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John John "punk electrique" exhibition

Hi all, this is from John John, who all y’all recovering new york punk rockas may remember as the bassist of Nausea…

I know many of you havent heard a peep from me in ages or
friends and family haven’t seen me in a year…i’ve been
painting all night and day preparring for my second NYC solo
exhibition at ART AT LARGE, on Thursday Sept 9th…(see BIO
anyways…i really hope to see you ALL there cuz i’ll be
there…and ALL the work is new done especially for my punk
rock autobiographical show, “PUNK ELECTRIQUE”…none of
works have been shown before and it tells all.
see you all soon!
-john john

(Feel free to foward the invitation and email to your lists)
see attachment below (“My Way” 2004 16″ × 20″)

WHEN: Thurs September 9th (opening reception-all welcome!)
Show hangs till Oct 2nd

WHERE: Art At Large
630 9th Ave bet 44 & 45 Street- Film Center Building
Suite 707 (7th Fl) New York City
Info: (212) 957-8371
For images, resume, original and print sales, etc.

" Punk rocker, and former Catholic School boy of 8 years, John
John’s work reflects the gravitation and trials of those two

Born in New York City’s Lower East Side, John John first
gained notoriety as the founding member and bassist of the
legendary influential political punk band Nausea. Nausea
toured the D.I.Y. punk circuit all over the United States and
Europe in the late 80’s and early 90’s, and released an LP and
various 7" singles. Though since disbanded, to this day they
still maintain a loyal following, and have influenced the next
generation of the genre.

Having left school and home at 15 years old, equipped with no
formal art training, he began doing posters, flyer art, and record
sleeves for bands, and organizations like Agnostic Front,
Destroy, and the Squat or Rot record label, as well as Nausea.
His unique style during this, “Black & White” period has been
recognized on everything from Downtown New York light poles
and t-shirts, to “Baby Demonica”, his first published work of
pen and ink drawings with Sirius in 2002 with limericks by
Jesse, and Howie Pyro (Danzig/DGeneration/friend of Stiv
Bators and Sid Vicious). This series of drawings laid the
ground work for his distinct flair towards obsessive details,
seductive women, (so gracefully rendered), and subjects that
he has admitted are, “the angels and demons that have lived in
my head.”

His first series of color works appear as the Demonica Erotica
series. He delves further into not only a mastery of various
media, but a style that approaches what many have called,
Neo-Art Nouveau on acid. Most of the works contain solitary
figures set against crisp, smoky backgrounds. A depiction of
those who seem lost in a world of pain capture our attention,
first with their innocence, and then with the bad habits they
seem to have plummeted themselves into.

Next we become totally fascinated with “Catholica Erotica”,
his first exhibition with Art @ Large in New York City. Very
autobiographical in nature, and steeped in portrayals of self-
destruction, substance abuse, and mockery of catholic values.
Now John John shows his experiences with the hypocrisy of
the church and his obsessions with the catholic school girl,
who, has much naughtiness to experience. His subversive use
of catholic iconography is set within narrow vertical spaces,
much like the church interiors he was taught in. We get
glimpses of behind the scenes participation with peers and
what the oppressed youth stumbles into. Further technique in
delicate misty surreal backgrounds, masterfully executed with
a spray can.

Now with Punk Electrique, John John gives us more of the
anarchy of youth. A portrayal of class war struggle, street
anarchism, and his past teenage destructive punk rock

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