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Retired photographer's lot for sale: Sinar, Deardorff, lenses. NYC

My uncle, Norman Snyder, retired as a professional photographer and has decided to sell a lot of his old equipment. Here is a list of some of what he has for sale. Feel free to contact me or email him directly with any questions: nsnyder60@earthlink.net

You may link directly to this list as well: Photo Equipment for Sale

Best, Jane

Cameras Description Price
SINAR P 4X5 Expert in case case complete 6’ & 18" rails, aux frame, WA &
Extra Square Bellows, 10 4X5 Film Holders, etc
SINAR 8X10 Format Changing kit Plus additional 12" Ext. Rail and Additional Aux Frame $1,950.00
SINAR 8X10 to 4X5 Reducing Back $500.00
Sinar 8X10 Wide angle Bellows, Mint $400.00
Deardorff 8X10 with 4X5 Reducing Back Mint Leather Bellows, includes case and 15 8X10 Film Holders, $2,350.00
View Camera Lenses
Schneider 240 MM f/5.6 Symmar Compur #3 Sinar Board, Sinar Aperture Control, Modified to F/64 $750.00
Schneider 90 mm f/5.6 Super Angulon Sinar Board, Shutter $850.00
Goerz 19" f/11 Apochromat Artar Sinar or Deardorff Board, Ilex Shutter $850.00
Schneider 165mm Super Angulon f/8 Sinar Board, in shutter $1,000.00
Kodak 12" Commercial Ektar Deardorf Board, original case and box Ilex Shutter $650.00
Kodak 190mm Wide Field Ektar Covers 8X10 in Deardorf Board Ilex Shutter $700.00
Schneider 360MM f/5.6 Symmar in Barrel Sinar Board, w/ Auto Aperture Control $725.00
210mm Apo Nikkor in Barrel Sinar Board, $400.00
Rodenstock Apo Ronar 300mm in Barrel Sinar Board, $600.00
Sinar Copal Shutter for lenses in Barrel Works on Bulb only. Brand new Sinar Cable Release $100.00
Sinar Clamping Stand Set w/ Camera Holder and Sinar Rail Clamp $350.00
Gitzo Tele Studex Giant Luxe, Cremaillere, Heavy Rational 3 Way Head, 541 Angle Support
and Side Arm assembly
Minolta Flash Meter 111 $350.00
Minolta Spot Meter F Mint $375.00

by Jane Helmick at 2006-01-25 15:54:51 UTC (ed. Jun 24 2006 ) New York City , United States | Bookmark | | Report spam→

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