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Photo labs in Bangkok

Hi, just got into bangkok. can anyone advise on a good place to get prints made from digital files? 8×10 /inches/20×30cm approx.

by teru kuwayama at 2005-01-20 22:20:42 UTC (ed. Mar 12 2008 ) | Bookmark | | Report spam→

Hi, Teru,

Saw a couple references on the web to/recommendations for IQ Lab. They are in Silom and Ekamai.


Anyone used them personally?

by Wayne E. Yang | 21 Jan 2005 07:01 (ed. Jan 21 2005) | | Report spam→

Yes, IQ Lab down on Silom is probably the best bet. I use them for processing and some printing. They’re the biggest pro lab in the city. The Ekamai location is much more limited and tends to send a lot of work to the Silom location.

There’s also a place on the south side of Ratcha Nakarin Road toward the Chong Nonsi BTS station – walking east from Silom – that does very nice prints as well. I’ve seen their work but have never had any prints done myself. Sorry, I don’t remember the name…but it’s tough to miss. They have big prints in their window.

Good luck.

by [former member] | 21 Jan 2005 08:01 | | Report spam→
thanks, gents. much appreciated.

by teru kuwayama | 21 Jan 2005 14:01 | | Report spam→
Another vote for IQ from Light Stalker Dan Lovering:

“I’d recommend IQ Lab http://www.iqlab.co.th/news.asp.”

by [unverified member] | 24 Jan 2005 13:01 (ed. Jan 24 2005) | Brooklyn, United States | | Report spam→
Just picked up my prints from IQ lab. really good printing, and by new york standards, incredibly low prices.
I had 8×10 lambda prints made for about $4.50 each. 11×14 inch prints are $10. 20×30inch prints are about $30, 50×100inch are about $250.
8×10 C-prints are less than $2 each.
regular 4×6 inch machine prints from neg or digital files are about 12 cents each.
C41 develop and contact are less than $3 a roll.

if anyone is having an exhibition, it’s probably worth buying a plane ticket out here, and sitting on the beach for a few days while it gets printed.

this city has got it going on.

ps. if anyone knows a lab here that develops BW film in D76, give a shout. IQ does BW processing, but they use HC110, my least favorite developer.

by teru kuwayama | 26 Jan 2005 06:01 | bangkok, Thailand | | Report spam→
Could be they choose HC-110 because of water quality/consitency issues. D-76 won’t work well with water that has fluctuating PH or high mineral content. These things ruin it’s already shaky stability. HC-110(liquid plumber) on the other hand kills water. You could dilute it with pee and it would look the same. Be careful and run extensive tests. Like one roll on Tuesday and another on Friday and see if they look the same. D-76 has a nasty tendency to get “hotter” as it sits in the bottle.
May the force be with you.

by [former member] | 30 Jan 2005 23:01 | Brooklyn, United States | | Report spam→
For film processing in bangkok, many photographers here seem to use Supervision, off Silom road. I just had C41 done there. D/C in less than 24 hours (IQ is two days) about $4 US a roll. B&W was closer to $6.

by teru kuwayama | 06 Feb 2005 13:02 | bangkok, Thailand | | Report spam→

The best person doing b/w in Bangkok is a guy named Surat Suvanich (mobile is +66 70598385) who runs a small lab for precise hand-processing and custom printing. I can’t remember the exact address but he’s out off Sukhumvit Soi Ekamai. Good luck.

by [former member] | 06 Feb 2005 18:02 | New York City, United States | | Report spam→
perfect, thanks scott

by teru kuwayama | 06 Feb 2005 21:02 | bangkok, Thailand | | Report spam→
Teru, Khun Manna at AV Camera on Silom Road just south of Patpong is probably the best man who owns a camera store anywhere in the world that I have come across. Next time you are in Bangkok and have any problems go and see him. GK

by [former member] | 29 Mar 2005 12:03 | Provence, France | | Report spam→
thanks Gary — I’ll check him out the next time I pass through. there was also a good camera/repair shop in the basement of the Silom Galleria building as well. Small, but with an interesting set of cameras that they rented as well as sold. There was a Fed-Ex office on the same floor.

by teru kuwayama | 29 Mar 2005 20:03 | Brooklyn/East Side, United States | | Report spam→
Surat Suvanich b+w printing is on 267/13 Sukhumvit 63 (Ekamai) 3rd flr. surat_su@hotmail.com. Call before hand and bring beer! He’s a great guy, great printer.

by Christopher Wise | 29 Mar 2005 22:03 | Bangkok, Thailand | | Report spam→

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