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Good MA programs in Photojournalism

Hiya Everyone, I have been exploring the thought of grad school. I have experience with mostly film photography.

I have been planing/thinking to earn my masters in Photojournalism. I am particularly interested in the program at the London College of Communication. My motivations behind earning an MA in photojournalism would be for the experience, I don’t know too much about about photojournalism and would like to learn all I can. I studied graphic and web design for my BA which is completely different from photography. I also want to be challenged in school. And of course to gain more industry contacts, and to have a good set of critical voices looking over my work. I know many say it is not necessary to earn a MA in Photojournalism but I would like to maybe teach at a college level in the long future.

Any recommendations on schools with great MA in photojournalism programs in Europe would be great! London seems to have the best but it is very expensive (lived there for six months and still paying for it :) Also any thoughts/career advice are greatly appreciated! I look forward to your response! Many thanks, Michelle

by Michelle at 2008-06-04 17:46:27 UTC (ed. Jul 19 2008 ) San Mateo , United States | Bookmark | | Report spam→

Sounds like you already have some basic info on camera usage. Use the money that you would spend on schooling, buy a camera, start shooting, shoot some more, maybe attend some workshops to nudge you along.

by Brian C Frank | 04 Jun 2008 21:06 | Des Moines, ia, United States | | Report spam→

There are several excellent masters programs in the U.S. at the University of Missouri, Ohio University, and, closer to you, the Brooks Institute of Photography.

Though not a degree, Western Kentucky University offers its Mountain Workshops photojournalism workshop each fall. The University of Missouri and the University of North Carolina also have similar fall workshops if you decide to go in that direction.

by Jonathan Henderson | 05 Jun 2008 14:06 | Dallas, TX, United States | | Report spam→
I’m recommending the Missouri Photo Workshop as just about the best documentary workshop anyone can take. It’s intense, grueling, and ultimately perhaps the most rewarding thing you can do for your career. Here’s a link to last year’s workshop, and within it, there’s a link to the application to this year’s workshop – guaranteed to be a great one because it’s the 60th annual workshop. Note the faculty of any of the past workshops and you’ll see the immediate value of the networking as well as the instruction and coaching opportunitites. I’ve taught this one since ‘91, so am very familiar with it. I’m sure there are others here who have taken it as shooters.

This would give you a good idea of what a school in photojournalism would be like.


by George Olson | 05 Jun 2008 18:06 | San Francisco, United States | | Report spam→
Different people learn in different ways. There are two school I always thought looked interesting. One is in Rome: http://www.isfci.com/masterscuoladifotografia.html

and the other one in Wales: http://amd.newport.ac.uk/courses/displayCourse.aspx?course_id=7

Good luck.

by Bojan Fuerst | 05 Jun 2008 22:06 | Saint John, NB, Canada | | Report spam→
Like mentioned above Missouri, Ohio U both have great programs. Other options are U Texas Austin and Syracuse University, who is currently improving their program it seems.

I’m a grad student at Ohio U and while it’s not perfect, I think it’s a great place to be. Most of all I’m getting the time and opportunity to make the sort of pictures I’ve wanted to make and get a good group of people to share with and push me along the way. One benefit to some schools like Missouri, Texas ( I think) and Ohio (I know) is that they offer pretty good financial aid. Any educational loans I have taken out have been for equipment and not for tuition. That’s one reason I’m not at Syracuse. A 20,000 difference will do a lot for your decision making.

Oh, and a lot of people will tell you grad school in PJ is a waste. I’ll beg to differ, obviously. But do be aware (as it seems you are) that the degree won’t help you get a job, it’s the portfolio. Thing is, the chance to improve as a photographer by leaps and bounds is often pretty valuable, and I see it happening to my classmates.

Please hit me up privately if you have any questions about Ohio specifically and I can try to fill you in. Peter@phphoto.net

by Peter Hoffman | 06 Jun 2008 15:06 | Athens, Ohio, United States | | Report spam→
If you’re looking for something a little different… I’m currently enrolled in a small but fascinating program, its run by University of Bolton and Dalian Image Arts College in Dalian, China. That’s right, its in China but the degree comes from the UK.


by Thomas Dooley | 09 Jun 2008 12:06 | Dalian, China | | Report spam→
Anyone have opinions on:

1. University of Florida
2. UC Berkeley

I know UF is primarily an undergrad program but they have some grad students? And Berkeley’s emphasis seems to be on word journalism but I’ve heard good things about Ken Light?

by Adam Lau | 19 Jul 2008 18:07 | San Francisco, United States | | Report spam→

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