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Multimediashooter.com - down and out

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the incredible site multimediashooter.com is down “for the count”. Here’s the message posted at MM Shooter -


I write this with a very heavy heart:

I am sorry to report that this website is down for the count. The site was recently hacked several
times this weekend and severe damage was done. I do not have the time or resources at this time to
continue. I wish you all the best. I only wish this hadn’t happened.

[To the ‘hacker’ I hope it makes you happy to destroy something that people put their
heart and soul into for years, for the sole purpose of learning and creating a small community
on the web. Just to have you destroy it for no reason. You win. There is a special place in hell for you.]

To those of you who supported the site over the years, THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

I don’t know what more to say, except, remember, it’s all about the STORY, not the TOOLS.


by Roger May at 2008-03-10 01:51:34 UTC (ed. Mar 13 2008 ) Raleigh, NC , United States | Bookmark | | Report spam→

I discovered this site just days before the attack :(

by Kenneth Armstrong | 12 Mar 2008 15:03 | Sault Ste Marie, Canada | | Report spam→
A bit of good news…

From: koci <r…gmail.com> Date: Wed, Mar 12, 2008 at 3:29 PM Subject: MultimediaShooter UPDATE! To: r...gmail.com

10 Things I Learned From Being Hacked

1. A bottle of Jack Daniels doesn’t bring your site back to life.

2. Don’t take it personally. Boy, did I take it personally. “Why me?” “What
I do to deserve this? I was only trying to share with others.” And so on.

3. It’s usually some dumb-ass kids in Canada, with nothing better to do on a
[More on this later]

4. It sucks.

5. Don’t be so dramatic. Yeah RIP was a bit strong.

6. It’s good to surround yourself with people smarter than you. Like the
of people who can resurrect a site. They can and we will! Just give me some

7. Be nice. Most hosting companies do back up the server. My hosting company
didn’t have the best customer service to deal with this problem. They
said I should’ve backed it up and it’s a pain in their arse to get me a back
So I was very nice to the customer support person—who was clearly somewhere
the Baltic States, I promised a new pair of Levi’s and now, I have a
on the way.

8. Back up. Even without my hosting, I do have a back-up! This is where #6
in handy. A very smart friend of mine, who I added as an ADMIN to my site,
smart enough to install a Wordpress plug-in
http://www.ilfilosofo.com/blog/wp-db-backup/ that automatically backs-up the
database and then emails a copy. My friend had been doing this without me
knowing, THANK GOD. He’s been on vacation, just got back and said, “Dude,
so dramatic—see #5—I have your database right here!” And he emailed me the

9. Revenge can be sweet. This is where Mr. T and Mrs. V [keeping their names
private for security reasons ha ha] come into play. No matter how hard a
tries, especially a couple of dumb ones, there’s always someone smarter than
you, not me of course, but Mrs. V. We know who you are. We have your real
names, ages, address, phone number, email, we know where you go to school,
your myspace pages, what kind of crappy techno music you like to create, and
that one of you is missing the family dog and you live in your parents
in Canada, and list goes on, we even have pictures of you.

10. It still sucks. But I learned how to protect my blog a little better,
at least have a back up if any other bored children decide to play around on
the internet.

Thank you to everybody who sent emails of support. Wow. I want to
thank, the NPPA, Poynter, ThinkTankPhoto, NewsVideographer.com and Joe
all of whom offered me new homes.

You are too many to thank one by one, so instead of answering your emails,
answer by saying, “I gonna pick myself off the floor, put some locks on the
doors and fire up the blog machine!” Be patient. Even with the back-ups
are a little messed up. You might see some posts without images or proper
links, the rss feed might take a while to ‘re-start’ and little things like
that. Also, the forums had to go. Why? Because that’s how the slackers got
Also, it’s not a big loss because you folks aren’t big on forums anyway.
always surprised me. Also, many who emailed said you were lurkers, stop
being a
non-participant and give us your comments. It’s what helps make the site a

I really didn’t know how much the site meant to people. It’s one of the
I’m going to buy a case of Red Bull and spend the next week rebuilding. This
been a humbling experience. All I ever wanted to do was share and help if I
could. I’m glad the blog did that for some of you.

Everyone asked, “what can I do to help?” Here’s the answer. If you are
then we’ll need a nice injection of content. How about writing something for
It can be anything you are passionate about. I’d love it to be about your
experiences with a recent mulitmedia project. Was it hard to produce? Fun?
long did it take? How many people saw it? Something, anything will do. Then
just email me the copy with a few images and I’ll post it.

Finally, I’m humbled. I learned tons. But I’m still pissed. We know who did
they were sloppy. Very sloppy. We even have proof, because, as children do,
bragged about it. I’m trying to be forgiving and not call their parents
(yes, we
have their numbers).

I am rebuilding…..

tnxs for the love.


by FANG LIANG | 13 Mar 2008 06:03 | san francisco, United States | | Report spam→

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