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manual or auto focus

What do you prefer to use? Manual or auto focus?

Me auto, mostly because it’s quite aqurate and I find it hard to get it ‘sharp’ in my viewfinder.

by Emiel Elgersma at 2005-12-20 03:39:02 UTC (ed. Mar 12 2008 ) Utrecht , Netherlands | Bookmark | | Report spam→

On my Leica I always use manual LOL

by Martin Shakeshaft | 20 Dec 2005 04:12 | Back home, United Kingdom | | Report spam→
In low light I use auto(don’t trust my eyesight), sports auto, and anything else I switch around. I like to use manuel when focusing on a subject in the background with foreground elements out of focus.

by Sandy Huffaker | 20 Dec 2005 09:12 | San Diego, United States | | Report spam→
In low light I use manual focus, my AF lenses are too crappy to focus accurately. The rest of the time pretty much AF all the way in 35mm, except with my precious R6 :)

by Stephan Sturges | 20 Dec 2005 13:12 | | Report spam→
Auto focus when focus is not a compositional element.  Manual focus when it is.

If you’re having trouble getting it sharp in the viewfinder, you might try: a new or different focusing screen if yours is interchangeable; adjusting the diopter; or using a high eyepoint viewfinder (lets you pull your eye a few centimeters away from the eyepiece instead of mashing it right up against your face) if one is available for your camera.

by Jerome Pennington | 20 Dec 2005 14:12 | Cleveland, Ohio, United States | | Report spam→
I got a Fuji S2 body, and the viewfinder is a bit small (alot of black around it, dont know how to tell in english).

by Emiel Elgersma | 21 Dec 2005 03:12 | Utrecht, Netherlands | | Report spam→
You said it exactly right.  Isn’t there a "focus assist" indicator in the viewfinder?  In other words, the same light that comes on in the viewfinder when the camera has achieved auto focus, also comes on when you achieve focus manually and you’re holding the shutter release half way?  It’s a little more work because you have to hold the shutter release, you have to notice that indicator without looking directly at it, and the AF focus point has to be positioned over your subject, but in most cases it can be useful if you’re having trouble focusing.  Good luck.

by Jerome Pennington | 21 Dec 2005 07:12 | | Report spam→

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