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Pricing archival digital prints?

Ladies and gentleman,
Out of interest I’d love to hear, if you feel like sharing the information, how much people are charging when they sell archival quality digital prints? Say, A3+ size, non-editioned, signed, on acid free, fine art rag paper….?
I appreciate everyone will think differently and it depends on how each photographer rates his own worth etc, but it’d be interesting to get a rough feel for what the going prices are.
I saw one website yesterday where the photographer ( and he was very good) was selling at 175 USD. I felt this was a little on the low side, what do others think?

best wishes from sunny Tokyo,

by Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert at 2007-01-25 02:34:20 UTC (ed. Mar 12 2008 ) Tokyo , Japan | Bookmark | | Report spam→

how much you charge??

by [former member] | 25 Jan 2007 11:01 | Hong Kong, Hong Kong | | Report spam→
i suppose it depends where you are.if i could sell one print a week in belgrade for that money i could live a very acceptable life.in london,however, i wouldnt get out of bed for $175,it would barely cover my expenses.i generally go between 200-300 gbp,except when i was in new york.there i charged $2000,for the simple reason that no-one took you seriously unless you charged a lot.

by Michael Bowring | 25 Jan 2007 12:01 | Belgrade, Serbia | | Report spam→
Michael and Philipp, thanks for the replies.
I’m in Tokyo. I agree Michael that sometimes you charge higher as people then perceive it to be of more worth, whether or not it actually is. And I also agree that between 200-300 GBP sounds a fair price, for a non-editioned work, and is what I’d been thinking. Certainly it is roughly the same as i charged for 9×12inch fibre base prints in the past….

But i thought i’d ask and see if others thought archival digital prints should cost more or less etc. See what people thought.
thanks for the replies,
best wishes to you,

by Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert | 25 Jan 2007 12:01 | Tokyo, Japan | | Report spam→
jeremy,as long as the prints are top quality,i don’t differentiate.after all,they are buying the image,not the medium.

by Michael Bowring | 25 Jan 2007 12:01 | Belgrade, Serbia | | Report spam→

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