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Kabul flights from Dubai - Kam Air - for UK info only


It’s my first post and since I used these forums for information I thought I’d add another post for others as there are several on this…

I recently booked flights to Kabul from Dubai and booked them as a combination of the Kam Air website http://www.flykamair.com/ (which only allowed me to reserve them) and a UK agent.

For others, you can book your flight from the UK if you want to (although whether this is more expensive than doing it in Dubai I don’t know – probably).

Anyway, incase anyone is looking for the same info – the following can book your flights :

Kam Air office in Dubai : kamairdubai (at-) hotmail.com
(they replied from raj (at-) kamair.net

UK agency :





NW10 7PN


TELE 0044 208 963 0700

FAX: 00 44 5601156013

MOBILE 0044 7956588306

MOBILE 0044 7737661134

DUBAI. 00 97150 851 0979

E-MAIL afghantravelcent (at-) btconnect.com

Contact Person: Mr. Karimi.

Prices paying in UK were £459 all inc for 2 Dubai to Kabul returns.

Hope this helps someone further down the line.

by Darren Craig at 2007-10-16 22:45:32 UTC (ed. Mar 12 2008 ) Edinburgh , United Kingdom | Bookmark | | Report spam→

I will go to Kabul. Can you help me about travel?! The starting place will be Budapest, Hungary. How can i fly to KABUL? Which airline?! And any information :d..

Andrew Gati

by Andras Gati | 17 Oct 2007 06:10 | Budapest, Hungary | | Report spam→
Sorry this was just posted for information – I don’t know about routes from Budapest.

by Darren Craig | 22 Oct 2007 18:10 | Edinburgh, United Kingdom | | Report spam→
Darren can you clarify this info.

That price of £459 all in is that just Dubai to Kabul or is it London-Dubai-Kabul. It says in your post 2 Dubai to Kabul returns.

I just checked Ariana(Afghan) airways and they are cheaper but only 1 flight a day which leaves at the (can’t get my shit together) hour 06.30.

Any other info would be greatly appreciated.


by [former member] | 26 Oct 2007 17:10 | London, United Kingdom | | Report spam→
Yes they were ONLY the Dubai to Kabul flights – e.g. £230 return from Dubai to Kabul.

I was quoted $410 dollars each way per person from the Dubai office but somehow the ‘currency conversion’ in the London Afghan Travel Centre seemed to bump up the prices. It may not be the best you can find but we had a million things on then so just with it.

Kam air flies at 0730 and 1230 from Dubai if I remember correctly – every day I think – their schedule is online at http://www.flykamair.com/ but if you follow the booking process it only let you reserve them, and asked for you to pay within 12 hours at one of their offices.

Sorry if the post was confusing – it was just meant to let UK people know where they could book it from this end. You may well be able to turn up, but we weren’t sure – there are other posts on this board.

If anyone is out there from 5th-18th Nov and wants to hook up drop me a note. It’s my first commission like this – maybe not the easiest place to ‘dip my toe in the water’. I want an easy time – deffo not going there for the bravado of it – just taking an opportunity I had with an NGO.

by Darren Craig | 26 Oct 2007 18:10 | Edinburgh, United Kingdom | | Report spam→
IIRC $410 should be a RT tix and not OW.

by Olivier Boulot | 26 Oct 2007 19:10 | Paris, France | | Report spam→
Thanks for posting that info, Darren. I had some issues with Kam Air a few months ago and it would have been useful to have the resource!

One thing to note for those going via Dubai that are carrying body armor. You have to leave it checked at the airport (they x-ray everything after baggage claim so it’s hard to sneak out) at a different terminal from where you leave with KamAir. In the morning, you have to call the office and they will deliver it to the KamAir and Ariana terminal. I would recommend arriving at least three hours early to ensure that you don’t get screwed by the process…

by [former member] | 26 Oct 2007 22:10 | Washington DC, United States | | Report spam→
Peter, Are you back down here permanently?

by Bill Putnam | 27 Oct 2007 03:10 | Washington DC, United States | | Report spam→
Thanks for that info Darren.

I checked Kam Air and Ariana anyone have a preference over the these 2?

BTW BA are doing a good deal to Dubai at the moment. It’s about £299 RTN incl tax.

It’s the best connection if you take the Ariana flight @ 06.30.
There is a BA flight that arrives in Dubai @ 02.30.

I read your PM as well.

Unfortunately I won’t be in country when your there. Have a good trip.



by [former member] | 27 Oct 2007 08:10 | London, United Kingdom | | Report spam→
If I hadn’t waited for my work to decide at the time I had a return from Dubai to London for £285 through expedia the other week.

My mate in Kabul said Kam Air is slightly better than Ariana.

And Olivier is correct – sorry for the typo – $410 return from Dubai to Kabul.

by Darren Craig | 27 Oct 2007 09:10 | Edinburgh, United Kingdom | | Report spam→
I have never looked into that seriously yet, but have you guys looked into flying out of Istanbul instead of Dubai?
The LON to IST segment should be a lot cheaper than to Dubai, and I’d rather be stuck there, or arrange or a stop over than in Dubai.
Any thoughts?

by Olivier Boulot | 27 Oct 2007 09:10 | Paris, France | | Report spam→
Personally I wouldn’t fly Ariana, not because of the safety issues, but because it’s likely you’ll show up to the airport just to find they have decided not to fly that day. This has happened to me and several people I know (especially on the flights to/from Turkey).


by Mike Tauras | 30 Oct 2007 15:10 | Kabul, Afghanistan | | Report spam→

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