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private armies embed in afghanistan

I’m wondering if anyone has ever embedded with any of the private armies in Afghanistan (or Iraq). I have an assignment coming up to do just that and wanted to reach out to folks that might have done it before. If so would also love to see some pics so send links if there are any. Thanks!

by Andrew Stern at 2011-01-18 22:42:36 UTC | Bookmark | | Report spam→

I almost got an embed with the Power Rangers in eastern Khost province, but at the last minute they had to split to save the Kardashian girls from Lex Luther and his gang of murderous hermaphrodites.
You might try Grand Moff Tarkin at the Public Affairs Office for PAMOC.

by [former member] | 20 Jan 2011 02:01 (ed. Jan 20 2011) | Tijuana, Mexico | | Report spam→
Im sorry, thats: Private Armies and Mercenary Outreach Council

by [former member] | 20 Jan 2011 02:01 | Tijuana, Mexico | | Report spam→
The Army of Darkness also has a gig going. Ask for a guy called Ash. He knows the score.

by Mikethehack | 20 Jan 2011 07:01 | Way up my own ass, United Kingdom | | Report spam→
Ok seriously – has anyone ever tried to get soem kind of ridealong, an “embed”, even a JOB with any of the private contractors out there?

by BignoseTW | 20 Jan 2011 08:01 | Taipei, Taiwan | | Report spam→
As far as I know, this is the closest anyone has gotten.


PMC’s are not big fans of publicity, transparency, accountability, etc.

by Bill Thomas | 20 Jan 2011 21:01 | NYC, United States | | Report spam→
Today’s NY Times has a piece on a private intelligence organization, called Eclipse Group, that would be interesting to get inside…if you ever could.


by [former member] | 23 Jan 2011 13:01 | Washington, DC, United States | | Report spam→
“PMC’s are not big fans of publicity, transparency, accountability, etc.”
Noooh – really?

by BignoseTW | 24 Jan 2011 01:01 | Taipei, Taiwan | | Report spam→
So Andrew, care to share some more info about your upcoming assignment, how did you get it, what is your/their expectations, etc.?

by BignoseTW | 24 Jan 2011 03:01 | Taipei, Taiwan | | Report spam→
robert young pelton spent a lot of time with these guys and wrote a book about it. good luck getting to take photos…i think they rely on “if no pics exist it didnt happen.”

by [former member] | 24 Jan 2011 05:01 | Wasatch Range, United States | | Report spam→
Hi all- apologies for the long delay in relying to all this- thanks for the comments. Its an assignment for a magazine with a writer I worked with before during the 2006 war in Lebanon. He has been trying unsuccessfully for the last two years to do this, but it seems he has succeeded finally and we are set to go in April. Originally it was going to be in Iraq but the company switched us to Afghanistan recently (they’re in both places of course). We’ll see if it actually happens- from the magazine’s standpoint it is happening- they are behind it 100%. I just wouldn’t be surprised if we get put off again by the company. Should be interesting. I hear what everyone is saying totally- but they do know a photographer is coming. Hopefully I won’t find out I have my hands tied when there- that would suck. So no one knows anyone who has done this before? I’d also love to talk to someone who is in Afghanistan now, or been recently- I haven’t been before.

by Andrew Stern | 03 Mar 2011 06:03 (ed. Mar 3 2011) | San Francisco, CA, United States | | Report spam→
I did a story with DynCorp in Afghanistan a few years ago. They had no problem cooperating and were very helpful, but that was a story on training ANA and ANP, so pretty positive.

by [former member] | 03 Mar 2011 10:03 (ed. Mar 3 2011) | Singapore, Singapore | | Report spam→
Thanks Guilad- how long did you spend with them and what did your time with them actually look like day to day? Whereabouts were you? Any way I could see some pictures?

by Andrew Stern | 03 Mar 2011 14:03 | New York City, United States | | Report spam→
You can’t see pictures because I was shooting video at the time.
I spent a couple of weeks with them, and they mostly were training ANP when i was there in evasive driving skills, approaching suspects and other police work. I was following them in Qalat and Kandahar and they were mostly former US policemen and SWAT guys.
We stayed both at Qalat PRT (Air Force) base, as well as at the DynCorp compound with the Gurkhas, They were always very friendly and professional and I can only wish I could go back and do a stills story with them, but I hear that all contractors refuse media these days.

by [former member] | 03 Mar 2011 14:03 (ed. Mar 3 2011) | Singapore, Singapore | | Report spam→
Ah- ok video. Is it online anywhere? Yeah like I said its been difficult and this story has been kicked back and forth for some time. But it seems to be moving ahead. Did you wear body armor while working with them? Recommend it?

by Andrew Stern | 03 Mar 2011 14:03 | New York City, United States | | Report spam→
Might be online, don’t know.
Obviously protection, who ever said there are no stupid questions? Why would you think it’s any less dangerous than being embedded with military units? However, The last 2 guys I know that blew up in Afghanistan were both wearing flaks and helmets, they still lost a leg (or 2), but at least they’re alive to tell the story.

by [former member] | 03 Mar 2011 15:03 | Singapore, Singapore | | Report spam→
I don’t think its any less dangerous of course. Just asking.

by Andrew Stern | 03 Mar 2011 15:03 | New York City, United States | | Report spam→
I’ve worked in a few different war zones but never embedded with military or other before- so just wanted to see how it might be different is all.

by Andrew Stern | 03 Mar 2011 15:03 (ed. Mar 3 2011) | New York City, United States | | Report spam→

All Andrew is asking for is info about PMC’s not a lecture on how to look after himself. Needless to say if he does manage to get access than he would be in company with people who do and give him lecture on the do’s and Don’ts.

Seems odd that you have shot something on what is an exclusive and unique story and you don’t even know if it’s online or not.

Andrew best of luck with your task. It would be a great piece if you get access.
PMC used to have immunity over prosecution for their actions but that changed a few years back.

Check this story out: http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2011/jan/23/daniel-fitzsimons-iraq-court?INTCMP=SRCH

And see if you can get a copy of Oliver Poole’s book Red Zone. There is a chapter about his time spent with PMC in Baghdad.

by [former member] | 03 Mar 2011 16:03 | Neuchâtel, Switzerland | | Report spam→
Really? Mark Seager in a personal attack? Wow, how surprising and rare!!! Seems odd to you that I work for broadcast TV and not internet huffingcrap TV? or is it that I don’t keep a list of links to my stories that may appear online? or don’t care if they do? How will i keep on living without your approval???
As usual, your 2 cents are worth just that.

Andrew, This is the reason I stopped coming to LS for a long time. there are too many Mark Seagers on here these days. Just email me if you need more details.

by [former member] | 03 Mar 2011 16:03 | Singapore, Singapore | | Report spam→
Guilad I don’t how you conclude that as a personal attack. It’s just an observation. Most TV content is now available online. If I shot something for one type of media I would check to see if the license aggreement included online as well because if not that is an extra usage and can be billed for. My 2 cents might actually be worth considerably more.



by [former member] | 03 Mar 2011 16:03 | Neuchâtel, Switzerland | | Report spam→
Ahh yeah. Wasn’t trying to spark a spat guys. Just reaching out for some info and to see if anyone has prior experience with this specific thing. Mark thanks for the link and luck wishing and Guilad I appreciate very much your input- I will email you. Would love to hear anyone else’s experience/advice as well.

by Andrew Stern | 03 Mar 2011 17:03 | New York City, United States | | Report spam→

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