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Privacy Statement

Lightstalkers, in order to provide an interactive, useful service, stores certain items of personal information in your user profile. This information is only visible to registered users of the Lightstalkers site, and you can change it at any time. Specifically, you can set the visibility of your e-mail address; if it’s marked "Private", no one will see it, not even registered members of the site. The only exceptions are your "Private Contacts", which you must designate yourself.

Also, Lightstalkers will not sell or exchange your e-mail address with any third parties. It’s not our bag.

Questions or comments can be directed to support@lightstalkers.org.

More about "Private Contacts"
You probably don’t want to make everything in your profile public, but you can share your private info with certain people. When you put a person in "Private Contacts", that person gains the ability to see all of your "private" profile information.

How is this useful? If you have a lot of phone numbers, IM screen names, and so on, it might be hard for your professional contacts (or friends and family) to keep track. You can use Lightstalkers as a central repository for this stuff, and advise them to check your profile for updates.

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Shinji Kuwayama, Software Engineer Shinji Kuwayama
Software Engineer
Chicago , United States ( ORD )


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