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NY Times Acted Recklessly and Caused the Death of Anthony Shadid

The death of Anthony Shadid is very sad. My condolences to his family. What is most tragic is his death most likely could have been avoided.

Was Anthony Shadid given a physical before he went to Syria? No

Did he receive proper medical treatment after he was held hostage in Libya? No

Anthony Shadid was 43 not 23. If a 43 year old is not in top physical condition they shouldn’t go off into the mountains of Syria to cover a war. Why do you think the military uses 18 year olds? their bodies can withstand much more. Shadid looked pudgy. Did the Times provide him with a physical trainer to make sure he was in top physical condition? NO. If they had, he’d probably still be alive.

If you are covering a war one wrong move can kill you. One wrong decision can kill you. After years of covering conflicts, correspondents experience a huge amount of trauma. This level of trauma often impairs decision making. As they get older correspondents often get sloppy and make mistakes. Shadid made some bad decisions that cost him his life. There were signs of problems before he went to Syria. The four Times correspondents in the same car in Libya is an indication of poor planning, poor decision making and not enough resources being devoted to to a story to keep people safe. Did the New York Times guard against this? No way.

This is wrongful death. The corporation, The New York Times, acted negligently. They did not do all they could do to ensure the safety of their correspondent in the field. As a result, they killed one of their best people. It’s poor leadership.

News Organizations have been cutting corners for years. Is it worth it? no Does it save any money in the end? No

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