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UPDATE: NGO Seeks Photographer to Document Work...

UPDATE: NGO Seeks Photographer to Document Work in India, Senegal, Mali, & Guatemala

Thank you, Lightstalkers, for your tremendous response to our search for the right photographer. What an active—and clearly quite talented—community. I have locked this post prior to the aforementioned deadline of April 15 so that we can carefully review your statements of interest, experience, and portfolios. Thanks again to all. Hope to be in touch individually with some of you in the next few business days. -Lindsey Graham

Request for Bids: Photographer

Background: IntraHealth International is a not-for-profit health care development organization based in Chapel Hill with field offices worldwide. Its mission is to mobilize local talent to create sustainable and accessible health care in developing countries. Founded in 1979 as Intrah, a program of the University of North Carolina’s School of Medicine specializing in training health providers, IntraHealth became an independent nonprofit in July 2003 and has since grown exponentially to include over 600 staff working in 36 countries. However, the organization experiences an ongoing deficit of visual media—photographic and video footage—to illustrate its work and impact in Latin America, West Africa, Eastern Europe, and Asia. Thus, IntraHealth is seeking a photographer to capture the organization’s mission and geographic diversity of work through a series of trips to Asia, West Africa, and Latin America.

Services to be Rendered: Three photo shoots—in India, Mali and Senegal, and Guatemala—targeting key programs and countries not adequately represented in our current archive. The photographer will be accompanied by staff from IntraHealth’s communications team and respective country office. Each trip will last approximately 7 days. All travel must be completed, and expense reports submitted, by June 15, 2009.

Deliverables: Raw images from each location must be delivered to IntraHealth by June 15, 2009. Thereafter, the photographer may negotiate adequate time for post-production editing/retouching of an agreed upon number of images per country.

If interested, please reply to this post with your daily rate; availability during the period April 15-June 15; links to or samples of relevant work from the past; and any further considerations that might affect your work. A decision will be made by April 30, 2009.

by Lindsey Graham Freeze at 2009-04-07 22:38:39 UTC (ed. Apr 9 2009 ) North Carolina , United States | Bookmark | | Report spam→

i am interested. i will be avaiable in May 2009. Send you a proper letter soon.

by Subhamoy | 08 Apr 2009 19:04 | Assam,India, India | | Report spam→
I can make time in May and June and will email you. Thanks

by Charles Silver | 08 Apr 2009 19:04 | New Orleans, United States | | Report spam→
Hi Lindsey, thank you very much. I have sent you a Private Message. Best Wishes,

Alex Masi


by [former member] | 09 Apr 2009 06:04 | | Report spam→
Hi Lindsay,
I would be having free dates during the months of May-June and would be interested in the assignment. Will send you a Private Message in a short while.

by Chirodeep Chaudhuri | 09 Apr 2009 07:04 | Mumbai, India | | Report spam→
Hi Lindsey, thanks for the offer, I am also interested in it.
Will send you soon a pm with more details…
Albertina d’Urso


by Albertina D'Urso | 09 Apr 2009 09:04 | Milano, Italy | | Report spam→
Hi Lindsey, I would be quite keen in the same and hv dates available…shall private msg you

by Udit Kulshrestha | 09 Apr 2009 09:04 (ed. Apr 9 2009) | gurgaon, India | | Report spam→
I’m interested. Available fom may.


by Carlos Lujan | 09 Apr 2009 09:04 | Spain, Spain | | Report spam→
Hi Linsday.
I am interested in your offer. please see the feature section of my web site
Thanks A.

by Antonino Condorelli | 09 Apr 2009 09:04 | Catanzaro, Italy | | Report spam→
Hello Lindsey, sent you an email, hope to hear from you. best, Miguel

by [former member] | 09 Apr 2009 10:04 | Lisbon, Portugal | | Report spam→
Hi Lindsey,

I will be available in May/June. Have sent you an PM.


by Morten Svenningsen | 09 Apr 2009 11:04 | Kathmandu, Nepal | | Report spam→
Hi Lindsey, I’m interested and available on the dates mentioned. Please let me know which 7 days will you be covering in India. Thanks, Jyotika

This is my bio:
I’m a Mumbai-based freelance photographer. Having begun my photographic career recently I’m documenting the ladies compartment of the local trains in Mumbai and Zaveri bazaar (old and traditional jeweller’s market). I’ve exhibited my series on the local trains called the Ladies Special: Myriad Moments at the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival in Mumbai, in February 2009. http://www.demotix.com/news/ladies-special-myriad-moments

I’ve photographed the publicity and production stills for an independent film, Dhobi Ghaat (under production). As part of the film I also photographed images of obsolete or quaint small vendors in Mumbai for the character’s portfolio who plays the role of a photographer in the film. And recently I photographed the Tata Nano Test Drive for The Financial Times, London.

by [former member] | 09 Apr 2009 11:04 (ed. Apr 9 2009) | Mumbai, India | | Report spam→
Hi Lindsey. Would like to hear more about this.
Would appreciate an email address to send across my portfolio.

by Ismail Shariff | 09 Apr 2009 11:04 | Hyderabad, India | | Report spam→
Hi Lindsey,

Will be available in May and June. I’m based in Hyderabad, India. You can find some of the projects I’ve undertaken at the link below. Do let me know how I can get in touch with you.



by Anil Cherukupalli | 09 Apr 2009 11:04 | Hyderabad, India | | Report spam→
Lindsey, I have sent you a private message with my information

by [former member] | 09 Apr 2009 12:04 | Belgrade, Serbia | | Report spam→
Hi Lindsey,
I have sent you a PM with all relevant info and am available in May/Jun.

by Kim Haughton | 09 Apr 2009 12:04 | Dublin , Ireland | | Report spam→
Hi Lindsey
Sent you a private message.
I am based in Durham, NC.
Web portfolio at

by Jeremy M. Lange | 09 Apr 2009 12:04 | Durham, North Carolina, United States | | Report spam→
Hi Lindsey.I am interested, and available..
I send you a pm with details.Thank you.Ricardo Garcia.

by Ricardo Garcia | 09 Apr 2009 13:04 (ed. May 10 2010) | Barcelona, Spain | | Report spam→

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