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by [a former member] at 2004-08-10 11:34:42 UTC (ed. Mar 12 2008 ) | Bookmark | | Report spam→

nice rant. good to hear from you.

You forgot the fourth type of people: those who take pix of crazy shit that’s happening.

by [unverified member] | 10 Aug 2004 15:08 (ed. Aug 10 2004) | | Report spam→
yo homeboy.
good to hear from ya.
wish I was there.

I’m keepin’ the wok warm for ya in brooklyn.
when you back?
I heard of an NGO sniffing around for an assignment out there. I’ll let them know you’re in the hood.


by teru kuwayama | 12 Aug 2004 16:08 | | Report spam→
ok i’m not so sour this time . .

Off to Herat, never been there be-4 taking “Qam Air” sketchy . . . but they tell me they have air circulation in the cabin, i’m sure it’ll be a trip

Iranian border should be interesting, looking forward to the climate change.

T-i’ll be back around the 6th Sept, thanks for the NGO ref

-i’m here willing . . to be disabled

i found a great place to stay in Kabul-$15 dolla basement, kinda like a bombshelter but 24hr internet so i can grow old to be a hunch back someday-

nice atmosphere and good ppl mostly NGOs and CBS crew . .


by [former member] | 12 Aug 2004 22:08 | | Report spam→
patrick, it’s great to read your writings from one of my favorite places, have fun in Herat and get to that fabled minaret of Jam if you get a chance…



by [former member] | 15 Aug 2004 22:08 | | Report spam→
yo, ok, things are getting sketchy now

was just evacuated from my hotel because the Taliban are coming, sounds like somthing I might like to happen but uhhhh i think i’m in an even more dangerous place now. i’m at the ‘PRT’ Project REconstruction Team base, which is the largest US base in the city, which is small, and only has one strand of constantine wire and one wall, not much for Afghan standards, sketch . . .

so still no assignment from anyone, i’m really questioning our media at this point, not that i hadn’t before but this time is bad . . .

let’s see uhhhhhhhhhh Taliban? uhhhhhhhhhh those guys who we ‘defeated’ two years ago? uhhhhhhhh possibly taking control of a major city???

i give up . . .

other thing is no interpreter will work with me they are all too scared, shit, now i’m stuck eating power bars and MREs can’t even cover what i’m in the middle of


by [former member] | 17 Aug 2004 04:08 | | Report spam→
Patrick- why don’t you buy a ticket to Florida. Don’t you know there was a fucking HURRICANE there? Now that’s some real news my friend.

what the fuck?

by [unverified member] | 17 Aug 2004 08:08 | | Report spam→
heya P-diddy.
I have been stuck in Liberty Missouri for the past 3 days. Somehow the Time Inc. travel agent booked me in some romantic getaway bed and breakfast. every night I have some new supersized college couple from kansas city, squeaking away through the walls while I am trying to relax in my jacuzzi and catch up on ali g. I have been living on cold taco bell and warm beer, and trying to figure out how to photograph this america place. I would give anything for a visit from the taliban.

by teru kuwayama | 17 Aug 2004 22:08 | | Report spam→
have you made it to the mark twain museum yet? how far is that from liberty? and speaking of weather, what about the typhoon in china? there’s another weather story to chase! :-/

by Eugene Kuo | 17 Aug 2004 22:08 | | Report spam→

carlotta is writing (filed from Kabul, though) that Zalmai Khalilzad is brokering a cease-fire, that this whole little dust-up is 20 dead and no big deal….it also says that Amanullah Khan is just a disgruntled Pashtun (hence the Taliban accusation)…

are they lying through their teeth in Kabul, that it’s actually way more out of control in herat, or has it calmed down?

what’s the real story? what about Ismail khan? is he a bad guy or not-such-a-bad-guy?

on the hurricane note, you’ll be pleased to note that Mario Tama moved a photo of a crushed teddy bear lying amidst the ruins of a mobile home…



by [former member] | 18 Aug 2004 00:08 | | Report spam→
Real story is that Ismail is going to get the boot, he already got a friendly ‘buda buda’ from Karzai but now it’s gunna get ugly,

News is that Karzai has Amanullah over at the Palace for an indefinite friendly chai as he quietly takes all of his toys away,

also . . . just in, Ata (also a Tajik like Ismail) has sent 2,000 troops in for Ismail’s cause (not confirmed but not too hard to see happening)

So, I’m waiting outside Dostum’s headquarters today and then about 40 SUVs tear around the corner, not uncommon for 6 or 10 but this was at least 40!! Anyhow needless to say Mr. Dostum was too busy to see me for the moment and I gotta go back tomorrow, but if it’s true that Ata has moved 2,000 guys to Herat then what’s stopping Dostum, a ‘business’ man of sorts, to make some noise in the north? Could be a stretch, anyway Ismail is getting kicked out for good . . . soon enough

still there Alan, or has a big nypd horse trampled all over your face?? —-yo these white pigeons are dropping bombs all over my bgan . . shit


by [former member] | 29 Aug 2004 09:08 | | Report spam→
I saw some crazy shit today. after the main march there were some smaller protests around Times Square. I was taking photos of some cops arresting people & putting them in the paddy wagon, and who did I see through the viewfinder, in cuffs, completely silent and looking really frustrated and in disbelief: Moises. yes. moises. fellow LS member.

Fully credendtialed by the NYPD, press ID dangling from his neck, they cuffed him, put his gear in a plastic bag and threw him in the back of the van on 46th street & Broadway. Anyway, I got about 10 shots of the arrest, but it’s only for him if he wants it. I felt kinda bad about it too. I heard from michelle that someone else who knew him (I don’t know who exactly) did get his camera to get back to him.

I called Teru who was down in Union Square & He was up there within 20 minutes-we met up briefly as another gaggle of protesters made thier bid for arrest. By that time we split because michelle has to file tonight. There’s still crazy shit going on here (Not Kabul or Najaf crazy, but crazy nevertheless. The fact that credentialed jornalists were arrested today is in itself pretty outrageous.

by [unverified member] | 29 Aug 2004 17:08 | | Report spam→
Michelle’s account will be posted tomorrow on Salon.com. She mentions moises’s arrest.

by [unverified member] | 29 Aug 2004 19:08 | | Report spam→
I think it was all those unpaid parking tickets and child support that finally caught up to him. nonetheless, Lightstalkers legal counsel has filed a letter of protest, and demanded his immediate transfer back to abu ghraib. Those of us that Moises has borrowed money from, are all praying for his speedy release.

by teru kuwayama | 29 Aug 2004 22:08 (ed. Aug 30 2004) | | Report spam→
Why does it not surprise me that Moises got arrested? -especially that when he did he was completely silet, did he happen to mutter, ‘no speaking english’?-one of his favorite lines. At least he was sporting the latest fashion labels from SoHo as I saw on a photo sent to me by my editor. GS . . What is that . . . ‘Got Shisha’?

Matt, please, as for his camera, I’m sure he was hoping that the thing would be kept by the NYPD what would Newsday do, they would . . get him another one!

The ones who will really suffer from his arrest would be the bartenders at Apt although something tells me he’ll make up for it when he gets out . .

I’m only talking shit about the guy because I’m hoping he reads this, cause he hates it when people talk shit about him, sorry moises I had to-

Good luck out there folks,


by [former member] | 31 Aug 2004 04:08 (ed. Feb 17 2005) | | Report spam→
see, patrick, no NYPD horse on me…yet…

but i am writing at 6 am because i’ve been up all night developing film and filing…for the third night straight.

gonna take it easy today….

…btw…moises is back on the street, we cruised around from one demonstration to another today, and newsday gave him a new lens to use, as a reward for his sufferings?


by [former member] | 01 Sep 2004 03:09 | | Report spam→

by [unverified member] | 01 Sep 2004 13:09 | | Report spam→
hey, how do you post photos?

by teru kuwayama | 01 Sep 2004 23:09 | | Report spam→
you gotta post it somewhere on the web, then just put that url between two exclamation marks: look

http://www.easystar.com/images/cov_ESCD12.jpg between two ! marks

by [unverified member] | 02 Sep 2004 08:09 | | Report spam→

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