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Iraq Assignment

heya, who’s on deck in Iraq?
there’s an assignment that needs to get sorted fast — ie. today.
contact me by email/phone. but this needs be someone who’s not locked down by an agency already.

by teru kuwayama at 2004-12-20 10:17:39 UTC (ed. Mar 12 2008 ) | Bookmark | | Report spam→

Teru, I’m in China! Where’s the China love? :-)

by [former member] | 20 Dec 2004 11:12 (ed. Dec 21 2004) | | Report spam→
Hey Teru where’s the Korea love ;>)

by Nayan Sthankiya | 20 Dec 2004 17:12 | | Report spam→

by teru kuwayama | 20 Dec 2004 19:12 | | Report spam→
Wow Teru, I’m in Italy! Where is the Italia love? ;-))

by [former member] | 21 Dec 2004 01:12 | | Report spam→
This wouldn’t happen to be a corporate kind off assignment by any chance?

by [former member] | 22 Dec 2004 04:12 | | Report spam→
think it was a portrait, but it was a lot of money, even for iraq, so maybe.

by teru kuwayama | 22 Dec 2004 10:12 | | Report spam→
turns out I could’ve gone to iraq for a certain agency. was in the process of getting my paperwork sorted, thinking everything was settled. and then they broke off communication. weird.

by [former member] | 22 Dec 2004 10:12 | | Report spam→
I think this publication/agency needed someone already inside.

by teru kuwayama | 22 Dec 2004 10:12 | | Report spam→
yeah, probably. they were aware that I wasn’t in country though…

by [former member] | 22 Dec 2004 10:12 | | Report spam→
yo teru….here’s all the info i got from my embed…pass it along…
since they bombed the dining hall i’m on to mre’s again….fucking insurgents…

The unit in Mosul is the Army’s 1-24, an infantry unit. They’re in the
a lot lately. They’re called “Deuce Four.”
LTC Eric Kurilla is the commander of the unit. His email si
CPT Phil Ludvigson is the public affairs officer coordinating
You should cc him on everything and also send an email to him directly
introduce yourself. His email is joseph.ludvigson@us.army.mil
The Civil Affairs unit in Baghdad is the 353rd and they’re based in
Island. They’re an Army Reserve unit.
LTC Robert Goulka is the person I’ve been dealing with there. I sent
him an
email yesterday to ask him if it was ok for you to come along. I
heard back. You could email him too today. His email is
The Army Reserve unit where all the firefighters died recently is the
and they’re in Baghdad too. This guy, adam.headrick@us.army.mil (sorry,

by [former member] | 23 Dec 2004 09:12 | | Report spam→
good copy, homeboy.

just so you know, there’s almost a thousand people checking in on the site, so if you don’t want all this info going public, email direct, this line is NOT secure.

I’m waiting on a go, got the chefs knives and the spice rack locked and loaded. in the meantime, I heard there’s a new veggie burger MRE. no joke – even the marines said it was great.

Newsweek just ran the story from our embed with 3/6 in afghanistan this week. dont remember if there’s a PX in Mosul.

khuda hafez, see ya soon, inshallah.

by teru kuwayama | 23 Dec 2004 09:12 | | Report spam→
PS. Sarah S is looking for a contact with some military photojournalists — if you’re tight with any, give her a shout.

by teru kuwayama | 23 Dec 2004 09:12 | | Report spam→
Re: editing posts.
In case it’ll help: I’ve found that we can edit our own postings. So if you want to change/delete info you’d previously posted, you can. LS.com is great.

(You probably knew this already.)

by [unverified member] | 23 Dec 2004 10:12 | | Report spam→

If you are talking about the certain agency that I think you are (I heard from them as well), forget it- its a bunch of bullshit…trust me.

by [former member] | 25 Dec 2004 12:12 | | Report spam→
where is the photo-j , new york city love?

by chad hunt | 18 Feb 2005 18:02 | new york city, United States | | Report spam→

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