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photos of the dead

hi all here’s an article link from the la times which finally takes an indepth look at why we’re not seeing what we should from iraq……

Unseen Pictures, Untold Stories
U.S. newspapers and magazines print few photos of American dead and wounded, a Times review finds. The reasons are many — access, logistics, ethics — but the result is an obscured view of the cost of war.


i think that especially as a democracy, we’re obligated to see these pictures and hear these stories especially when we’re getting reports from the powers that be that thigns are going well or they’re about to get better. (when dealing with insurgincies these kind of comments are always the case; it’s startling to come back from northern uganda and hear much of the same rhetoric coming from the bush administration and its backers that the ugandan govt has been saying for 19 years.) had the men and women who got us into this war not shot down anyone with differing thoughs or useful information or histroical insight that they tey didn;t want to hear, had they indeed done their homework and stopped dreaming of roses being rained down on the troops before leading their soldiers into battle and had the publications and news shows done their job and forcefully pressed for more information (here the white house/pentagon press corps is very much to blame), then we’d be better off.

now we’re left with the mess that the repiblicans began, the democrats bent over to endorse while publications tagged along for the ride lookign for red roses to splash across their pages. (i use the word publicatons very consciously. i know editors who are passionate about getting pix and stories out and certainly the people who are there on teh ground reporting what’sgoing on are risking their lives to get this stuff out, i don’t want to slight them in the least by using the generic term press whcih is all too easy to gang up on. the fault does not lie with the people gathering the news, but with those responsible for publishing it.) …so, the work that’s coming from there, we should see it, understand it and start having, finally, a real dialogue about it. it’s painful some people may say. sure is. war is painful and the nation that’s in the thick of it (the rest ofthe world is better informed than americans) should be damed well informed of what its leaders are doing and the consquences of their actions because their actions are directly responsible for men and women coming wrapped in flags (and much of the curent anger directed towards the united states), not the other way around. merely rteporting will not add to that tally, if anything it will keep more alive because better decisions will be made, born out of hard questions that should have been asked long ago.

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