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Microtek 1900 vs. Canon 9950F???

Okay, round #???….just as i was about to plunk down $$ for the Canon, a friend of mind (photo who now is all digital and prints digitally) suggested the Microtek 1900 instead of the Canon 9950F (he prints from drum scans, which i will mostly likely do at first as well, but there are other considerations at the moment….). His reasoning: we’d previously used an Agfa flatbed and for our $$ ~500 USD. oldschool LS’ers know i’ve always printing film in darkroom, so this is a bit of an adventure for me and my wife. scanner needs to function (for the film) for 3 primary considerations: 1) scan should be capable of high res and large files ;2) i have to be able to scan med format as well as 35mm negs ;3)a scanner that can produce a file adequate for printing up to 16×20 without hysterically deteriorating quality (keep in mind my photographs are not about precision, but the depth of the blacks and the grain are critical to my work). I’ve had some drum scan files made of some of my archive at the lab trust in TO, but, for me (and the work), which i can trust for exhibition prints using new digital printing on light-sensitive paper, but…..so, okay, what’s ur experience, your thoughts. We have a G-5, (OSx(10.4.6), 2.1GHZ PowerPc, 1.5GB DDR2 SDRAM)…..which way should i go?…

and Jethro: Where can i buy a Microtek or Canon in Buffalo??. I need addresses, as I will buy there next week most likely: ..prices (with conversion) in Buffalo are cheaper by up to $150… (Toronto is f*ck-sick expensive, since the Can $ has strengthened!!)


by [a former member] at 2006-07-29 12:32:43 UTC (ed. Mar 12 2008 ) Toronto (home sweet) , Canada | Bookmark | | Report spam→

Bob if you have a SCSI port in your computer you might want check Ebay there is a Imacon Photo Scanner up for auction, ending tommorow, currently priced at $500 but it has a SCSI connection only. Also the Minolta 5400 is known for its grain. But I am not sure you wouldn’t be better served scanning your master prints on a flatbed…..

by [former member] | 29 Jul 2006 14:07 | new orleans, United States | | Report spam→
thanks Andy for the tip, :)))))))))) if I could get an Imacon for $500, i’d take it…..running to see if i have an scsi port,,,,cheers, Bob

by [former member] | 29 Jul 2006 17:07 | Toronto (home sweet), Canada | | Report spam→
SCSI! Yeeshhh!!! Talk about nightmares. A four letter word if there ever was one. Those cable/connections were probably invented in the deepest, darkest parts of the Caribbean. Some seious Voodoo used to happen with those cables as I recall. The frustration they caused with my missus back in the late 90’s almost cost us our budding marriage.

Bob. Buffalo is not the hotbed of electronic imaging devices. There is an Apple store in a suburban mall, but the 8400 is the classiest they carry. Other than that there are a couple big box joints (Best Buy, CompUSA etc…) but I don’t know if they carry. We usually just mail order. I don’t know of the differences between the two scanners, so can’t help you there. I’ll email you about a possible solution when you decide what you want.

by Jethro Soudant | 29 Jul 2006 23:07 | Buffalo, NY, United States | | Report spam→

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