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Looking for cheap host in Krasnoyarsk

Hi guys. I plan to go to Krasnoyarsk, Siberia in january. Please let me know if you know any cheap hosts in the city. Many thanks. Rafal

by Rafal Milach at 2005-11-22 02:41:37 UTC (ed. Mar 12 2008 ) Warsaw , Poland | Bookmark | | Report spam→

Bonjour Rafal,
                                   Je n ai pas d adresse en Siberie ;-) mais contactes moi sur mon adresse e mail perso car un article dans PHOTO serait peut etre bien non? 

                                   A bientot de te lire,

Philippe Sanguinetti

by Philippe SANGUINETTI | 23 Nov 2005 14:11 | Cannes, France | | Report spam→
salut Philippe, je t’ai envoye un email

by Rafal Milach | 25 Nov 2005 02:11 | Warsaw, Poland | | Report spam→
Privyet Rafal-

I just did an assignment in Krasnoyarsk and should be able to make some suggestions. It was a profile of the Governor of the region ( one of the Russian Oligarchs) for the Sunday Times Magazine which published this weekend and you can read the text at this web address, might be useful background info-


I’m a bit snowed under at the moment (our first baby was born on Monday!) but I will dig a few contacts out and email them over. What are you hoping to do there?

by Simon Roberts | 25 Nov 2005 03:11 | Oxted (with newly born baby), United Kingdom | | Report spam→
Hi Simon,
congrats about baby!
I saw the article about oligarh in Sunday times. Congratulations.  Well my interest is bit different :). I do the story about postransition yong generation of Russians. I plan to visit few prison camps to shoot youngsters there. Do you use Mamiya 6? I want to buy one hope it’s not gonna freeze. Best. Rafal

by Rafal Milach | 25 Nov 2005 04:11 | Warsaw, Poland | | Report spam→
regarding low temperatures, i worked in far east of russia, in the coldest place on earth (oymiakon) wehre tmeperatures regulary drop below 70C. no equipment will work more then 10-15mins if exposed to these temp. i work with medium format and i used small hand warmers wrapped around the cameras, however these temp will stop the chemical reaction so even they won’t work for two long, but they’re must have. also be careful about condensation and humidity, if you go briefly inside and then again outside that would fuck up your cameras. also get a permeable bag for films and those small pockets with the chemical that collects the humidity, you get them inside the packaging of electical equip. digital equip is extremely fragile to these temp as the LCD freezes on -20C. be shure to bring a lot of cloth for wipeing th equip. 

by Ziyah Gafic | 11 Dec 2005 08:12 | sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina | | Report spam→
Ziyah thanks for tips, I will not probably shoot in -70 but -30 is aslo quite low,
I wonder how the camera works outside even if u keep it under the coat and you take it out for a while to shoot and than under the coat again,
there is humidity ander the coat so i  such changes probably  influence the camera,
what u mean "hand warmers"? kind of gloves or some fabric ?

by Rafal Milach | 16 Dec 2005 16:12 | Warsaw, Poland | | Report spam→
Rafal don’t put your camra under the coat you’ll freeze.  When you go inside put a lens cap on and put your camera in a bag. Try Not to put your bag near sources of heat.  People in places like Krasnoyarsk like to keep their houses very warm so condensation is a real problem even for well protected cameras as 1d or 1dmkII.

by [former member] | 17 Dec 2005 00:12 | Moscow, Russia | | Report spam→
hi there,
these small things are called simply hand warmers, you can also get them in Russia but i find these   much more efficient. check them on grabberwarmers.com
these are just a small "bags" that in contact with air produce some 50C and that will keep the cameras warm for a while. also bring additional batteries for camera and them them stored somewhere with the warmers inside. I didn’t get too much condensation when keeping camera under the coat but it was very bad once you get inside the houses. if you shoot with digital your batteries are at highest risk so take good care of them. when you work outsiede after a while camera will stop working but don’t worry, just keep it at warm and it’ll restart, due to the low temp. the plastic and metal shrink and loose their flexibility.

by Ziyah Gafic | 17 Dec 2005 02:12 | sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina | | Report spam→
thanks for tips guys!

i got lots of comments about keeping the camera under the coat, people told me that’s only solution. No possibility of keeping the camera outside,
What would you advise? Bag? people advised me to keep camera under the coat

by Rafal Milach | 18 Dec 2005 14:12 | Warsaw, Poland | | Report spam→
Just imagine openning your coat at -30 or keeping it open. The best way to work is to keep a battery under the coat and your camera outside. If you have two batteries it’s even better. You can keep one under your coat and another one in your camera..  1dMkII works quite well  at -30 I only experienced problems with the screen. Some cheaper Sigma lenses stop zooming but canon pro lenses are ok at any temperature.

by [former member] | 19 Dec 2005 00:12 | Moscow, Russia | | Report spam→
well, many people advised me to keep the camera under the coat and put it out only for shot.
please check the post   http://www.lightstalkers.org/shooting-in—30-degrees#9832 what people said about shooting in low temps
I will shoot on film so I can’t keep the camera outside becouse film gonna crash . The camera i will use doesn’t have the external batteries, just traditional pills, so chaning all this small stuff would be quite unconfortable.

by Rafal Milach | 19 Dec 2005 01:12 | Warsaw, Poland | | Report spam→
O, sorry Rafal. I didn’t realize you are going to shoot on film.  It’s a very good idea to contact someone from Krasnoyarsk as Anna have said. Good luck on your trip.

by [former member] | 19 Dec 2005 01:12 (ed. Dec 19 2005) | Moscow, Russia | | Report spam→
i use fuji nph films but in siberia i used kodak ‘cause i saw good results of  tests for kodak films on low temp, i shoot on 6×6 but don’t use 220rolls as there is less protective paper around them. be gentle when loading the camera and winding the film. film looses flexibility and can easily be broken, however if you keep your camera for let’s  say 15min outside nothing will happen to it. bring a lot of batteries and external light meter. 
…may the force be with you…

by Ziyah Gafic | 19 Dec 2005 02:12 | sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina | | Report spam→
i’m gonna use 120 kodak portra ,
15min outside sounds confortable, (without any cover or bag?)
thanks for tips guys

by Rafal Milach | 19 Dec 2005 07:12 | Warsaw, Poland | | Report spam→
Rafal- just a note from my experience in Russia. I shot mostly with Kodak Portra, however, I have found that it’s much more prone to x-ray damage than Fuji NPH films. I had both with me (both 400 ISO) and on a couple of occassions when the film was scanned at the same time in the same airport scanners, the Portra had green x-ray fogging on the edges, the NPH had none. I’m sure you know this, but wherever possible, try and persaude the Russian authorities not to scan your film at the airport. I didn’t have any problem at Moscow or Krasnoyarsk airports when asking them not to scan the film, I just waved my Press Card. when you off in January? I’ll send those contacts to you shortly….just need to find them! best, simon.

by Simon Roberts | 21 Dec 2005 06:12 | London, United Kingdom | | Report spam→
thanks Simon,
I’ll probably take the train so no problem with x-ray scanning, but thanks for warning,
I hope to go there by the end of january,
thanks in advance for contacts
merry christmas

by Rafal Milach | 21 Dec 2005 15:12 | Warsaw, Poland | | Report spam→
rafal privet!
ty menya udivlyaesh!
uzhe mog by nam davno napisat i sprosit pro krasnoyarsk.
tam zhivet nash fotograf sasha kuznetsov. ja mogu tebe dat ego kontakt i on tebe vsjo organizuet. kvartiru ja dumaju dazhe mozhno snyat.
ai ai ai

v moskve budesh – zvoni. u menya izmenilsya telefon + 7 916 319 0343

by Anna Nistratova | 08 Jan 2006 13:01 | Moscow, Russia | | Report spam→
priviet anna,
sposiba bolshoe, u mena uzhe est kontakt v krasnoyarskie,
tak chom bolshe tom ludhse, kak mozhesh tak poslij mena pozhousta kontakt na ashu kuznetsova,
sposibo bolshoe
kak budu v moskvie pozonu,

by Rafal Milach | 09 Jan 2006 08:01 | warsaw, Poland | | Report spam→
u nas 20 yanvarya budet big party po povodu birthday photographer.ru esli ty uzhe budesh tut prihodi obyazatelno.

by Anna Nistratova | 10 Jan 2006 09:01 | Moscow, Russia | | Report spam→
eto by bylo odklichno, sposiba za priglashene :)
tak dumaju shto ne uspeju :(
dumaju shto v fevrale poedu v Rosiju…zhulaju
u mena problemy z priglashenem v zony,

by Rafal Milach | 11 Jan 2006 00:01 | warsaw, Poland | | Report spam→

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