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need videographers all over the world...

New branded content/entertainment company looking for filmmakers and photographers (not agents or agencies) to hire for local ethnographic research projects in cities all over the UK as well as in L.A., Atlanta,
NYC, London, Miami, Paris, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Milan, Berlin/Frankfurt, Shanghai, Bejiing, Tokyo, Ukraine, Moscow, Greece, Lagos, Nairobi, Capetown, Kingston Jamaica, Barcelona, Sao Paulo/Rio, Mumbai India, Sydney/Melbourne…

We need people who are well connected to their local scenes and who have a good idea of what is new & happening in urban (meaning city-dwelling, not necessarily hip-hop) culture.

At this point, we are building a database of people that we can hire to go out and shoot specific briefs (live music, art events, renegade art, DJ events, urban sport, etc..), as well putting together a network of people we can connect with each other and to clients needing fresh new talent.

Fee ranges from £150 – 250 per shoot all in.

Please reply to marisa@supmag.com with contact information and samples of work.

by MarisaB at 2006-01-11 08:10:20 UTC (ed. Mar 12 2008 ) London , United Kingdom | Bookmark | | Report spam→

Hi Marisa,
I’ve emailed you my contact and URLs for sample of work.

by [former member] | 12 Jan 2006 06:01 | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia | | Report spam→
Hi Marisa,
I’ve emailed you my contact and URLs for sample of work.

by [former member] | 12 Jan 2006 07:01 | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia | | Report spam→
How about Belgium ? :p

by Stephan Sturges | 12 Jan 2006 07:01 | | Report spam→
Dear Marisa,

I understand your company is an offshoot of Saatchi and Saatchi, and is seeking people to provide intelligence for them to presumably target S & S’s advertising clients towards people who usually look upon corporate advertising with suspicion.

Or to understand ‘what makes them tick’ so they can figure out a way to sell to them.

Some would call it trend-spotting…fair enough, that’s part of Saatchi and Saatchi’s job (but it would have been better to have stated that in your post, IMO)

However in this case, I would call it ‘content mining’. You quote:

" £150 – 250 per shoot all in"

Could you clarify what you mean by the term ‘all in’?

Does this include the assignment of copyright or licensing to Saatchi and Saatchi or its subsidiaries? This could be awkward for you, as advertising usage tends to mean the subject matter has signed model releases, and if not, you could be left open to legal action…unless you indemnify the shooters.

If you don’t indemnify them, that would be another reason not to work with you.

Simply placing the content in your  ‘Sup’ magazine would not be a defence, as it would still be classed as a promotional publication and not editorial use – the magazine is produced from Saatchi and Saatchi’ s London head office.

If you’re looking for fresh talent, I sincerely hope you don’t intend to pay them a few hundred quid for what is essentially advertising photography, which usually commands fees a whole lot bigger than that.

However, I suspect this is why you’ve specified ‘no agents or agencies’, as their photographers would know the score about usage, copyright and licensing, and would expect to be paid the going rate.

If people do have good connections to international urban sub-cultures, I’d lke to think advertising agencies would consider that somewhat akin to ‘premium access’ and pay accordingly, or at least be honest enough to tell their reseachers who they were actually working for.

by [former member] | 12 Jan 2006 08:01 (ed. Jan 12 2006) | London, United Kingdom | | Report spam→
two words: "lifestyle marketing"

(head for the hills everyone!)

by [former member] | 12 Jan 2006 10:01 | London, United Kingdom | | Report spam→
Theres nothing particularly wrong in ‘lifestyle marketing’ or whatever you want to call it – after all, advertising agencies and even stock photo libraries do research to find out trends and themes to concentrate on, or to find out an audiences preferences – its just market research after all.

What’s a bit off-colour is dressing it up as something it’s not, and not paying for it properly.

Forums like LS and Rob Galbraith have shown that people in a particular subculture – in this case, photography – are willing to mutually exchange information and even recommend cameras, backpacks, travel advice etc.

So in essence, we’re doing the manufacturers promotion job for them – if the gear or service works well.

But LS and Rob Galbraith are ‘free’ or close to free (Galbraith carries some relevant ads).

This isn’t. Along with another LS posting today (about a photo-competition for Red Bull), the whole excercise has the whiff of a commercial entity trawling for ‘content’, and being less than open about its commercial motivation.

This particular offer seems to be from a multi-million dollar advertising agency, asking for poorly paid contributors to provide stills or footage of communities and sub-cultures, which it can then leverage for its own profit – a profit probably far in excess of what they paid out.

I’d like to point out that the fee offered is far less than the UK industry standard NUJ (stills) or BECTU (video) minimum fees for editorial work, never mind advertising, which should pay significantly higher.

by [former member] | 12 Jan 2006 12:01 | London, United Kingdom | | Report spam→
Hi Marisa
I v sent you an email with my web page and contact details.
Nikos Chrisikakis

by [former member] | 13 Jan 2006 01:01 | Athens, Greece | | Report spam→
I think Sion makes a very valid point here. A point all of us should be here to protect for the interest of all photographers not only possibly struggling to make a living but looking and wishing their hard work to be respected. Marisa’s fee as of yet seems rather low considering what could well be a whole day of work. Still waiting to here Marisa’s response.

by Cazalis | 16 Jan 2006 09:01 (ed. Jan 16 2006) | Sao Paulo, Brazil | | Report spam→
hey guys – the fee is dependent on experience. all i really need is b-roll type stuff, mostly video format – so its a matter of going out to a few spots a night and whipping out a video camera and shooting what is going on. i don’t need anything too professional, as it’s for research purposes. standard day rate in london for this kind of stuff is £150 a night (to shoot live gigs up to 5 hours), so i tried to do research and make sure what i was offering is competitive.

by MarisaB | 16 Jan 2006 10:01 | London, United Kingdom | | Report spam→
and i just read sion’s post – GUM is 5 person offshoot of Saatchi, but we have nothing to do with advertising – we have access to their clients & resources, but have our own building, budget, P&L, motives, etc. The stuff I’m paying for is for research purposes to help inform content we create and just for research on each market – we wouldn’t ever use anything without being up front for what it’s for.
as i build up this network of people, it’s also a new talent pool, so when we have a client that wants to fund an independent project – i.e. Nike/Jenga, Diesel/Semi-Permanent/Art Wall, we’ll have a pool of people we can pull from and hook up with the gig – all the while creating “content” that is unique and interesting.
i’ve worked in the fashion & music industries my whole trying to forge relationships between artists and brands to foster that relationship and make sure it’s handled properly. so many people get it wrong. i understand everyone’s concerns/hesitations, but unfortunately branded content is inevitable and it might as well be good instead of shit if it has to exist, right? at least that was my motive for working here.
it’s all really fascinating in my opinion and apologies if anyone thinks i wasn’t being clear… i’ve got nothing to hide.
my magazine is totally independent of saatchi & saatchi – i started it when i was 19 and since i didn’t know where i would be living when i moved from nyc to london, i used my new office as the address…

by MarisaB | 16 Jan 2006 11:01 | London, United Kingdom | | Report spam→
hi i’ve sent u a mail with a few details. it would be interesting since i have been documenting sub culture and the dichotomous situation of the young urban indian.


by amaar | 18 Jan 2006 15:01 | new delhi, India | | Report spam→
If interested in Still, please have a look at my samples at LS.

by Aravind Teki | 22 Apr 2006 09:04 | Bangalore, India | | Report spam→
If interested in Still images, please have a look at my samples at LS or contact me.

by Aravind Teki | 22 Apr 2006 09:04 (ed. Apr 22 2006) | Bangalore, India | | Report spam→
very good , i m free i m interresting
take care

by Stephane Lehr | 22 Apr 2006 09:04 | paris, France | | Report spam→
Hi Marissa,

I’ve just sent you a private message.

by Cedric Arnold | 22 Apr 2006 11:04 | Bangkok, Thailand | | Report spam→
The money’s crap for what you’re looking for. Video equipment is expensive stuff and pricey to insure and maintain. Thus your fees are dreadful, especially for “all in”.

Be careful folks. Ask lots of questions.

by Paul Treacy | 22 Apr 2006 12:04 (ed. Apr 22 2006) | Philadelphia, United States | | Report spam→
The original request is over two months old…(exasperated sigh, slaps forehead)

I just don’t get it. What is this ‘Will Work For Food’ attitude which seems to be prevalent on this forum?

Do people really view their own work with such contempt? Because it seems to to be the only explanation which makes sense to describe an eagerness to queue up to be exploited by forces which often laugh in our faces every day.

It’s truly bizarre…and a really sad reflection of the battered self-esteem of photographers. We seem to be willing to crawl (and even sadder, sometimes over our peers) for any crumb offered, however paltry.

If photographers want to know why this industry is in such a state, try not blaming the Big Boys for a change and try looking in the mirror.

Does the phrase ‘Just Say No’ help at all?

by [former member] | 22 Apr 2006 15:04 | London, United Kingdom | | Report spam→
I couldn’t agree more with what Sion says. It’s not just in the business that we have a tendency to sell ourselves short. People are constantly asking me to shoot something for them as if it was just a flick of the switch. If we continue like this, all of those selling themselves for food will continue to deteriorate the food chain and work for crumbs. Leaving the food for the big boys. You have to spend to make is my phrase. Hope many of you on this list will have a change of attitude and realize the world is full of images, so there is a demand, just don’t give them away so easily. Believe in what you do, because so man out there think we’re dogs.

by Cazalis | 22 Apr 2006 16:04 | La Paz, Bolivia | | Report spam→
you’re right….
the images in France are now unhappy very short sell

by Stephane Lehr | 22 Apr 2006 16:04 | paris, France | | Report spam→
I am interested too and I will send you an email soon Marissa.

by Stephen McGee | 23 Apr 2006 00:04 | Detroit, United States | | Report spam→

I tell ya what Marissa, if you’re even remotely interested at all over two months later, I’ll do the job, for a rusty can of beans.

Don’t worry, I have my own can opener, I’ll do a little soft shoe shuffle for ya (for a beer) and you can kick me in the teeth afterwards. I’ll provide a Polaroid as a souvenir so you can pass it around your friends and have a good laugh.

No? Ok, how about this – I’ll pay YOU. 150 quid, all in. You can keep the camera too.

Such a deal!

Hey everybody, wanna see my portfolio? I’ll see you all down at the park bench. Bring your own newspapers and cardboard boxes,’cos its still cold out here ya know….especially that Lake Michigan breeze, and the banks of the River Seine sounds chilly.

We can all reminsice about when we used to actually shoot pictures AND get paid properly for them…imagine!

Sigh…wonder why it all changed, and now we’re seen as expendable low-ball shutter-monkeys.

A picture for a nickel sir? Madam?

by [former member] | 23 Apr 2006 03:04 | London, United Kingdom | | Report spam→
Hey! Who stole my meths?

by Mikethehack | 23 Apr 2006 11:04 | | Report spam→
Hi Marissa
I am interested too and have sent you an email and some of my work

by Ciaran Tully | 23 Apr 2006 12:04 | New York City, United States | | Report spam→
Better watch out Mike, that park bench is gonna get mighty crowded…

Wheres your meths? It was probably given to someone who offered to work
for even LESS meths than you…by the way, can I send you an e-mail and
some of my work, and maybe we can share the meths?

Ya know, like a kinda co-operative, Magnum thing?

We can have fractious annual meetings on park benches in Paris and NY, and have big fights and stuff…

by [former member] | 23 Apr 2006 14:04 | London, United Kingdom | | Report spam→
Bugger this. I’m going to mug or burgle some dumb snapper for his gear and snaps and sell them to buy some more meths.

by Mikethehack | 23 Apr 2006 17:04 | | Report spam→
your man in Melbourne and the rest of OZ: Travis Beard has sent you an email with his details

by travis beard | 23 Apr 2006 23:04 | melbourne, Australia | | Report spam→
Hello Marisa,

I’m cinematographer/videographer from Los Angeles with my equipment and have acess to sound crew as well. I will send you detailed e-mail with my website where you can check my work.
I’m looking forward speaking with you soon.

Pedja Radenkovic

by Pedja Radenkovic | 27 Apr 2006 16:04 | | Report spam→
“hey guys – the fee is dependent on experience. all i really need is b-roll type stuff, mostly video format –
so its a matter of going out to a few spots a night and whipping out a video camera and shooting what is going on.
i don’t need anything too professional, as it’s for research purposes. standard day rate in london for this kind
of stuff is £150 a night (to shoot live gigs up to 5 hours), so i tried to do research and make sure what i was
offering is competitive.”

Marisa, it’s good to know that LS is reaching out to the outer reaches for those interested in our work. But to clarify
we are professionals who care about our work and our community – hence why LS exists in the first place. The issue is that we spend a great deal of time and our own money to produce our work and it’s difficult when it’s seen as a quick flash in the pan, “going out to a few spots a night and whipping out a video camera…”. Nothing is so simple and that’s half of the battle we face, when what we do is reduced to “whipping it out.” Your paying for research, sourcing, access
and talent – otherwise whether its a still camera or video camera we’re whittled down to a “kodak moment.” 5 hours work for a gig means before and after work and your price would only be competitive on Mars. No offense. A day is a day it can’t be piece mealed. Lightstalkers offers a strong body of talent and our members and photographers/videographers worldwide deserve competitive pay – I think you have some more homework to do. Again no offense but need to take care of my “peeps.” It’s great you want to get our work out there, let’s just make sure its in everyone’s best interests at the
end of the day.

All best from Beirut.


by [former member] | 03 May 2006 08:05 (ed. May 3 2006) | Byblos, Lebanon | | Report spam→
Hi Marisa,

I’ll be in Paris until the end of June then travelling back to Lisbon for two months and returning to France next September. I may be interested in joining your network. Please take a look at my work at http://www.digitalrailroad.net/susanapaiva
All the best,


by Susana Paiva | 12 May 2006 09:05 | Paris, France | | Report spam→
Hi Marisa,

I’ll be in Paris until the end of June then travelling back to Lisbon for two months and returning to France next September. I may be interested in joining your network. Please take a look at my work at http://www.digitalrailroad.net/susanapaiva
All the best,


by Susana Paiva | 12 May 2006 09:05 | Paris, France | | Report spam→
Hi Marisa,
How about Palestinian territories, and Israel ?

by Qasem Sabagh | 02 Apr 2007 16:04 | Jerusalem, Israel | | Report spam→

by Angela Cumberbirch | 02 Apr 2007 21:04 | Manhattan, New York, United States | | Report spam→
Sion, Sheryl and Angela, This thread, in a way, is both so sad and funny at the same time. For every paragraph of professional wisdom passed on,up pops six oblivious newbies, all scrambling for the same tainted worm.

by Gregory Sharko | 02 Apr 2007 22:04 | Brooklyn, New York, United States | | Report spam→
Ditto Greg!. Pupo

by Jorge Luis Álvarez Pupo | 02 Apr 2007 22:04 | Sao Paulo, Brazil | | Report spam→
The original post is what, 16 months old? It’s like one of those comets that comes around every hundred years or so – and you know what they say about comets…they’re an ill omen.

by [former member] | 02 Apr 2007 23:04 | London, United Kingdom | | Report spam→
And no one listens. Just complaints about the demise of the business and no work. The comet will crash eventually if professionals don’t function like professionals.
Any newbies listening??? Probably not.

by Gregory Sharko | 02 Apr 2007 23:04 | Brooklyn, New York, United States | | Report spam→
What a shame, but….not only newbies answering to this kind of " proposal"….

by Jorge Luis Álvarez Pupo | 02 Apr 2007 23:04 | Sao Paulo, Brazil | | Report spam→
Ditto Jorge! G.

by Gregory Sharko | 02 Apr 2007 23:04 | Brooklyn, New York, United States | | Report spam→
yes – i’m new.

new here, not new born


by [former member] | 02 Apr 2007 23:04 | nottingham, United Kingdom | | Report spam→
This is all very interesting but the money is shite!
Paul Treacy.com

by Paul Treacy | 02 Apr 2007 23:04 | | Report spam→
Holy Cow! I am very surprised that people are answering this ad in spite of what more seasoned and obviously wiser photographers are sharing.

Anyone who feels inspired might drop a personal email to those willing to work this job and try to help them understand why it is WRONG.

I suppose they are the same people who will sign the new contract that I am staring at from a “national” newspaper wanting all and forever rights.

Sion I love reading your responses here and Sheryl You rock. I could not agree more.

by Sherrlyn Borkgren | 02 Apr 2007 23:04 | Chennai, India | | Report spam→

The point is that this is not first time this kind of request appears here, nor the " I may be interested.." kind of answers. A lot of advises but one of the big problems nowaday ( In all kind of stuff) is that people just neither listen nor read!. So, an email would be worthless at the end of the road.

by Jorge Luis Álvarez Pupo | 03 Apr 2007 00:04 | Sao Paulo, Brazil | | Report spam→
Yes Jorge, fewer people are able or willing to read BETWEEN the lines in their quest for the paycheck. Hey…do you know anyone who wants to buy the Brooklyn Bridge? Limited time offer…$19.95! If you call within the next 5 minutes you’ll get the Manhatten Bridge absolutely free. Mayor Bloomberg needs the money. :):):)

by Gregory Sharko | 03 Apr 2007 00:04 | Brooklyn, New York, United States | | Report spam→
Gregory, Sent you a PM about that bridge.

by [former member] | 03 Apr 2007 01:04 | Tokyo, Japan | | Report spam→
funny thread.

the trouble is that the tide is surging faster than we’ll keep up at present rate.

NME want total syndication and moral rights signed away for 100GBP per night. filthy, heathen non-belivers i say. burn them, burn them all.

however, it’s a buyers market and a sharp eye and mind doesn’t go far when interest rates go up – especially with the flicker generation passing out of their teens and photoing for peanuts – not even cashews, mind.

as insulting as it is to have someone value our craft as a quick click of the button, i say we treat them well. smile at the moonlighting graphic designer and open the door for folio-building students doing commercial work for free.

when a cost cutting publisher or agency looks at it’s recent folios, the dying circulation and then at the bank balance they will suffer. suddenly good photographs are better for business than a few extra quid in the bank.

and fresh talent…you know – the emperors new clothes made him look a bit dull for buying them.

remember the great painters. in that day an age anyone could buy paint and pencils just as now a moderately well trained ape could take and print a photo. great painters are still great painters.

if anywhere it is in a sea of dark sewage that an orange life raft shines brightest. i would not presume to be a writer and charge for my words simply by virtue of being literate, but if i did i would make my collegues look better than they are

still – my sb28 speedlight broke at the weekend and cashflow is a nightmare…that devil on my shoulder..‘take the money..you love it’.

hey marisa – cash in hand?
on the night, like?

by [former member] | 03 Apr 2007 01:04 | nottingham, United Kingdom | | Report spam→
A new gig for freelancers to make up for selling yourself short :)
Always wondered how they did it!


by Angela Cumberbirch | 03 Apr 2007 01:04 (ed. Apr 3 2007) | Manhattan, New York, United States | | Report spam→
haha – thats bad.

everyone knows eating cheaply and drinking plenty of water is the way forward.

i’m too ashamed to say how little my editors and colleagues are valued at – in fact some of my longest standing editors recently quit when a mag changed hands.
they had been asked to tell freelancers to work without fee and would not do so. asked if they though we would work for 1/2 fee they said no – as we have not had a pay rise in ten years.

good people.

by [former member] | 03 Apr 2007 02:04 | nottingham, United Kingdom | | Report spam→
Angie, How did you find that interesting tidbit? But for all you guy photogs out there who need money…VIAGRA! Yes…pop a few and rent your self out as human TRIPODS!

by Gregory Sharko | 03 Apr 2007 02:04 | Brooklyn, New York, United States | | Report spam→
And It would even pay better!.

by Jorge Luis Álvarez Pupo | 03 Apr 2007 05:04 | Sao Paulo, Brazil | | Report spam→
Hi, I’m photo/Movie maker and i work for an agency in Italy. you can contact me if you need: siavashlaghai@gmail.com


by Siavash | 28 Apr 2007 10:04 | Florence, Italy | | Report spam→
L.A., Atlanta, NYC, London, Miami, Paris, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Milan, Berlin/Frankfurt, Shanghai, Bejiing, Tokyo, Ukraine, Moscow, Greece, Lagos, Nairobi, Capetown, Kingston Jamaica, Barcelona, Sao Paulo/Rio, Mumbai India, Sydney/Melbourne…

Hey Marrissaa

Can I please shoot video in all those countries for you for free? Would you mind if I provided some medium level porn as well cos many of those destinations have a thriving sex industry…You know I may even try and get the hookers to work for free so to cut down on expenses. Do I get my expenses paid?

by [former member] | 28 Apr 2007 11:04 | London, United Kingdom | | Report spam→

..I prefer to be broke…As I’m actually…LOL
I also need money, but not like that..
there is something called principles…we dont eat them, but they are fine for the soul..

by Alain Bañon | 28 Apr 2007 22:04 | Higuey, Dominican Republic | | Report spam→
I wonder if anyone of those wonderfully keen people who submitted their contact info would like to share with us if they actually got some work,did it pay,did they think it was worth it,ecc.
Anyone had any problem with going to some spots at night and simply whipping it out?

funny how nobody replied to her feb post.Or did so privately.
It would be intersting to hear from marisa herself.
I mean, it was posted here,might as well interact with the community and all that.

any takers?come on..don’t be shy..

by Emanuel Ferretti | 28 Apr 2007 22:04 | barcelona, Spain | | Report spam→
You have good point Emanuel…

by Alain Bañon | 29 Apr 2007 00:04 | Higuey, Dominican Republic | | Report spam→
Well it looks like Marisa has some interest in this offer of paid work.
Personally I think this sort of offer should be erased from Lightstalkers.

Surely the fee for a job like this should be at least 3 times as much than what is on offer and even then it looks like a non starter.

Can we talk about copyright Marisa ?

Saying that for those looking for more profitable ways of making a living who live in the UK there are a few jobs going at ASDA in Brighton at the moment.
Those of you that are “still” photographers, most of us I believe, who are thinking of moving into the moving image must have a sence of “whats the point” when reading this sort of sad offer. It looks like there is going to be less of a living to be made from it than still images.

We have to ALL think about the future. Keep doing jobs like Marisa has offered and there is no Future. Honestly We can all do better.

Nothing Personal Marisa.
Maybe your next stop is local colleges or how about people off the street with their mobile phones?
Seriously if its just for research and you dont want anything professional why not put out some flyers in the areas you need images. why you could even disguise it as a photography competition and get people to pay you to enter and give you the work for free.

by RUPERT RIVETT | 01 May 2007 10:05 | Brighton, United Kingdom | | Report spam→
Sorry Marisa like I say nothing personal, I know your only trying to make a living.

Then again so am I. if I ever meet you I will buy you a drink and you can tell me more about your magazine.

all the best

I off to start a few photographic competitions before my shift at ASDA

by RUPERT RIVETT | 01 May 2007 10:05 | Brighton, United Kingdom | | Report spam→
I ask again,just in case it was missed the first time.

Would anybody who fowarded their contact info and availability to work for marisa care to share their experience?

I don’t want to make a point,it is a very sincere,simple question.

thank you.

by Emanuel Ferretti | 01 May 2007 22:05 | barcelona, Spain | | Report spam→
Hi Marisa, Im in São Paulo, Brazil. Have you met anyone here already?
Luciana Sampaio

by Luciana Sampaio | 29 May 2007 02:05 | Brazil, Brazil | | Report spam→
Hi Marisa, Am from Mumbai, but have access and connection all over India in all major cities.
I’ve mailed you my URL and other details to check out.

Soumik Kar

by Soumik Kar | 29 May 2007 03:05 | Mumbai, India | | Report spam→
Good day sir, i did not find Beirut in your list, many dj’s and partys happend around here. any chance for that? I can do photographers around.

by BASHAR ALI | 29 May 2007 15:05 | Beirut, Lebanon | | Report spam→
With the kind of Economics we have to encounter today, What you offer is really disrespectful. I believe, you should consider what you have quoted, afterall there is not only equipment and Human resource but also some professional barometer that is involved.
God Bless

by Tashi Tobgyal | 29 May 2007 20:05 | New Delhi, India | | Report spam→
good points mates.s

by Ahmed Aboubou | 30 May 2007 13:05 | Amsterdam, Netherlands | | Report spam→
Hi Marisa, I am Barat Ali Batoor a freelance photographer; I am based in Kabul. I can tarvel inside Afghanistan and neighbouring countries for assignments. You can check my portfolio in my home page www.batoor.com .

by Barat Ali Batoor | 05 Jul 2007 09:07 | Kabul, Afghanistan | | Report spam→
hi Marisa, I have sent u mail that about my work, My base is in Mumbai, INDIA. As of now i am working for leading newspaper based in Mumbai.

by [former member] | 15 Jul 2007 16:07 | Mumbai, India | | Report spam→

by BignoseTW | 16 Jul 2007 01:07 | Taipei, Taiwan | | Report spam→
exactly what I was thinking…

by Emanuel Ferretti | 16 Jul 2007 01:07 | barcelona, Spain | | Report spam→
I am on from Istanbul Turkey.Please contact with me.

by Ilker Gurer | 06 Aug 2007 14:08 | Istanbul, Turkey | | Report spam→
Gibber, gibber …

by BignoseTW | 06 Aug 2007 14:08 | Taipei, Taiwan | | Report spam→
i m from Poland and soon will travel to Istanbul, New York and Ketchican in Alaska.
Sent me private message or mail agaluczakowska@gmail.com

by [former member] | 06 Aug 2007 16:08 | Katowice, Poland | | Report spam→
Hi, you give me 10 dollar, me love you long time. 10 dollar baby. Fucky-fucky AND sucky-sucky. Me so desperate for peanuts.

by Mikethehack | 06 Aug 2007 17:08 | Way up my own ass, United Kingdom | | Report spam→

this one’s for you Mike.I’m sorry not to have found the original version,but the girls in gstrings were deemed scandalous and banned.oh well.

by Emanuel Ferretti | 06 Aug 2007 22:08 (ed. Aug 6 2007) | barcelona, Spain | | Report spam→
Interested, may be i can help you for your research purpose. See at my portfolio.

by Mohammad Solihin | 07 Aug 2007 08:08 | Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia | | Report spam→
Hey Marisa, Im a photographer and a DJ in Beirut. Lots of events happening here. For more money I’d accept to shoot for you.

by George Haddad | 07 Aug 2007 11:08 | Beirut, Lebanon | | Report spam→
anyone else noticed where most of the replies come from.. i mean, if someone from norway offered to pay me a rate that d seem bad for norwegians, id be in! this is the same thing as all this programming-job outsourcing that takes place online nowadays.

by arif | 09 Aug 2007 13:08 | Amsterdam, Netherlands | | Report spam→
Hello Marisa,
i’m based between Naples (it) and Paris, here is the url with my works http://www.mauriziocimino.com
have a nice day

by Maurizio Cimino | 11 Oct 2007 08:10 | Napoli, Italy | | Report spam→
Hi Marisa, I’ve just emailed you my contact details and website. I’m based in Bologna, Italy. Ciao.

by Laura Liverani | 11 Oct 2007 10:10 | Bologna, Italy | | Report spam→
Totally agree with Sion et al – and enjoyed reading this thread more than you can imagine (having just been thoroughly bent over on a 2-week writing job which has left me wondering if working as a serial killer might be more enjoyable/profitable). Unfortuantely though, arif is right – we’re faced in the writing market (and photography too, I presume) with freelancers from India etc. who can charge an absolute pittance and live well from it. Did you realise, for example, that a back-office mid-level support-role Associate from the world’s top investment bank in Bangalore (2 to 4+ years experience, aged around 25+) only earns $8000 USD per year? But he/she is considered rich – and (without travelling abroad) can really live the life. The equivalent in the US/UK would be paid upwards of $120,000+huge bonus. I’m up against writers (living in developing nations) with good English, and degrees, who can afford to charge $10 per article. Things will no doubt adjust slightly as the global market properly takes shape, but not for a good while, and in the meantime, “What to do?” as they say in Mumbai.

by Kate Brothers | 16 Oct 2007 10:10 | England, United Kingdom | | Report spam→
Hi Marisa,

Im interested, view my work – www.nickrainimages.com


Nick Rain

by Nick Rain | 17 Oct 2007 09:10 | United Kingdom, United Kingdom | | Report spam→
hi an email have being sent to yu so have a great look on

by char abumansoor | 19 Oct 2007 11:10 | beirut, Lebanon | | Report spam→
ok first you want b-roll so so production.

but how can I produce it?

I use old tape that already drop off?

I don’t bring spare battery?

I pretend hand shake?

I shift the focus not by intend?

to fit your budget?

by Ken Tam | 20 Oct 2007 14:10 | Zhuhai, China | | Report spam→
Hello Marisa,
I saw your post on lightstalkers.org
I all-ready made some work about various events in Barcelona… Like this one about the Sonar festival:


And I am working with an anthropologue to study a special festival in the “Gracia” area. Here is the first part of my work on this festival:


You may also see other works I made on my website:


And I wanted you to know that I will be in Paris for few days in december.

If you need more informations, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Best regards

Martin Barzilai

by barzilai martin | 22 Oct 2007 11:10 | Barcelona, Spain | | Report spam→
“I taaalk to the TREEEESSS … that’s why they put me awayyyyy…”

by BignoseTW | 22 Oct 2007 15:10 | Taipei, Taiwan | | Report spam→
this thread is soooooooooo oooooolllllllddddddd
it’s from january
i don’t think she’s reading it any more…

by Ed Giles | 23 Oct 2007 14:10 | Sydney, Australia | | Report spam→
Yeah January 2006. For God sake read the initial post date.

For some bizarre reason I still get email notifications from this post after I have repeatedly un-subscribed from it.

Pleassssse release me dah dah duh dumb.

by [former member] | 23 Oct 2007 15:10 | London, United Kingdom | | Report spam→
Kate, we’re not faced by Asian photographers or videographers willing to work for a pittance.

Arif, not all the people here from outside Europe are so short sighted to accept this lowball joke rate – I notice that Ken Tam’s reply knew exactly what the score was.

If I’m an Indian writer based in Bangalore I can write what I damn well please about (for example) the London clubbing scene, but it will all be fiction. Similarly, I could write something about Bangalore nightlife but I don’t know a damn thing about it.

This is asking for video, which (like photojournalism, but not all photography) by definition requires the ‘content creator’ to be actually at the location.

So an Indian video shooter is only going to compete with me, if they’re stood next to me, and vice versa.

Kate, your argument is applicable for some globalised content creation, but not all, and not in this case.

Which is why you shoudn’t use that argument to force you to work for this lowball rate. It’s the argument used by the people who do the hiring, not the people who do the work.

Don’t fall for it.

You exist in the UK, and have costs directly connected to the UK, not India. There are market rates for this kind of video work in the UK, which have been established for a long time, and based on the capital and equipment costs of producing the work here.

The rate offered on this thread is well below it.

BTW, this thread is so bloody old, the rate of inflation over the past coupla years means the rate is worth even less now, than it was when the thread started!

by [former member] | 23 Oct 2007 18:10 | London, United Kingdom | | Report spam→
Thanks, Sion, good to hear things from the photography side.

Yeah, the thread’s old, but it’s great – I might pay her 150 quid just for the amusement it’s provided me. After all, I’ve got cash to spare, what with all the old b-roll I’m flogging – plus I’ve started outsourcing my hangovers to India, which means I can spend all my spare time in the park with that cider.

by Kate Brothers | 24 Oct 2007 10:10 | England, United Kingdom | | Report spam→
Marisa is living on another planet and should take her thread and go to flickr or some other low rate site…….Sion you stay.

by Robert Hackman | 24 Oct 2007 21:10 | London, United Kingdom | | Report spam→
hi marisa,

i m based in rio de janeiro, brazil. i m deeply connected with the urban culture here, dj s and music in general, art and cinema. i m sending you an email with portfolio so that you can check out how we are in the same boat..
let me know more about the project,

Inês Laborim

by Ines Laborim | 30 Oct 2007 02:10 | Rio de Janeiro, Brazil | | Report spam→
Hello Marisa!!!
I’ve emailed you my contact, I want to be a part of this project. Thanks in advance.

by leocadenas | 06 Jan 2008 07:01 | Mar del Plata, Argentina | | Report spam→
This is hilarious, I find it hard to believe the people responding with contact info are real.

Its almost a year anniversary for it.

by sbramin | 06 Jan 2008 07:01 | Vancouver, Canada | | Report spam→
Friday will be the 2nd anniversary of this thread. I think a drink or two in recognition of entertainment offered, spleen vented and hopes raised, only to be dashed, is in order?

by BignoseTW | 08 Jan 2008 03:01 | Taipei, Taiwan | | Report spam→
Hi marisa… I have sent you an email with details.

by arnab gayan | 08 Jan 2008 09:01 | Assam, India | | Report spam→
“its a matter of going out to a few spots a night and whipping out a video camera and shooting what is going on. i don’t need anything too professional, as it’s for research purposes.”

Cool, count me in then-that’s assuming you are happy to accept vids from my 2mp cameraphone and that I’m not two years too late. I’ve always wanted to be involved in an exciting and well paid project like this. You can see examples of my work at www.newbiewithacamera.co.uk

by JR, (John Watts-Robertson). | 08 Jan 2008 09:01 | somewhere, United Kingdom | | Report spam→
2nd anniversary of this thread? Yes, I’ll join you for a drink Bignose – cider in the park?

by Kate Brothers | 08 Jan 2008 10:01 | England, United Kingdom | | Report spam→
Unfortunatly it’s not 2 years old any more as Marisssssa has edited the original post. It is as new as my morning coffee. Way to go MarisaTB for prolonging the joy and the pain!

by [former member] | 08 Jan 2008 10:01 | London, United Kingdom | | Report spam→
My Name is hugh hill, I a social equality photographer in London I have been working within the communities and work well on all levels.
For the past three years the mayor of London has commissioned me to take the photo portraits for his annual equality reviews, I also work as an independant social worker for the london homeless and also eastern European refugees.
some links relating to my work which I think would help you understand who I am & what I do.

Personal website: www.hmdigiart.com

Social work link: http://photo.net/photodb/folder?folder_id=347447

or you can just google me :)

Hugh Hill

by Hugh Hill | 28 Jan 2008 21:01 | London, United Kingdom | | Report spam→
you should let rick know too


by sbramin | 28 Jan 2008 21:01 | Vancouver, Canada | | Report spam→
Sorry I missed the part where it say’s that I had to sell not only my soul but my ass as well,

by Hugh Hill | 28 Jan 2008 21:01 | London, United Kingdom | | Report spam→

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