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News tip-offs in Jordan

I’m trying to freelance in Jordan but the news agencies are all like ‘’no we don’t hire people off the street’’ and don’t even want to talk. Anyone have tips on how to get news tips on where to go and when if the agencies or newspapers won’t talk?

by Alex Potter at 2012-02-10 08:09:34 UTC | Bookmark | | Report spam→

12 Feb 2012 00:02
Traditionally eyes, ears and a good pair of shoes + radio, local papers. Twitter can be helpful. Getting tips on what’s happening is one thing, learning to understand what’s happening is the real deal (in the long run you’ll know where to look or whom to ask what). Good luck!

…did I mention good shoes?

by Karl Badohal | 10 Feb 2012 12:02 | Krakow, Poland | | Report spam→
In regard selling your photos—-you are up against an editor that does not know who you are and wonders about the truth, impartiality and relevance of your photos—-its a lot to stick your neck out when a PJ just shows up out of the blue, so what works best is to refer to whatever earlier published work you might have and hopefully an editor from that outlet that would be willing to give reference to what you have already done.

It’s nothing you have asked about Alex, but in another post we were just talking about jumping off into PJ work and we were discussing the angle of going out to get stories where it seems none can be found where you start—-My view is that there are dozens of stories where ever you are and the going out should be a natural extension of developing skills and interests or following a story—-kind of like your Somali coverage—-something we did not cover would be your experience with news agencies—-no one knows you if you just go out someplace and develop stories—-meanwhile, if you start where you are, its going on as you are in the middle of all the rest of your life’s goings on and soon you have a lot of published material.

Hopefully you have some clip links from other work you have published and can show it.

In regard to in-country news tips, I would suggest getting a routine that you do everyday. Start early, buy your bread in one spot, go to a couple different cafe’s all in the same order and at the same time, get the newspaper from the same guy, go to the bank, western union, camera shop, city park, take that cigarette break at the same hotel back door—-get the same two or three taxi drivers—-hopefully you will become fast friends with everyone you meet and you can start to talk to them about what is going on——probably take 10 or 12 days before you get anywhere.

good luck, bro

by David Bro | 10 Feb 2012 15:02 (ed. Feb 10 2012) | orange county, california, United States | | Report spam→
Thanks Bro – all good tips. There was a protest today and I met up with the principle AP photographer there – it was a good day!

by Alex Potter | 10 Feb 2012 21:02 | Amman, Jordan | | Report spam→

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