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Northern Iraq Flights

Hey chaps, have any of you heard about flights direct from Frankfurt to Howalir (nr Dohuk) that operate once a month? Am looking for the name of the airline that does that run, or to find out if the flights even exist at all. I don’t think so, but perhaps there are other options to fly direct to Iraqi Kurdistan, avoiding Baghdad.  Any help would be much appreciated!

by [a former member] at 2005-11-21 08:27:46 UTC (ed. Mar 12 2008 ) Wales , United Kingdom | Bookmark | | Report spam→

Looks like this might be what you’re looking for – http://www.theotheriraq.com/press_KDC_230905.html



by [former member] | 21 Nov 2005 12:11 | Wraysbury, United Kingdom | | Report spam→
Thanks for that Lee, just found flights from Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Stockholm weekly to Erbil. Prices are around £550 return with Sawan airways. No in uk is 07888832714 incase you or anyone else is interested. Anastasia

by [former member] | 08 Dec 2005 10:12 | wales, United Kingdom | | Report spam→
Thanks for the update, Anastasia.

Much appreciated.


by [former member] | 08 Dec 2005 17:12 | Wraysbury, United Kingdom | | Report spam→
Hi all,
New member here, Adrian. Desperately looking for Erbil to Baghdad flights, found them on Iraqi Airways, but no way to book online and presently in Beijing can’t call any Iraqi numbers. Any info whatsoever on how I can book a flight from Erbil to Baghdad the 13th???
I’m travelling overland from Turkey to Kurdistan the 11th and then need to get to Baghdad the 13th. Any online reservations would be best. Many thanks, it’s URGENT.


by Adrian Baschuk | 09 Dec 2005 00:12 | | Report spam→
my friend travelled overland from Turkey into kurdistan last year,  got picked up by iraqi police and spent 20 days locked up in erbil prison without charge or consular access before the  red cross happened to visit and told the US embassy who promptly sent in a crew of soldiers to barter his release – he got a free flight to baghdad with the military and then a free flight to Kuwait so he could go home!!!

by Adam Dean | 29 Jan 2006 06:01 | Seoul, Korea (South) | | Report spam→
I think Turkish airlines just started to flights from Istanbul.
not sure Erbil or Hewler
good luck guys

by [former member] | 29 Jan 2006 20:01 | Toronto, Canada | | Report spam→
I checked the Turkish airlines site and it doesn’t have any of the Iraqi cities listed although I think that’s due to the fact that say Hewler/Erbil may not have an airport code yet for example nor would Suleimaniyah. You’d probably have to buy those tickets in Istanbul yourself. It may be an actual Iraqi airways plane that would take you to Erbil.

What I’d like to find out is what’s the situation with crossing from Turkey overland at Habur crossing and specifically the Visa situation? Has anyone done this recently? Does one even need a visa to cross into Kurdistan? I’m under the impression the Kurds have their own immigration and customs regime in place. Once in Kurdistan, you could (theoretically) travel onward to hot and heavy central Iraq itself.

by Derek Henry Flood | 29 Jan 2006 23:01 | Los Angeles, United States | | Report spam→

I made that crossing in June. Information on the crossing can be seen here – http://www.polosbastards.com/artman/publish/Turkey_Iraq_crossing.shtml
and here – http://www.polosbastards.com/artman/publish/article_112.shtml 
An article telling of the journey from Van to Dahuk can be read here – http://www.polosbastards.com/artman/publish/north_iraq.shtml

Hope it’s useful.



by [former member] | 30 Jan 2006 01:01 | Wraysbury, United Kingdom | | Report spam→
i also made that journey in September, it’ fairly hassle free and you get a visa on arrival. However, all that travelling is a pain in the arse, which is why i want to fly. I have phoned every airport these flights are rumoured to fly from, the foreign office and every travel agent in the UK, and no bloody luck! Sawan airways, who i mentioned earlier, say they fly from 3 airports, although the airports say they no one flys to Iraq!!!, they only have a mobile number and only accept cash payment in return for only a booking number.!!!!!!!! Sounds a bit dodgy to me, but if anyone has successfully flown with them, please let me know and i’ll go for it.
Best, Anastasia

by [former member] | 30 Jan 2006 04:01 | wales, United Kingdom | | Report spam→
Lee, thanks for the PB posts haven’t looked at the site in awhile. Anastasia, you’d likely be able to get info in flights in the region like Istanbul or Ankara. I was warned recently by someone based in Baghdad, that as relatively tight as the security in the north is, the insurgent networks have spies as far north as Erbil & Suleimaniyah. He said they may not pose a threat to a westerner up there, but if they get word you’re intending to move south, they can alert people who would pose a genuine threat. I’m assuming he meant moving toward Mosul.

by Derek Henry Flood | 30 Jan 2006 14:01 | Los Angeles, United States | | Report spam→
What are we looking at as costs and "need to have" as a cash reserve?

by Florian Pilsl | 10 Feb 2006 10:02 | Sacramento, United States | | Report spam→

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