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Nikon Primes

Hi everyone.
Has anyone heard rumors yet? I need a 28mm equivalent for a D300, so a 18mm would be perfect and a 20mm would be fine. But I can’t find any good reviews for the discontinued 18mm2.8D, and the 20mm2.8D is not such a good lens anymore (compared to film). Lots of CAs and not so sharp. And I think that $600 (canadian) is a lot of money for such a lens! So PLEASE somebody tell me primes are coming!!! So tired of waiting…

by Yannis Dessureault at 2008-07-13 13:59:03 UTC (ed. Jul 17 2008 ) Quebec , Canada | Bookmark | | Report spam→

That 18mm was always a bit of a daggy lens. Maybe a replacement for that or the old 20mm prime is on the cards, but I wouldn’t hold your breath. Nikon probably expects most people to abandon the DX format eventually and switch to the D700 or D3 full framers. So my lovely sharp 28mm will be a -lovely sharp 28mm again !! It’s probably a different story for the DX format with long lenses though-it’s still really useful to have the extra oomph with those.

by JR, (John Watts-Robertson). | 13 Jul 2008 21:07 | somewhere, United Kingdom | | Report spam→
Hey John, I looked in the dictionnary, but can’t find the word «daggy»! (I speak french..). As you say, one cannot sit forever on his ass waiting for Nikon to come up with new primes… I need to shoot now, so I will probably have to buy the 20mm.

But it is a little frustrating for me, because I bought a D300 six months ago because I couldn’t wait any longer – now I’m thinking that I should have waited for the D700 (even though nobody knew at the time.). I guess I’m in the same situation now! And just out of curiosity, which 28mm do you own? I heard the 2.8AFD isn’t such a good lens for digi cameras.

by Yannis Dessureault | 14 Jul 2008 00:07 | Quebec, Canada | | Report spam→
Hi Yannis,

I guess I’ve spent too much time talking to my Aussie relatives !! Daggy=http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Daggy
Or second rate in other words !

My 28 is the 2.8 AFD and it is razor sharp-maybe I just got lucky and Nikon made a good one by accident.

I know what you mean about buying a 300 then Nikon bringing out the 700. Bit annoying.

by JR, (John Watts-Robertson). | 14 Jul 2008 06:07 | somewhere, United Kingdom | | Report spam→
Thanks for the definition of the word…
How are the CAs on your lens? Does anyone else know anything about Nikon Primes?? Any rumors of them releasing new primes at the Photokina?

by Yannis Dessureault | 15 Jul 2008 17:07 | Quebec, Canada | | Report spam→
I used to use the 20/2.8 AF lens with my D1 cameras back when my paper shot Nikon. It was a wonderful lens, very sharp and this is equally true with film (using the full 35mm frame). It makes a great 30mm lens on the DX sensor cameras. It’s also quite small if this is an issue for you.

I would be surprised if Nikon didn’t come up with some new, fast primes at photokina to go with their new full-frame cameras, but this is not based on any specific knowledge.

by Noah Addis | 15 Jul 2008 18:07 | Philadelphia, United States | | Report spam→
Hi Yannis,

No problem with fringing on my 28mm. I’m an expert on CA after using the old G5 Canon-now that used to produce some lovely CA effects!

by JR, (John Watts-Robertson). | 15 Jul 2008 22:07 | somewhere, United Kingdom | | Report spam→
the older manual focus primes will start increasing in value now that the D3 and D700 allow Nikon to finally go full-frame. the following lenses are all excellent, and will meter in M or A mode on the FF cameras:

24mm f/2.0
28mm f/2.0
35mm f.1.4

Put a split-image focusing screen into camera (if Nikon won’t make them, third party companies will; i had them installed in my D200 and Canon 5d), and you’ll be ready to go.

if you must have autofocus, and have a fortune to spend along with the new D700 that you’ll be buying, go for the 28mm f/1.4 D. This was a great lens that they discontinued, and will hopefully re-introduce. No idea why they don’t have a f/2.0 version, or f/2.0 for the 24 or f/1.4 for the 35. The 35mm f/2.0 AF lens is plastic crap. So are the 24mm f/2.8 and the 28mm f/2.8, though all of them are sharp enough optically, better than their Canon equivalents.

i have both the 18mm f/2.8 AF D and the 20mm f/2.8 AF D as well for the 1.5x crop. They seemed perfectly adequate although not fast enough (really you should have f/2.0 on any lens) and the whole crop factor situation seems finally to be a thing of the past.

Best advice on the D300: sell it as fast as you can while you can still get a bit of money for it. it will be close to worthless very, very soon.

by [former member] | 16 Jul 2008 07:07 | Beijing, China | | Report spam→
D700 is the answer. For many expensive, but it will be back to real photography.

by kjkjlljkkljk | 16 Jul 2008 08:07 | Wroclaw, Poland | | Report spam→
Yes the D700 would be perfect, but I can’t afford it right now even if I sell my D300. So I’m thinking I will keep the D300, which will become a second body when I have the money to buy a FF. That’s why I need a 20 or a 18mm right now! But unable to find a good review of the 18mm, I just ordered a 20… Alan, how’s your 18mm? Can you send me a few unsharpened pics via e-mail? That would be great! Thanks to all!

by Yannis Dessureault | 16 Jul 2008 13:07 | Quebec, Canada | | Report spam→
What about the new Carl Zeiss ZF 18/3.5? It’s manual focus, I’m tempted to get one myself.

by Ando Perez | 17 Jul 2008 05:07 | St.Ives, Cornwall, United Kingdom | | Report spam→
If you’ve got $1000 I’d think about putting down for a used 17-35mm 2.8. I like its range on a DX and though I haven’t compared mine directly I read somewhere it’s actually sharper than the prime at 20mm, so unless you have a particular thing for primes or light weight, could be the way to go

by Noah Arjomand | 17 Jul 2008 05:07 | Tehran, Iran | | Report spam→
Noah Addis. :I think the 20mm used to be good on the D1 because it had a limited amount of pixels. My girlfriend owns one for her D200, and only uses it at 2.8 because it has less CAs wide open (it’s also her shooting style. Even though she would be happier with a 1.4…). I have tried it on my D300, and at f8-11 it has a considerable amount os CAs. It is also less sharp in the corners. I think it has to do with the 12 mp smaller pixels. Light hits them at an angle, hence the CAs… You can correct them in PS, but for the price I consider I shouldn’t have to do that!

Noah Arjomand: I thought about that, but it is really big, as you mentionned, and I need the distance scale, because I often shoot in hyperfocal. It is also a lot of money.

Blue: so will be the Zeiss 18mm I would think($$$). And it looks really big too. But it should really be good optically: I saw some good reviews on Photozone of the other F mount Zeiss.

Thanks to all of you guys! But I’ve made my choice! I could not wait any longer; I am doing a project right now and needed a prime in that range. 18 was my prefered choice, but the 20 will do fine.

by Yannis Dessureault | 17 Jul 2008 16:07 | Quebec, Canada | | Report spam→

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