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Pakistan - Karachi - Journalist VISA Extension INFO


I am to travel to Karachi on assignment but I was given only a 15 days journalist visa telling me I can always extend it at the Passports and Immigration Office a few days before the original one expires and with an extra letter from the magazine. They said to go there 4-5 days before the first one expires.

Is this true? Does anybody have any knowledge of extending VISAS in Karachi or at that Karachi’s office? Anybody got an address/Phone number for this?

Thank you very much for your help,

Best wishes,

Alex Masi


by [a former member] at 2010-04-22 13:25:43 UTC | Bookmark | | Report spam→

As far as I know you cant get it extended in Karachi – you have to go to Islamabad, visit the offices of EP (External Publicity) Wing in Zero Point and in the unlikely event they say yes, then go to the Passport Office in G10 Sector to get an extension stamp. Not to sound too negative but the chances of you getting an extension here at the moment are slim to none – there’s a real issue with foreign journalist/press visas here at the moment.

It used be handled by EP Wing but they had their wings clipped – now everything goes through the Interior Ministry who seem to hate foreign journalists and deny everything in retaliation for all the negative press. New policies mean if you decide to overstay, you will be turned away at the border and refused exit until you obtain an Exit Visa from EP Wing/Interior Ministry – who will make a point of delaying and inconveniencing you as long as possible – it took me a month and $250 in overstay fees just be able to get my last exit visa – and yes I was turned away at the airport and not allowed to pass customs or board my flight until I’d got the exit visa!

For all but a few publications, its not happy times here for foreign journos and visas.

Call Kanwal Iftikhar at Ministry of Information in ISB 0519252314 (please please DONT mention my name) she should be able to confirm the procedure or offer some direction.

by Jason Tanner | 22 Apr 2010 19:04 | Islamabad, Pakistan | | Report spam→
Thank you Jason. I will keep this in mind and try to find out as soon as I touch ground.

by [former member] | 22 Apr 2010 22:04 | London, United Kingdom | | Report spam→
The visa office in Karachi is in a neighborhood called Saddar. I have had to make a few trips lately and its manic. But the policy hypothetically is indeed that you get a letter from your publication and your visa will be extended.

by Azfar Rizvi | 23 Apr 2010 03:04 | Karachi, Pakistan | | Report spam→
Thank you Azfar. You can confirm this is done in Karachi right? Can you send me some sort of telephone number and proper address at all? This would be fantastic, otherwise I will find it in other ways. I need to make a friend call there in the visa office in karachi and check before my arrival so this would be awesome if you could do it. :))

Thank you very much, hope we can meet while in the city,


by [former member] | 23 Apr 2010 09:04 | London, United Kingdom | | Report spam→

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