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Payment for Fixers

Can someone give me very general advice on payment for/to fixers? I understand this varies hugely as to: where; danger; duration; goals of shoot; specialized knowledge; etc etc. Examples - shooting for 2 weeks for an NGO in remote rural China (I don’t speak Mandarin) or shooting for myself in rural Cuba (I have primitive spanish.) Or-2-4 weeks in Lebanon?
How much? Terms? Ensuring reliability?
Feel free to post reply or e mail me directly. Thanks for your advice. John

by John Rudoff at 2012-09-30 01:38:25 UTC | Bookmark | | Report spam→

id say depends on local economy. but general rule is, pay your fixer well, protect them, and if they turn out to be not very good, fire them. if they are great, pay them well. some fixers are worth their weight in gold, others not so much. but a dollar amount really varies from one economy to another. generally speaking, excluding countries that are extremely cheap to live in, your gonna look at any where from $100 to $350 a day depending on the fixers experience and contacts, and how dangerous. although for two weeks straight,I would negotiate and round down a bit.

by Eros Hoagland | 30 Sep 2012 17:09 | Tijuana, Mexico | | Report spam→
Or make like VICE and tell them you’ll give them a credit if they work for free.
(Yes, I am KIDDING)

by BignoseTW | 02 Oct 2012 12:10 | Taipei, Taiwan | | Report spam→
Very cute! Thanks for the much-needed giggle. Words that should be outlawed: “We can’t pay you, but we’ll give you photo credit.”

by John Rudoff | 02 Oct 2012 16:10 | Portland Oregon, United States | | Report spam→
I appreciate your comment Sir…..

by Dinesh Dubey | 04 Oct 2012 07:10 | MUMBAI, India | | Report spam→
John, why not ask the fixer what he/she wants to get paid? Do ask for a discount if you hire somebody for longer then let’s say 3-4 days. my wife is a fixer in Nepal and she is happy to do this for jobs that pay well from the start.

But do’t ask a fixer for a discount when you’re not paying for it yourself, obviously. Share the wealth ;-)

by Tom Van Cakenberghe | 04 Oct 2012 18:10 (ed. Oct 4 2012) | Kathmandu, Nepal | | Report spam→

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