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possible to lock files by a certain date?

does anyone know if this exists?  i was thinking it would be very nice to automatically be able lock a file by a specific date the same way appliations have a trial period.  this way if you submit photos to a publication for say a  week they can be viewed for a certain time period and after that if they want to use them they have to get in tocuh with you directly so that you know you have a further request.  for example the good people at the un have ended up distributing some of my photos into many data bases and to track those photos down and account for them is almost impossible because the machinery is so massive there, a date lock would solve that problem, or better yet a lock combined with a kind of popup saying that the file is locked and if someone wants to use the photo then they contact you.

by [a former member] at 2005-11-30 13:32:17 UTC (ed. Mar 12 2008 ) new york , United States | Bookmark | | Report spam→

It ain’t easy to setup. Why don’t you just send low resolution files ? You can also send high res files with watermarking (put your name few times) like http://www1.digitalrailroad.net/Bruno/Frameset.aspx?bwid=181&rcp=71 (click on the download icon link, a bottom arrow, and see the file)

by Fabien Penso | 30 Nov 2005 15:11 | Paris, France | | Report spam→
On the topic of watermarking, check out http://www.digimarc.com It is a Photoshop plug-in.

This is info I found on their website:
Through MyPictureMarc digital watermarking, you can link your images to any web page you specify, just as you were linked to this page.

Best of all, the information you embed in your digital watermarks is dynamic, meaning you can change it any time without having to re-watermark any of your images.

Not only do digital watermarks let you include copyright and link-back information, but also they can be used to track where your images are being used across the Internet with MarcSpider Tracking services. d
-Bjarki Reyr

by Bjarki Reyr | 30 Nov 2005 16:11 | Reykjavík, Iceland | | Report spam→
Hi Jake,
Considering the life of an image…and the change of people and policies at photo desks, this is a very very important discussion.  Imagine all those pics you have sitting int he hard drives of newspapers and magazines?  I would be willing to pay for something like this, and am sure others would too.  In fact…maybe we could have an option that self-destructs the photo into a malicious virus if the client doesnt pay ,or if it sells the pic off to the encyclopedia Brittanica without giving us a cut (as has happened to me before).  Jokes aside I would like to hear more about this.  Watermarking doesnt cut it, it is one more hassle that also seems a bit pointless unless the watermark could somehow appear or be switched on, remotely. (I have this service and as far as I can tell it doesnt do that).  Thanks for the topic

by Jeffrey Barbee | 28 Dec 2005 10:12 | Johannesburg, South Africa | | Report spam→
Jake and Jeff – I totally agree with you. If there was a piece of reliable software that date locked images, informing the Picture Editor; Graphic Designer etc.. that the licence period had expired, I’d buy it.

At the moment, I think the only options are:
1. Digital railroad type set up, where users come to you for the exact image(s); they preview watermarked images and then you licence the exact image they want. Unfortunately, you still have the same problem, but at least it is with a smaller number of images (as opposed to a CD of images you’ve submitted). DR did make a recent announcement about joining services with Picture Scout, but this seems similiar to Digimarc and as far as I can tell only applies to the web (so what about a person who is using your image in hardcopy?)

2. Digimarc – haven’t used it, so can’t really comment.

I’d like to see a technology that tracks where each of your images goes as the image is moved around within an organisation and between parent companies and have this information reported back to you as a feed or to an Internet site. Yeah, yeah, I know – pie in the sky. Given enterprise IT infrastructures this would probably never happen.

Till then, I’d be happy with a date lock software program.

by Thomas Pickard | 28 Dec 2005 23:12 | Male, Maldives | | Report spam→
Is Digimarc generally considered to be the best watermarking plugin for Photoshop?

I’m redoing my website, and was thinking about just making a copyright overlay, but if the Digimarc is a better choice, I’d do that.

Any thoughts?

by [former member] | 02 Jan 2006 10:01 | New York City, United States | | Report spam→
Digimarc’s web spider can find basically every time a picture has been copied or clicked on and downloaded.  You have to pay for this service…and the digimarc survives being printed and then rescanned…but it is not discernible to the naked eye…but its perfect for those Gotcha moments when you can prove cpyright infringment and back it up with a threat to levy a minimum 2500 Dollar surcharge in line with US patent law.  Its a powerful tool.  You can try it out and see for yourself, I havent stayed up to date on the new improvements of it…others might know better.

by Jeffrey Barbee | 10 Jan 2006 02:01 | Johannesburg, South Africa | | Report spam→
Macromedia Captivate (owned by Adobe) has a feature for creating self-contained slide shows or standalone images with an expiry date option. At the moment it’s only available for PC but they’re working on a Mac version. The files are saved as an application instead of jpeg, etc. so they would have to contact you to get the images they want to use. It would be good if Adobe could incorporate this feature into PS.


by Frazer | 10 Jan 2006 13:01 (ed. Jan 10 2006) | Vancouver, Canada | | Report spam→

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