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nikon d2h

Hi everyone. I wonder if anyone of you could give some information, I mean personal experience with the nikon d2h. Altough I’ve read good comments about the d2x, I know little about the performance of the d2h. Is it good, fast, the quality of files, etc? Thank you. Claudio

by claudio gonzalez at 2005-07-04 14:43:45 UTC (ed. Mar 12 2008 ) buenos aires , Argentina | Bookmark | | Report spam→

Hey Claudio,

I’ve shot with a D2h a fair amount and everything about the camera is really nice except (and this is a biggie) except for the files. Even if you shoot in RAW (nef) there is a considerable amount of noise in the shadows. It even shows up at ISO200. And at high ISOs things can get really ugly. If you dial everything in (white balance/exposure) just right, it’s not too bad, but at this stage in the game there shouldn’t be an issue with image quality from a pro-level camera. If you look at the quality you get for the same price from Canon, it’ll make you cringe.

by | 04 Jul 2005 15:07 | Salina, Kan., United States | | Report spam→
Thanks Rodrick, that’s what i’ve heard about the files, but not before for a D2H user directly, only rumours…Since 2003 I use a Nikon D100, it’s ok with the files, yet I find it not so fast/tough enough, you know…Since I’ve been always a Nikon user, all my gear is Nikon, so making a switch to Canon could be very difficult (=expensive). I was thinking about making one “step ahead” with the D2H, but I’m not so sure if the purchase is worth…I guess the D2X is quite better…the problem is the price. Here in Argentina we are talking about 40% more than NY..so price really matters !!!!
When you talk about Canon, you mean the 20D ?

by claudio gonzalez | 04 Jul 2005 17:07 | buenos aires, Argentina | | Report spam→
As far as price comparison goes, I was talkling about the Canon 1D MarkII. I’ve seen the MarkII priced about $3,400 here and the D2h (now the D2hs) is priced about the same. The 20D is a wonderful camera from everything I’ve seen from it. We have an intern at the paper right now who shoots with one and the files look quite lovely. My only gripe about the 20D is lack of a spot meter and the rather severe 1.6x crop (I want my wide-angle to be a WIDE angle). And I know what you mean about the huge jump in price when choosing Nikon gear. I too am looking to purchase a camera, but there’s a huge gap between the D70 and the D2x. And switching would certainly be even more expensive.

by | 06 Jul 2005 13:07 | Salina, Kan., United States | | Report spam→
Hi Rodrick for your answer. I guess I’m having what the germans call “Die Qual der Wahl”, the torture of choice…If here the price were so fair as in the States it would’t be a great trouble, but as I tould you, the price here is 40% higher, and, even worse, since the last currency devaluation of argentinean peso you need 3 pesos to buy an US dollar: making it clear: here the D2H (the older one, not the ‘s) costs about 10000, and the new D2X about almost 22000 pesos! Imagine you should pay more than 20K dollars for a camera…does it sounds a little bit crazy to you?…well, you should know more about Argentina…I guess that’s why the tango is so sad…But you know, if I were a pianist I would like to have the best piano, since we are photographers we want to have the best camera, the only problem is that sometimes the relation between cost of the gear and earnings doesn’t fit that right, and I wouldn’t like to finishing selling my own right kidney to pay the debts…But,,the D2X seems to be realy good…I guess I’m gonna talk with my wife, if she’s agree, instead of paying the rent to live under a bridge and my family to resign to eat for one year…then I could pay the rates for the big Nikon..after all, one year goes by very fast…
How I miss the old good times, when you bought by example a Nikon F4 and you knew you had a good camera for at least 10 years!..Nowadays, with these eternals “updates” you got to change you gear almost each year…Anyway, thanks again for your advise.Claudio
PS: I’ve heard you can survive with only one kidney, ain’t it right?

by claudio gonzalez | 07 Jul 2005 06:07 | buenos aires, Argentina | | Report spam→
I purchsed a D2Hs not quite three months ago and have been pretty disappointed. My biggest complaint was when it broke in less than a month. They took a week just to figure out what was wrong with it! By the time I got it back in my hands I had been without a digital camera for two weeks (thanks god for friends who let me borrow gear during that time).
Overall the noise is just as bad (if not worse in some cases) as my D1H was. The shadows on most things shot above ISO 400 have noticable noise. I don’t feel that the color saturation or white balance are very consistent either. Looking at a Mark II file next to a D2Hs file shot at the same time  will definitely make you cringe as Rodrick pointed out.
My final complaint, it broke again this weekend while on assignment (this time the focus pad on the back).  Adding insult to injury…the folks at Nikon repair acted like they could care less.
I enjoyed my D1H much more than I do my D2Hs, just a little more for you to chew on while you try to decide what to do.

by Mike Brown | 11 Jul 2005 16:07 | Memphis - USA, United States | | Report spam→
Thanks Mike for your coments. Till today I didn’t find not one photographer who told me anything good about the D2H nor the D2Hs, I can’t believe it, that Nikon has made something that bad. I guess I will definetly not buy it. I’m thinking now of the D2X, but I must confess I’m a little bit scared…I wouldn’t like to spend everything I have just to get dissapointed…I guess I gonna try to keep on working with the D100 and get some first-hand information about the D2X…or even think about a switch…Oh, almost 20 years using Nikon gear! I’ve never thought one I day I could be thinking about switching to Canon…You know, here in Argentina most Papers, agencies, Magazines, Editorials etc. have always used Nikon, That’s why I guess Nikon is much more spread than Canon (on the contrary of abroad), Canon users were kind of outsiders, but the tide is changing since digital gear became a must. Well, thanks again for your advise, I feel almost as disappointed as you do. Claudio

by claudio gonzalez | 12 Jul 2005 10:07 | buenos aires, Argentina | | Report spam→

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