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Lightroom - sharpen, dodge, burn & other basic photo tools

I recently purchased Adobe Lightroom 1.0 and am testing it as I continue to edit images primarily with Photoshop CS. Although the initial release price was discounted from $299 to $199 until the end of this month, I am disappointed to discover that from the Beta version to the first official software release there are several basic photo editing tools missing, such as dodging, burning and better sharpening options (the way sharpening can be fine-tuned in CS). Any idea if Adobe will release an update soon (hopefully as an upgrade to 1.0 and not cost more) with some of these tools? Seems to me that, while Lightroom is a powerful new tool for photo editing, Adobe should have included these “darkroom” basics if they want serious photographers and editors to use this breakout new software. Are other Lightroom buyers out there also somewhat disappointed with this 1.0 release?

by Dean C.K. Cox at 2007-04-19 08:38:38 UTC (ed. Mar 12 2008 ) Noby Fridhem (Home) , Sweden | Bookmark | | Report spam→

Hi Dean

I will have to dissagrea with you on your whishes for tolls in Ligtroom. Lightroom is almos perfect as is and should not get any closer to being Photoshop. It is the software for all the work prior to PS..

That said as you have just started Id like to point out the articles I just posted on www.benzi.is about Lightroom and the workflow.

Heja Sverige :)

by Kristjan Logason | 20 Apr 2007 22:04 | Baja California, Mexico | | Report spam→

Lightroom for me has simplified the initial process of selection pictures, captioning them and adjusting the ‘development’ setting enormously. The features you mention IMHO don’t belong there; if Adobe intergrated them, the next step would be to include layer processing etc. etc. so you’d endup with another Photoshop.

I do wish they’d get their hands on the performance issues. Some users (including me) have experienced extremely slow database performance with Lightroom; sometimes the program uses 100% processor for five minutes when I just change a single keyword in a single image.


by Carsten Bockermann | 21 Apr 2007 08:04 | Bonn, Germany | | Report spam→
I’m with Dean… Been using Lightroom for 10 months and I love the program. But what the heck? If you are going to, conjure up blatant images of beloved darkrooms by naming it “Lightroom”, you had better include the ability to dodge and burn. Come on Adobe! No, that would not turn it into Photoshop. And yes, it does need better sharpening… sharpening after resize upon export. Cross your fingers for a V1.5.


by Patrick Cavan Brown | 21 Apr 2007 13:04 | Austin, Texas, United States | | Report spam→
Not that I’d pretend to know what the folks at Adobe are thinking, but perhaps they didn’t include those tools, which already are offered by PS, in Lightroom because they also want us to buy PS in ADDITION to Lightroom.

I moved to Lightroom 1.0 in February and am quite satisfied with what it can do, and if I need to do what it can’t do, there is PS. Agree with Carsten. It has simplified that initial process, and that’s what I was looking for when I considered buying it.

by Robert Go | 21 Apr 2007 17:04 | Colombo, Sri Lanka | | Report spam→

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