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Photo workshop 2009/2010 in Vietnam and Cambodia

Foto Asia is a cultural organization that promotes exchanges between European and Asian photographers. The purpose of Foto Asia is to promote and present in Europe exhibitions of young Asian photographers – who also run photo workshops throughout South-East Asia with the supervision of Nicolas Pascarel.

Photography workshop in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
10 days and 10 nights

Participants in these workshops, limited to 7 people per tour, are free to choose between either black and white or color photos with digital or film camera. They spend 10 days and 10 nights, with safe accommodation facilities, in a total immersion in Ho Chi Minh City’s swirling life (Saigon) as well as in the charming towns of Hoi An or Hué.
Photo Journalism is the main theme of the workshop – participants will focus on developing a storyline using the pictures taken throughout the trip.
The theme of each participant’s narrative will be individually chosen at the beginning of the workshop. The members of the group use to work together to select the final 20 pictures that are the most representative of each photographer’s work. Pictures are to be taken during field excursions as Cartier Bresson use to do it himself. Each day is organized with visits in the field, at daylight or moonlight, at dusk or dawn, according to the needs and inspiration of the group. Most of the trips will take place in Ho Chi Minh City, with 4 days out of it. The peculiar colonial city of Hoi An is for instance a town of both Chinese and French influences. We aim to build-up a close-knit group with a common vibe shared between the instructor and all of the participants. This is for the sake of the work which will be done together and for the sake of friendship. It is very important that the participants of the workshop live in the same place in order to maintain a united group and promote sharing of ideas – the aim is to explore the different backgrounds and photographic styles of the participants with a common goal and passion.

Nicolas Pascarel was born in Paris in 1966 and worked as a photo reporter for over twenty years. Since the early 90’s, he has been spending most of his time in Naples and Havana, but has now decided to come back to his first passion – South East Asia – with the intention to live in the region for the next coming years. Nicolas managed numerous workshops in 2000 and 2002 for the Royal Academy of the Fine Arts School of Phnom Penh; in 2002, 2003, 2006, 2007 and 2008 in the city of Chiang Rai in Northern Thailand and also Bangkok; as well as in the city of Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam in 2005 and 2006. He often collaborates with a Cambodian NGO taking care of street children in Phnom Penh. His work was exhibited in galleries across France, Italy, Germany, Holland, Spain, Cuba, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore and China. He also created a documentary about Cambodia called “Durant la Pluie” (During the rain) in 2004.
Next date 2009:
2-11 July
5 days in Ho Chi Minh City and 5 days along the way Hoi An to Hué
Vietnam Happy New Year 2010: The Year of the Tiger
8-14 February
6 days in Ho Chi Minh City and 4 days in Hoi An
Program Workshop:
Cost: 1200 euro This price includes the photo workshop, the accommodation during the entire duration of the trip (breakfast, ADSL connection included), and the Mobiphone Sim card. Nicolas is present and available all the time during the workshop, 24/24 hours and is assisted by Tinnakorn Nugul, a Thai photographer (just for workshop in Thailand). At the end of each day, a selection of the photographs is done and viewed for comments.
Nicolas speaks the following languages: French, Italian, English and Spanish.
Participants will be staying in double rooms in a three-star hotel located in the old part of the city – the heart of Saigon – in the midst of French colonial architecture, the Notre Dame Cathedral, and the Palace of Reunification. The district is very calm and surrounded by gardens – it was used as the setting for The Lover; a movie written by Marguerite Duras. An ideal place to rest after a long day of exploring and photographing.
Each photographer will have a Vietnamese telephone card that can be used in any mobile phone – this ensures to get hold with everyone in the workshop group (in case someone gets lost). Prior to the arrival in Vietnam, participants must have obtained a tourist Visa for Vietnam.

10 days photo workshop in Cambodia

The workshop in Cambodia will be held as follows:
6 days in Phnom Penh
4 days in Kampot, Kep and Bocor
In Phnom Penh, participants will be accommodated in a nice hotel, quiet and safe place. It is located in the town centre, very close to the Royal Palace, and only 100 meters from the Riverside – one of the most important places of our photographic tour. ..The River is, according to me, that magic time of smoothness and hope in a lifetime which, despite all, goes on going forward. I wanted, through that process, to turn back the clock of memory; to that very time when memories are mixed up into a reality which is closer to us; a reality that then melts up at sunset on the Mekong Riverside, where souls’ revival overruns the hearts of the living…
The trips from Phnom Penh to Kampot are done by mini-bus. Participants will stay in Kep for four days in a simple, but very clean seaside hotel. We will spend 4 days on site between the city of Kampot and Kep. 60 years ago, Kep was the Saint Tropez of Cambodia, today it is a small abandoned town hidden away between the South China sea and endless expanses of rice fields. The road to Bocor is 33 kilometers of dense jungle, of wild landscape and the scenery is really fantastic. Bocor is an old French casino stuck in the middle of the jungle. In the past it was the field of many battles between Cambodian and Vietnam soldiers. Now it is a safe place to explore. There has been no scenes of violence since 1998, but there is still has a kind of very mysterious atmosphere that creates a fascinating feel. The trip to Bocor will be made by 4×4 jeeps; it is a 5 hour round trip to Kampot city.
Next date 2009:
15-24 June
6 days in Phnom Penh and 4 days in the South Cambodia in Kampot, Kep and Bocor

The life in Cambodia is very affordable, with the same costs as Vietnam. Temperatures in Cambodia are the same as in Vietnam: it is hot all year-long. The dry and unbearable months are February, March and April, for this reason no workshop will be done during this period. Monsoon goes from May at October. During this time, landscapes of countryside (rice plantations…) are the most beautiful, and the colors are sublime. A visa is required to enter Cambodia; it is valid for 30 days. It can be bought upon arrival at the airport in Phnom Penh. You will be asked for 4 ID photographs, and 30 US dollars.
The airline companies that serve Cambodia are the same as those that go to Vietnam. They all pass through Bangkok, and many flights have a connection to Phnom Penh each day – Thai Airways, Bangkok Airways, Air Asia, One Two Go all have this option. Malaysia Airlines has a flight with a two hour stop-over in Kuala Lampur each day from Europe landing in Phnom Penh – this option often has discount fares as well.
Cost: 1200 euro, and the conditions of the workshop, in Cambodia are exactly the same as those in Vietnam.

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Fotoasia / Nicolas Pascarel, photographer and teacher Fotoasia / Nicolas Pascarel
photographer and teacher
(photo workshop in asia and cub)
Ho Chi Minh City , Vietnam


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