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New website... Would be very interested to hear feedback on it

Hey all,

My website is up and can be seen at:


Would be very interested to hear feedback on it.


by Marco Manfredini at 2008-11-30 18:17:34 UTC reggio emilia , Italy | Bookmark | | Report spam→

nice pics Franco
Where is the legend to all the storys ?
thank s

by Stephane Lehr | 30 Nov 2008 18:11 | Paris, France | | Report spam→
first good suggestion!
i will put the legend soon to all the story

by Marco Manfredini | 30 Nov 2008 18:11 | reggio emilia, Italy | | Report spam→
complimenti marco. specialmente il lavoro sul bangladesh.
I would add some sort of caption to presnt each story though. also some of the stories contain many pictures, maybe you could edit tighter for your site. I would tend to think that after 12-15 pictures, the attention of the viewer is no longer there…


by Marco Improta | 30 Nov 2008 18:11 | paris, France | | Report spam→
nice photos but the sound effects bother me, coz i like to listen to music while i work on my pc. you could add a small icon somewhere in the corner so that i could switch the sound off… or just remove it completely, it will give off a more professional look in my oppinion…

keep up the good work.


by Peter Klesken | 30 Nov 2008 23:11 | NYC, United States | | Report spam→
Marco…Some strong pics BUT…yes a BUT…the Flash program seems a bit over the top and distracting from YOUR work. Very annoying. Maybe it’s the vino rosso I’m drinking but the site was in my face too much to actually appreciate your pics. Maybe a more quiet dignity and not so much glitz. Just a thought. Buona fortuna.

by Gregory Sharko | 01 Dec 2008 00:12 (ed. Dec 1 2008) | Brooklyn, New York, United States | | Report spam→
Ok guys!
I will try to remove the sound effects, i will try to edit the stories with a smaller number of pictures.
For Gregory, the dream is to have a custom designed website in the future ( i have used a flash template ), and the concept will be “make more with less”!

by Marco Manfredini | 01 Dec 2008 07:12 | reggio emilia, Italy | | Report spam→
I agree with almost all suggestions (especially the one on the little clicknoise).
Also, I couldn’t find an easy way to go from one story to another without having to go back to main menu. (example once finished seeing amazon, if I want to go to Berlin).
Is it a specific choice to leave all main text in italian?

Hope it makes sense. Thanks for sharing..


by Tommaso Barsali | 01 Dec 2008 08:12 | Torino, Italy | | Report spam→
Yes it’s a a specific choice to leave all main text in italian ( with the translation in english in green color )it’s a way to say where i come from! proud to be an italian, despite Berlusconi

by Marco Manfredini | 01 Dec 2008 09:12 (ed. Dec 1 2008) | reggio emilia, Italy | | Report spam→
Hi Marco,

nice job. I would just keep the upper bar (home/about/news ecc) on all the pages. And i would post less pictures on each portfolio, the best of course.


by dar | 01 Dec 2008 12:12 | Barcelona, Spain | | Report spam→
Hi to all and by the way ,
has anybody seen that , http://www.cooliris.com/ and that an example of them http://peronaphotography.com/
It looks impresive and can be enabled in tou your own site, i coudlnt do it yet it seems i have to try more.

by George Fotiadis | 01 Dec 2008 12:12 (ed. Dec 1 2008) | Thessaloniki, Greece | | Report spam→
yeah, keeping the menu on top at all times would ease the navigation… and one more thing… the contact? when i click on it… i would like to see a subpage with your contact details… i hate when the page starts running outlook on my pc as i don’t use it and then it tried installing it and… frustrating!!

cheers, bro

by Peter Klesken | 01 Dec 2008 13:12 | NYC, United States | | Report spam→
For Peter, i’ve not considered this eventuality, i’m talking about the contact menu….
i will think about an alternative solution

by Marco Manfredini | 01 Dec 2008 20:12 | reggio emilia, Italy | | Report spam→
I want to thank all those who have given me tips, different points of view give valuable aid!
Thank you all!

by Marco Manfredini | 03 Dec 2008 10:12 | reggio emilia, Italy | | Report spam→

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