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PRX STEM Story Project

PRX is excited to announce a new competition for audio production funding.

We call this the STEM Story Project, focusing on science, technology, engineering and math.

The Sloan Foundation is making this possible. We have a pool of $40,000 to distribute among multiple projects.

PRX has a lot of experience in conducting these sorts of open calls. Our goals with the STEM Story Project are to:

unleash highly creative, scientifically-accurate original productions
educate and excite listeners
tell stories and explain STEM issues in new ways
We want these productions to be heard and shared widely. So, proposals need to appeal both to stations and directly to listeners. You’ll find a lot more details about the PRX STEM Story Project here: application and guidelines.


So, get your ideas together, you critical thinkers, you! The deadline for applications is April 22, 2013 at 11:59PM ET.

Thank you!

John Barth
Genevieve Sponsler
Lily Bui
The PRX STEM Story Project Team

P.S. If you applied to our Global Story Project, please read the guidelines for STEM carefully — we’ve changed some things.

PRX STEM Story Project
- Hide Guidelines
Please read all the guidelines below. We recommend gathering the required info before filling out the form, as the form cannot be saved to finish later.

PRX is looking for proposals to create short-form audio works about compelling stories, controversies, explanations, people, events, and insights about Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). We have a total pool of $40,000 made possible by a grant from the Sloan Foundation.

First, what we DON’T want:

No hour-long or 30-minute productions. Short-form means less than 10 minutes, preferably 4-7 minutes. We are open to limited series of short-form pieces.
No phone audio. Everything must be recorded in person or via tape sync.
No previously aired work. We are looking for original content for this project.

Now, the sort of things we DO want:

Highly creative, original works (we love Radiolab, SciFri, 99% Invisible, etc., but we want to hear YOUR style… don’t try to sound like them!).
Story-driven but not necessarily narrative pieces. We want solid science reporting, but not presented in a standard newsy style. If you can make something that keeps a listener enthralled, that’s what we want.
Proposals that address under-covered topics. We are looking at STEM topics broadly, but we’re especially interested in creative approaches to Engineering and Math, which don’t get enough radio attention.
We will consider works that are already commissioned by another local or national program, but prefer original works. A commissioned work must be at pre-production stage, and must include PRX and Sloan Foundation credits in the body of the program, for all broadcast and digital versions. The final broadcast version of the piece or segment must be posted to PRX and open to all licensing and opt-in usage by stations and other purchasers.
We prefer to work with one point of contact: a single producer OR a single lead producer of a small team. That producer must have final and complete say over story production, edits and the final product and is responsible for delivery of the agreed segment on time and on budget. The audio sample(s) submitted for this application must be by the lead or sole producer.
The preferred production length is between 4 and 7 minutes. We will accept limited series as long as the segments are able to stand alone.

Evaluation Criteria

This is a competitive process for a limited amount of funding that will go to multiple projects. PRX will assemble a small panel of internal and external judges – including STEM experts — to evaluate proposals and then make selections based on:

audio/production quality of your samples
conformity to the project goals
likelihood of distribution success

Fine Print Stuff

PRX will be the exclusive broadcast distributor of the content for two years (or 24 months) after the work is posted to PRX and will retain a nonexclusive perpetual license for digital distribution. The producer owns the work and can post it on his/her own website, SoundCloud, and other open streaming sites with the proper crediting. Exclusive means that PRX will be involved in all discussions with broadcast outlets and have final say on all broadcast placement of the piece.
All final productions must be in English for U.S. audiences and conform to U.S. professional broadcast standards (technical, legal, and appropriate language).
Producers do not need to be a PRX account holders to apply. However, producers of the selected and funded productions must set up PRX accounts.
If selected and funded, producers must upload their completed work to PRX.org to be made available to broadcast stations no later than July 15, 2013.
The selected and funded productions must comply with the PRX Terms of Use.
There is no implication or agreement to hire, contract, or otherwise engage with the producers outside this competitive process.
Producers must include required funding credits (to be provided by PRX) within the body of longer works or as adjacent credits with shorter material. Credits must also be included on any digital platform.
All support funds will be paid in U.S. dollars.
The producer is responsible for all rights clearances for any content included in the work.
Producers can submit more than one proposal. Please submit a separate application for each proposed project.
Producers outside the U.S. are welcome to apply. International story proposals are also welcome.

For the application form you will need:

A title for your proposed project.
A short bio. If you also have past experience with STEM topics, let us know! It is NOT required, however.
Two links to examples of your audio (or mp3 files if you do not have links).
Three written references with email and phone number for each.
Production budget and breakdown.
Summary of the editorial and fact-checking plans; in particular for the STEM information at the core of the work.
A Word doc, PDF, or txt file of your project description in 250 words or less.
Your Twitter handle and a Twitter-length summary of your proposal (140 characters or less). PRX may choose to share these summaries publicly during the application process (you may opt out).
A deadline for your final product. ALL PIECES MUST BE COMPLETED AND POSTED TO PRX by MONDAY, JULY 15 at 5 p.m. ET. PRX cannot offer promotion or editorial support to productions that miss this deadline, and we reserve the right to reduce the amount paid to producers who miss this deadline. PRX also requires a check-in for your work-in-progress (script, audio) for feedback, NO LATER than June 15.
Questions? Just shout! STEM@prx.org.


Join us on Friday, March 29, 2013 at 2PM ET for #PRXSTEMchat on Twitter! We’ll be discussing science topics and answering your questions about the STEM Story Project. Whether you’re a scientist, science enthusiast, or producer, we invite you to weigh in!

Lily Bui (@dangerbui) will be hosting the tweetchat. Keep an eye out for more information on blog.prx.org and @prx.


PRX will also hold one STEM project webinar on Friday, April 5 at 2PM ET to answer all questions beyond what we have posted above. Register here.

If you can’t make or wait for the webinar, email your questions to stem@prx.org. But read the application and guidelines first!

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