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Palestinians in Gaza

For those interested, I have just uploaded the second part of my Gaza story on:


I returned to document the first days of the Palestinian control of Gaza in the wake of the Israeli disengagment; I went back to some of the very places I went to 3 weeks ago during the Israeli settlers evacuation. Fascinating experience! (it is somewhat a large edit…sorry)
Comments welcome…

by [a former member] at 2005-09-18 12:49:13 UTC (ed. Mar 12 2008 ) | Bookmark | | Report spam→

Bruno, I just looked through your new pictures. Very good ones again. I like how you use the square format for this series and the big contrasts in your black and white photographs. I also looked through all of your "Gaza, Israelis, the last days" series again and I am not sure why but comparing those two sets I think I like the first one better.
And nothing to excuse for the large edit. I enjoyed looking through all photographs and as I understand it Digital Railroad is meant to be for selling pictures. So you give the editors a choice… :-)
I am looking forward to see new photographs of you.

by [former member] | 18 Sep 2005 16:09 | New York City, United States | | Report spam→
Nice pics. What happened to the village of Mouassi? Are they fishing again? How are they getting on with all these Khan Younis militants about? Can they find work now that the settlement is gone?

by John Perkins | 19 Sep 2005 03:09 | London, United Kingdom | | Report spam→
Yes, they are starting to fish again, and yes everything seems to OK for them, the thousands of people from Khan Younes now going to the beach mean very good business selling drinks and cigarettes…and they still cultivate their land and most of the green houses there are intact…they seem REALLY happy in fact…

by [former member] | 19 Sep 2005 05:09 | | Report spam→

did you see any Israeli navy boats off shore ?

before the pull out there were always navy boats patroling the area.

Did the Muwassi people started to use the big boats that stood on the beach for 5 years ? or they just use the small ones ?

When was it easier for you to work there ? now or two weeks ago ?

by Eyal Dor Ofer | 19 Sep 2005 12:09 | Israel, Israel | | Report spam→
Hi Eyal,
-no, I didn’t see any Israeli navy ships…
-so far, I only saw them using the small ones, but they probably need some time to fix them
-just different … different way of interacting with the people, documenting different emotions…but very interesting…I might be putting a photoessay together with both halves of the story…and I might be going back to Israel a third time to meet some the evacuated settlers…did you stay in touch with any of them?

by [former member] | 19 Sep 2005 12:09 | | Report spam→
Hi Bruno,

I stayed in touch mainly with one family  http://www1.digitalrailroad.net/yaldor/Frameset.aspx?bwid=878&cdsid=8b2584d9-9180-41e6-8704-ce1885f8dd64&rcp=87  
or http://www.pbase.com/yalop/pullout I have phone of many more but they scattered in many places.

Intersting that the Navy is out. This is indeed what the army people told me is the plan but the goverment declared that "Israel will maintian meritime control" – seams like just empty promises for the right wing voters…

It seemed to me from your photos that in your second trip you were more distant, less close-ups like in your first set which I liked so much.

If you have anyinsight on the future for Gaza I would like to hear it. You can e-mail me at yaldor at softhome.net - somehow I think in 6 months Abu Salach and the Muwasii people are not going to be so happy. Hope I am wrong.

by Eyal Dor Ofer | 19 Sep 2005 12:09 | Israel, Israel | | Report spam→
Yes, I agree the second set of pictures are more ‘distant’ than the first ones…but it is mainly due to the specific cicumstances of the event…just the first 2 1/2 days…and thousands teenagers from Khan Younes didn’t make things easy…my next trip will be in Africa…I might be going back to the region after that…I’ll let you know, and by then it will be easier to understand what the future will hold.

by [former member] | 19 Sep 2005 13:09 | | Report spam→
I can’t imagine what it must have been like to be back there under such different circumstances. I hope to go back at some point as well.  I really enjoyed your work on the pullout.
All the Best

by [former member] | 26 Sep 2005 12:09 | Montreal, Canada | | Report spam→

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