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Need help planning trip to brazil

We’re looking to go to Brazil later this spring.

I’ve been searching a bit online, and all I can find is stuff that is either too crispy: yoga resorts with whole foods and such, or family-type golf all-inclusives.

This is personal travel, doing some landscape and people shots wherever we wind up, but the purpose of the trip is adventure and relaxation.

We’d like to spend a few days at a small, secluded beach, and possibly do a tour up the Amazon. Specifically, I’d prefer anything that is kid-exclusive. No offense to the parents out there, but I really can’t stand having kids running around all over the place when I’m on vacation. If I wanted that, I’d go to Disney.

If anyone has any info/tour companies/suggestions, etc, I’d greatly appreciate it.


by Jack Howard at 2006-01-14 14:12:01 UTC (ed. Mar 12 2008 ) Somerville NJ , United States | Bookmark | | Report spam→

Jack, I cannot recommend specific hotels and such because I generally took what came my way as I wandered around the mata atlantica area between Rio and Sao Paolo, but if that is one area you are interested in, then I recommend renting a car and traveling the coastal highway, whch is beyond beautiful.  You can stop in little colonial towns where there are colonial hotels to stay, — like Parati, for example — and you can also visit the islands off the coast, like Ilha Grande, which has beaches you can swim in, and the local people, who are basically fishermen, will prepare a meal of eggs, rice and beans for you.  You can easily avoid the crunchy resorts and all inclusives, there are enough good, quite small places to stay.  Probably the Rough Guide or Lonely Planet will serve as a guide.  Speaking a bit of Portuguese or Spanish is a good idea; without it you will have more difficulty accessing the kind of places I am talking about, though it will not be impossible.  Rio for my money is one of the most beautiful and interesting cities on earth, despite all the negative things you hear about it (do be careful, though).  You can begin your trip there, stay in Ipanema, go the beach there, which is not secluded but is still quite nice, and you can end the day by sucking down some Caipirinhas at the beachside shacks, then eat a spectacular meal and go to the local music halls — all sorts of different music.  Then head out of town to the coastal towns and visit all the local beaches.  you dont have to go up the Amazon, by the way, to see "nature" — the mata atlantica is justly famous for its jungle flora and fauna.  Have fun, Brazil is a great country.

by Jon Anderson | 14 Jan 2006 16:01 | Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic | | Report spam→
Jack, tell me what places you want to go and i can help you with something!
In the north of Brazil have some of the most beautiful beaches of the world, from there you can go to Manaus (extreme north), the base city for visit amazon, easily by plane!!

by Nelson Antoine | 15 Jan 2006 06:01 (ed. Jan 15 2006) | Sao Paulo, Brazil | | Report spam→
Thanks Nelson and Jon!

We’ve got about two weeks. I’d really love to make it out to Fernando de Norhonha, and I’ve spoken to one hotel I know of there, and cannot get in touch with the other one on the island, and the website is all Portuguese, in a Flash module, so I can’t babelfish it…

I’ve heard good things about the Pantanal and the Mata Atlanitco as well. We’re in the scramble to plan stage, but the most important thing is to visit a couple of super-cool beach areas with good snorkeling, a mellow (non-Mega-resort) feel to it, gorgeous scenery, and do a couple of days exploring some ultra-wild area, whether the Amazon on a steamer, or the Pantanal, or the Mata.

Is it true that you can only get direct flights from the US (NYC) into Rio/Sao Paolo area? So if we fly up to Jericoacara, Ceara area, we would have to fly 4 hours south again to get a long flight home?

by Jack Howard | 15 Jan 2006 20:01 | Somerville NJ, United States | | Report spam→
exactly jack.
you arrive in SP or RJ, and then, you have flights to the major cities of Brazil.

needing some help dont hesitate in contact me in msn/skype.

by Nelson Antoine | 16 Jan 2006 11:01 (ed. Jan 16 2006) | Sao Paulo, Brazil | | Report spam→

Several things.

I think you have direct flights to the northeast of the country (Recife, Natal, Fortaleza) from NYC. Check Gol or TAM for flights. I know that Varig flies from Miami to Recife.

Do not pay attention to resorts, it sucks and you don’t have real contact with local cultures. Is all pre-packed for the gringo!

Fernando Noronha is one of my dreams, i haven’t made it yet. To expensive flights but i really encourage you to go.

As Jon wrote, Mata Altantica has more bio diversity than the Amazoon.

Honestely in two weeks if you don’t want to be moving around a lot (expensive flights and long time to get from north to the south) i would probably strict to one area of the country, you can try Rio, São Paulo and then mata atlantica with jungle and beach 2 in one. You can also go to the nort (Belem do Para area) great beach and easy to get inside of the amazoon. Or you can go to the Northeast and Fernando de Noronha.

Plan it well, stay in local pousadas and enjoy a lot.

all the best

by Joao Pina | 16 Jan 2006 13:01 | Lisbon, Portugal | | Report spam→
Jack,  pleasure. I"m  Artur, brazilian journalist living in Switzerland (St. Gallen). I"ve been in Bahia: Salvador, Morro de São Paulo, Itacaré, e Barra Grande.
I can send you addresses . It"s beautiful

by Tuti Maioli Neto | 16 Feb 2006 16:02 | st. gallen, Switzerland | | Report spam→
Hey jack,
I am in Brazil right now, let me know if you guys need any help, even translating the web-sites you found! Fernando de Noronha is one of the most beautiful and the most expensive place in Brazil!..enjoy it!

by [former member] | 16 Feb 2006 18:02 | Sao Paulo, Brazil | | Report spam→

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