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Looking to buy lens(es) for a leica

Thanks everyone for all the helpful responses to my camera question.

I have a couple of more questions, as I just found out I have to leave the country this Sunday and I wont be back until October.

Does anybody have used lenses for sale in NYC that are Leica compatible, I am looking for a good 35mm (probably F2, the others are just too expensive) and then a not as expensive portrait lens.

Thanks very much, I could come by to pick it up tomorrow!

by Katie Orlinsky at 2008-09-12 19:13:08 UTC (ed. Sep 13 2008 ) New York City , United States | Bookmark | | Report spam→

a very good lens. http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/543261-REG/Voigtlander_BA243B_Nokton_35mm_f_1_4_Aspherical.html

a good and cheap lens. http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/191952-REG/Voigtlander_45BA213D_Ultron_35mm_f_1_7_Aspherical.html

a portrait lens http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/191956-REG/Voigtlander_45BA216B_Color_Heliar_75mm_f_2_5.html

out of curiosity what body did you get for under $1000 an m4?

here is christian shot with the 35 ultron, wide open at 1.7

christian hansen - s. b. ramin

by sbramin | 12 Sep 2008 19:09 (ed. Oct 12 2008) | toronto, Canada | | Report spam→
Katie, try the classifieds at http://www.rangefinderforum.com

I owned mostly Leica lenses, but my favorite Voightlander was the 35mm 2.5 PII, it is a pancake lense, super contrasty and tack sharp. Plus the M body and the PII fit nicely almost anywhere.

Good luck!


by [former member] | 12 Sep 2008 21:09 (ed. Sep 12 2008) | Austin, Texas, United States | | Report spam→
the 1.4 is also pancake.

by sbramin | 12 Sep 2008 22:09 | toronto, Canada | | Report spam→

by [former member] | 12 Sep 2008 22:09 | Austin, Texas, United States | | Report spam→
Hey Katie, how are you doing?

Welcome to the Leica world :)
I racked my head on the same question for a while and decided to bite the bullet and spend the extra cash on the Summicron 35 f/2 (4th version) – don’t regret it for a second.
Sharp, contrasty and lovely creamy bokeh with the excelent depth of field that f2 gives you.

I highly recommend it.
I gor mine on e-bay for 1300$ which is considered a good price for a person living in such an out the way country as I do.
For you it will probably be possible to get it for less in NY.

Unless ofcourse your back in Mexico?

by Che Kofif | 12 Sep 2008 23:09 | | Report spam→
Aye, I’m a regular poster at rangefinderforum.com and you can find some great deals on lenses there. I would steer clear from BHPhotoVideo, as prices tend to be much higher there. If you want to buy lenses i’d buy from rangefinderforum.com (the classifieds there), the photo.net classifieds, or take a look at CameraQuest.com (dont be disturbed by their horribly ugly website. They are the official distributor of voigtlander products in the U.S.)

Leica, Voigtlander, or Zeiss make great lenses. Dont listen to someone who tells you that voigtlander products are crap. They are quite great, especially for those on a budget.

by Jonathan Moore | 13 Sep 2008 00:09 (ed. Sep 13 2008) | Georgia, United States | | Report spam→
don’t believe people when they say you should buy a leica lens.

unless of course its this for ~ $10,000

by sbramin | 13 Sep 2008 02:09 (ed. Sep 13 2008) | toronto, Canada | | Report spam→
Hah, what i’d give to have a noctilux. That’d be fun as hell. One day maybe… (mmmm… nah)

by Jonathan Moore | 13 Sep 2008 02:09 | Georgia, United States | | Report spam→
this is not just a noct but the new unreleased one, notice the f/0.95

by sbramin | 13 Sep 2008 02:09 | toronto, Canada | | Report spam→
Yeah I know. I’ve been watching threads on the leaked info from the french magazine, etc. Crazy stuff. :)

by Jonathan Moore | 13 Sep 2008 02:09 | Georgia, United States | | Report spam→

I’m neither in NYC nor have I got Leica compatible lenses to sell, but I would just like to second s.b.’s suggestion on the voigtlander. I used to shoot with the 35/1.7 ultron on a m6ttl. I thought it was very good lens (see for example http://mikkotakkunen.com/eddies-room/ ) for its price.

hope you find something before you head off.

by Mikko Takkunen | 13 Sep 2008 16:09 | Beirut, Lebanon | | Report spam→

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