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Leica M2 Outfit for sale

The following are prices for the Leica equipment if sold individually.
Leica M2 Outfit

M2 body #988971 [perfect mechanical operating condition, slight chipping to leatherette back only] – $600

The following Leitz lenses: all in Excellent+ condition!

50mm Summilux 1:4 Chrome #1690920 [one of their best] with original Leitz chrome lens cap – $600

90mm Tele-Elmarit 2:8 black with original Leitz lens cap -$400

28mm Leitz/Minolta black 2.8 – $400

Also Leitz 28mm finder -$100

Leitz clip-on light meter and B&W UV filters for all lenses, original rear caps, etc&.

The price for the entire M2 outfit purchased together is $1800 plus shipping [unless you live in NYC and can meet me] You save buying as outfit!

by Adam Cohen at 2005-01-04 19:37:07 UTC (ed. Mar 12 2008 ) | Bookmark | | Report spam→

Can you send me some snap’s of the gear.

by Patrick Brown | 19 Jun 2005 04:06 | Bangkok, Thailand | | Report spam→
Would love to buy, but im printing for upcoming exhibition and won’t have the dough until after summer :(((…why r u ditching the equipment Adam?…are you going digital?—bob

by [former member] | 19 Jun 2005 07:06 | Toronto, by way of the States, Canada | | Report spam→
Hey folks, I don’t have snaps of the gear at this moment; I’ll have to get on that. I’m selling the Leica gear because I’m low on cash now and because I’m really a filmmaker more than a photographer….so can’t really afford to hold on to the gear. But no, I’m not going digital.

by Adam Cohen | 19 Jun 2005 12:06 | Brooklyn, United States | | Report spam→
I understand…(especially the short on cash, its my greatest and continual lament ;), especially since Im a stubborn horse and refuse the go digital, even though i also dig (alot) digital): o, incidentally Adam, dont forget that Christopher Marker made some of the last centuries most beautiful films by constructing photographs together…incidentally, are you related to Jem Cohen? I saw his recent film here in T-town 3 months ago as part of the Alternative Images/Film festival…and this, do you know Mike Hoolboom (one of Canada’s most interesting filmmakers): he’s a friend and love’s making films in Toronto (though he too spends alot of time in NYC and Amsterdam)… if you get some $$, and can complete something, i’d suggest submitting your films here. In Toronto, nearly every month are film festivals (I mean world class festivals) for you to get your work exposed: frankly, for films, its better than NYC (trust me, NYC is my home town, and NYC is the most fucking beautifully fecund city in the world, but there are other nourishing places: Toronto lamentably is anemic with regard to photography (exhibitions/conception/historical perspective, imho), but the film scene is extraordinary…check it out if you have the chance…Toronto may not know virtually shit from shinola about photography (noone I’ve met knows who Ackerman is and another example, one of my friends, Sadegh Tirafkan, who has exhibited at VU a few times, was rejected by galleries here, the photo scene is quite unnerving…), but they film, well, that’s a different beast: you might have some luck, or at least, have a chance to screen your work in a variety of ways…and there is a lot of $$ for filmmakers too…something to consider if NYC’s becomes too clausterphobic ;) …running, bob

by [former member] | 19 Jun 2005 18:06 (ed. Jun 19 2005) | Toronto, by way of the States, Canada | | Report spam→

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