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Photoshelter to Javascript for LS feed?

Hi folks,
You know in our profiles, under “links & feeds” where we add website addresses etc.? Well, for obvious reasons, I’ve disabled the “Javascript image feed” to my DRR archive, which I had set up to show the latest new images. I’d like to do the same thing with my main Photoshelter feed.

Having talked to PS support, the best bet, it seems, is to pull the RSS feed from my main PSS page, i.e.:

I’ve put it through the RSS to Javascript site here:
Show Channel: Yes
Number of items to display: 12
Show Item Descriptions: 1

I then cut and pasted the URL from the SCRIPT tag:

However, that doesn’t seem to work as well as the original DRR feed. – it’s posting large pictures rather than thumbnails (see here: http://www.lightstalkers.org/deadlyphoto and scroll down)

Anyone else having any luck with it? Maybe Lightstalkers and PS can arrange something together?


by Dave Walsh at 2008-11-14 09:19:49 UTC Dublin , Ireland | Bookmark | | Report spam→


The RSS feed images from PS had been smaller, but lately they have become large. All they have to do is to add t for thumbnails.

by Tomoko Yamamoto | 14 Nov 2008 11:11 | Baltimore, MD, United States | | Report spam→
Ok, I’ve heard back from PS on this, and they’re definitely into working with LS to get this sorted… anyone out there from Lightstalkers admin who I can put in touch with my support contacts in Photoshelter?


by Dave Walsh | 24 Nov 2008 13:11 | Dublin, Ireland | | Report spam→
We’ve just added support for this; visit your Links & Feeds page, and you’ll see a new field for your Photoshelter account. Paste in your RSS/Atom feed, as provided by Photoshelter, and the images will start showing up in your profile.

Unlike the DRR feed, this isn’t a Javascript solution. This is good news for you, because you don’t have to futz with SCRIPT tags, and also good news for people on Javascript-challenged mobile browsers.

Photoshelter seems to provide RSS/Atom feeds in a variety of contexts, but as far as we can tell, any of them will work with Lightstalkers’ parser. If you find any examples of feeds that don’t work, let me know and we’ll investigate.

by Shinji Kuwayama | 01 Dec 2008 07:12 | Chicago, United States | | Report spam→
Wow, nice work Shinji, thanks very much for sorting that out!

by Dave Walsh | 01 Dec 2008 09:12 | Dublin, Ireland | | Report spam→

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