20:09 | Brooklyn, NY, United States | | Report spam→
If you have a 3G or 4G iPod you should check out the iPod Linux patch – you can use your ipod to record up to 96Khz audio from a mic – DVD/Studio quality. The Belkin plug-in mic’s only record at 8Khz, lower quality than AM Radio.

The Hot-shoe idea is fantastic – I’m assuming you’re using a long lead to the recorder in your pocket? Or has someone worked out a way to attach an iPod/recorder to their camera that’s more reliable than gaffer tape? Although, if you took off the battery grip, gaffer’d the recorder to the base of the grip, then re-attached the grip it would be on there pretty solid, right? Hang on – of course, this way, holding your camera in vertical would be a pain in the ass…

by Ed Giles | 23 Sep 2006 00:09 | Newtown, Sydney, Australia | | Report spam→

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