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looking for photos of Kashmir, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Saudi

Dear Lightstalkers,

I am looking for photos for the next issue of Middle East Report magazine (www.merip.org), Summer 2009. We are a small, non-profit organization and can offer $100 per photo used at any size (usually half page). We pay promptly and will send you copies of the magazine.

Below are the subjects I am looking for. Please let me know if you have any photos you’d like to submit. My deadline is May 8th.

My email is mwoodward@merip.org.

Thank you!


- Indian or Pakistani troops in Kashmir
- Ordinary life in Kashmir

- Lashkar-E Taiba
- Asif Ali Zardari with generals
- Pakistani generals looking ominous
- Evidence of the military’s power in economy — military-owned farms, factories, clubs, etc.
- Islamist militants
- Political leaders of JuD (Jamaat Dawa), social services run by JuD
- Imran Aslam — Pakistani media personality, journalist and president of GEO television
- Documentary shots of life in Quetta
- Fighting in Quetta
- Buildings and/or infrastructure projects in Pakistan financed by Gulf countries
- Any evidence of Middle Eastern investment in Pakistan

Saudi Arabia:
- Saudis on Jihad in Afghanistan or Iraq
- Mosques or seminaries in Saudi associated with either Jihad or missionary work

- “Wahhabis” in the west (Britain, France, US — such as the World Association Of Muslim Youth)

by Michelle L. Woodward at 2009-04-16 00:57:13 UTC (ed. Apr 17 2009 ) Baltimore , United States | Bookmark | | Report spam→

Hi Michelle,
Sent you a pm. I can send you a lightbox if you are interested.

by [former member] | 16 Apr 2009 16:04 | Brooklyn, United States | | Report spam→
I have quite a few of the above from Pakistan and Kashmir. Please feel free to email me-

by Alixandra Fazzina | 16 Apr 2009 16:04 | Islamabad, Pakistan | | Report spam→
Dear Michelle,

you must have a look to these amazing Kashmir photos from a young photographer:

Andy is a lightstalker, too


by randbild | 16 Apr 2009 21:04 | Hamburg, Germany | | Report spam→
Hi Michelle,
I’ve some images from Kashmir, will send you the low res images shortly.


by Anirban | 17 Apr 2009 06:04 | Mumbai, India | | Report spam→

by [former member] | 17 Apr 2009 07:04 | Phnom Penh, Centre of the Univ, Cambodia | | Report spam→
Hi Michelle,

take a look at this :


Contact me at gianmarco@parallelozero.com to recive all the low resolutions.

by [former member] | 17 Apr 2009 07:04 | milan, Italy | | Report spam→
Hi Michelle,I´ve images from Afghanistan ( war in Kunar Province 20, war-wounded amputees by landmines in the ICRC center has in Kabul 15, provincional hospital in Asabad 2, and Kabul city 10 ).Thank you. Ricardo Garcia.

by Ricardo Garcia | 18 Apr 2009 08:04 (ed. May 10 2010) | Barcelona, Spain | | Report spam→
Hi i have some pictures of Ordinary life in Kashmir pls contract me by email

by mukesh Gupta | 18 Apr 2009 14:04 | Jammu, India | | Report spam→
Hi Michelle,
Read your post have a lots of images on Kashmir:
- Indian or Pakistani troops in Kashmir
- Ordinary life in Kashmir
Now kindly let me know your dead line and the exact size you would be looking for. So i can mail you some low res for your selection. My Email ID: indiapixnet@gmail.com
Sanjay Sharma

by Sanjay Sharma | 19 Apr 2009 18:04 | Mumbai, India | | Report spam→
Hi Michelle,
I recently came back from Pakistan where I made stories about the IDPs from the tribal areas, a TV political journalist, activist women from Pakistan and a medical mission around Quetta. Concerning Kashmir, I might have something about daily life on both sides of the border.
I’ll have a good night and send you an excerpt from tomorrow morning !
By the way, check on :
She recently did a good job on these issues in Pakistan.
It’s such a great idea to talk about these wonderful regions !

by Seb Geo | 22 Apr 2009 22:04 | Sivignon, France | | Report spam→
Dear Michelle,

I have some photos about life in Quetta. It’s about a mother/child center run by an International Ngo. They work mostly with local pakistani and they are focus on deliverancy, manultrition and mental health (for afghan refugees, kuchi nomad and poor local).

Why not talking about pakistani refugees from tribal areas and Dir,Swat valley? And not only about militants and extreme political groups. If you’re interested in it I have photos and testimonies about them in peshawar and around. And about the most important relieve for those refugees by MSF-France.
I have some of them on www.lightstalkers.org/vali and I could send you more if you wish.

All the best,


by Vali | 23 Apr 2009 08:04 | sivignon, France | | Report spam→
i can shoot imran aslam for you if you need.. pls check my portfolio on www.lightstalkers.org/nariman-ansari.. i am based in karachi and he is a friend. :)

by [former member] | 23 Apr 2009 17:04 | Karachi, Pakistan | | Report spam→

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