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List of Photo Editor - how to show your reportage

Please, fasten your seat-belt ;-)

is there any updated list of photo editor or magazine directors that can be used by photojournalists and “aspiring photojournalists” like me to present their work?

It is quite embarassing to me to post this question, but here in Italy (I don’t know if the rest of the world is similar…) I know that there are many “aspiring photojournalists” that have great works and reportages that should be published somewhere (I don’t mean only The NYTimes but also small publications and magazines) but it’s nearly impossible to get a little bit of attention… It’s very very very difficult to find the right person that can criticize or approve your reportage.

Thanks for any suggestion you could give us (I think I’m talking on behalf of many young folks) and stop laughting at me ;-)

best regards


by Ludovico de Maistre at 2009-11-18 22:09:48 UTC Turin , Italy | Bookmark | | Report spam→

Ludo… If such a list existed I imagine that those nice helpful editors would quickly be looking to change contact information and find a good therapist…

Here’s a post over at TMC that you might find helpful.

by Mark Ovaska | 18 Nov 2009 22:11 | Richmond, United States | | Report spam→
Ludo….maybe I shouldn’t chime in, but things have changed. Pre-web the best way to get your work in front of editors was in print. James Nachtwey’s story in NY Magazine, lead to People, eventually to Newsweek and finally TIme, and although the intro’s from Howard Chapnick were nice, the track record was already there (true history by the way.)

These days the magazines aren’t as useful, but the great thing about the web is that there are other avenues, for example, you start with Photoshelter which is free, and put your best story there, put up a Lightstalkers gallery, maybe get in Burn or 100Eyes, it catches someone’s eye and off you go. Produce something that can get you into EAW, etc, where there are a lot of media types. To get to that point maybe take one of the workshops and start to get a bit of feedback as to what you need to do……not necessarily touting mine, but there are plenty. Just make sure that you are confident that the reviewer instructor is someone whose opinion you are going to take seriously.

Someone commented on Facebook that Adam Ferguson, the VII photographer who I, among others, have profiled, was just a few years ago walking around the VII offices as an intern, showing only a small book of portraits. Good things can and do happen but you have to make the right decisions about how and when to present yourself, and try not to overstate your case.

Not to say that a phone won’t work, but you no longer need to be thinking, or should you be thinking about directly contacting anyone before you are ready, and let your work preceed you into their office.

Just my 2cents,

by [former member] | 18 Nov 2009 23:11 (ed. Nov 19 2009) | | Report spam→
Dear Andy,

Thank you so much for your advices, really really useful!

Photoshelter seems to be a great thing, I will think about trying it. Do you know if it works well?

Thanks again


by Ludovico de Maistre | 12 Feb 2010 14:02 | Turin, Italy | | Report spam→

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