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Looking for a fixer in Cairo and Alexandria, Egypt

Looking for someone local who can do some pre-arrival research: establishing contacts, making phone calls, etc. I am going to Egypt in September to do several stories for IRIN (UN-OCHA) and would like to secure some contacts on the ground before I arrive.

by Jennifer Utz at 2010-07-09 00:35:03 UTC | Bookmark | | Report spam→

Anis Attia

by Rhys Williams | 09 Jul 2010 08:07 | Cardiff, United Kingdom | | Report spam→
Jennifer, our guys on the ground prob able to help.. www.grnlive.net
have you got a brief at all ?

by [former member] | 09 Jul 2010 15:07 | London, United Kingdom | | Report spam→
This photographer could probably help:


by Antoine Jean-Marie | 10 Jul 2010 08:07 | Brussels, Belgium | | Report spam→
Mohammed Hassanflits between London and Cairo. anthromo@yahoo.co.uk

by Andy Johnstone | 10 Jul 2010 09:07 | Toulouse, France | | Report spam→
hi, i’M Joseph work as a translator and fixer in Cairo. tell me more about what you want to do, the dates of your trip, I’m willing to arrange things for you before you come.
cell phone no. 002 012 22 434 25
email: jo_4chr@hotmail.com


by joseph louis | 16 Jun 2011 08:06 | cairo, Egypt | | Report spam→
There is a highly recommended fixer in Cairo, Egypt

call: 0100-67-68-2-69

or email: ahmed.seddik@gmail.com

I have hired Mr Seddik on two occasions – once in Egypt and once in Libya. On both occasions he was working as a translator and fixer for the BBC team. We were working in a high pressured environment, doing very long hours and I was extremely impressed with him. He has excellent English – better than any other translator I have worked with so far in the region.

He is confident in dealing with journalists and communicated with the people we interviewed in a respectful and friendly manner. He has a vast knowledge of politics and current affairs as well as the history of Egypt and the wider Middle East. This was invaluable both for interviews and in general conversation.

He is also particularly good at turning dry facts into fascinating anecdotes and was often able to entertain and educate us with interesting stories about Egypt’s history. He is obviously passionate about the country, its history and culture.

What most impressed me about Mr Seddik however is his energy and enthusiasm, even after working for extremely long hours. Many other translators I have worked with have been irritable after working for very long hours, but Mr Seddik remained alert, cheerful and hardworking no matter how many hours he had done.

He was always punctual, courteous and is good at taking the initiative when needed.

Helena Merriman
Broadcast Journalist
BBC World Service
I am a producer for The CBS Evening News, a national nightly newsprogram in the United States. In early February, Correspondent Terry McCarthy and I were sent to Egypt to cover the events of Tahrir Square, and we hired Ahmed as our interpreter, our guide, and what we in the news business call a “fixer” – that is, someone who can arrange the interviews we need, sort through the facts we want, and generally make our lives easier in a foreign country.

Ahmed was amazing. He helped us navigate through Cairo at a very difficult time with a combination of street smarts, great attitude, and an uncanny command of the English language. Also, there is no higher-pressure environment than television journalism, and we had Ahmed working for us about 20 hours a day for 3 weeks; he never failed to jump at the assignment and he never complained.

In Ahmed we found not only an amazing producer, but a great resource for all things Egypt. His offhand knowledge of Egyptian history, of pharaohs and antiquities, of hieroglyphics and pyramids is astounding. He can quote ancient Egyptian texts from memory. In many ways he was our tour guide and history professor on top of everything else.


Erin Lyall George


The CBS Evening News

by Ahmed Seddik | 05 Jul 2012 08:07 | Cairo , Egypt | | Report spam→

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