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Rome-based professional photographers

Hi all, looking to update a roster of professional Rome-based photographers available for occasional news and event coverage. If this applies and you would like to be considered for inclusion, please send a personal message here.

Thank you,

Sherri Dougherty
Photo Editor, UN Food and Agriculture Organization

by Sherri Dougherty at 2010-10-07 06:45:10 UTC | Bookmark | | Report spam→

Dear Sherri,

I like to take the opportunity to send you some informations about me following the above post, in the hope that sooner or later they may me of some help for your future tasks.

I am a VAT registered freelance pro Photographer since 1992, actively working in various fields of photography, from commercial, architecture, to events and social photography, I am based just a out side Rome at 45 minutes from the FAO building in Rome.

Please visit my website: http://www.giannifantauzzi.com for a general panorama of what I do

If you feel that you would like to know more about me, you are welcome to contact me at any time.

Thank you for your time

Kind regards
Gianni Fantauzzi

by Gianni Fantauzzi | 09 Oct 2010 08:10 | Roma, Italy | | Report spam→
Hi Sherri,
I’m a member of Nove Photography, a collective of six photographers based in Rome. We are especially focused in documentary and portraiture photography.
please consider including us in your list.
Our website is: www.novephotography.com
thank you
Federico Ciamei

by Federico Ciamei | 09 Oct 2010 09:10 | Rome, Italy | | Report spam→
Dear Sherri,

I am Daniel Kevorkian, a freelance photographer based in Rome, please add me to the list.
my website is: www.kevo.biz

Kind regards

by Daniel V. Kevorkian | 09 Oct 2010 17:10 | Firenze, Italy | | Report spam→
Hi Sherri
I’m Cesare Dagliana,in Florence.

by Cesare Dagliana | 10 Oct 2010 06:10 | milano, Italy | | Report spam→
Dear Sherri,
we are a professional photographers’s Cooperative based in Rome. We are available for news and event coverage.
You can have a look of our works visiting our website: www.eidonpress.com. You can contact us by mail o by phone. Thanks
Kind regards

Donatella Giagnori

by Donatella Giagnori | 10 Oct 2010 10:10 | Rome, Italy | | Report spam→
Hi Sherri,
if you’d like to have a look at your works to include us in your list, www.eidonpress.com is our commercial website for our italian clients with all our daily work, even local news and pictures by our freelance contributors, but we have also a portfolio with some selected works of the four photographers of the cooperative, you can visit it at http://eidonportfolio.viewbook.com/
Kind regards

Donatella Giagnori – EIDON

by Donatella Giagnori | 11 Oct 2010 10:10 | Rome, Italy | | Report spam→
Good morning,
as said actually I’m based in Rome. I sent a private message.
Waiting for your response.
Best regards.
Anniale Greco

by Annibale Greco | 11 Oct 2010 14:10 | Rome, Italy | | Report spam→
Dear Sherri,

I am Christian Minelli, a freelance photographer based in Rome, please add me to the list
my website is: http://christianminelli.photoshelter.com/gallery-list

Best regards
Christian Minelli

by [former member] | 13 Oct 2010 15:10 | ROME, Italy | | Report spam→
Hi Sherri,
I’m Matteo Gozzi, freelance photojournalist based in Rome.
This is the link to my website: www.matteogozzi.com
Please consider including me in your list.

Kind regards,

Matteo Gozzi

by Matteo Gozzi | 14 Oct 2010 01:10 | Rome, Italy | | Report spam→
Dear Sherri,
please add me on your list.

by Guido Gazzilli | 14 Oct 2010 12:10 | Rome,London, United Kingdom | | Report spam→
Dear Sherry
I’m Michele Palazzi and I’m based in Rome


by | 14 Oct 2010 13:10 | Rome, Italy | | Report spam→
Hi Sherry,
I’m Francesca Hanne Mancini, based in Rome.
You can see my portfolio on
thank you and best regards,

Francesca H. Mancini +39 329 113 4225

by Francesca H. Mancini | 14 Oct 2010 13:10 | rome, Italy | | Report spam→
Hi everybody,
my name is Antonio, based in Rome.
following this link, you will see
my portfolio: antoniobabbo.photoshelter.com
Antonio Babbo

Antonio +393382024261

by Antonio Babbo | 17 Oct 2010 07:10 | Rome, Italy | | Report spam→
Hi Sherry,
i’m Mirko Notarnicola,photojournalist based in Rome.
My personal web is under costruction, but you can see one of mine project at this link :
www.artedelfuoco.it or www.kartabianca.it/?p=175
Best regards,

Mirko Notarnicola
+ 39 3346349841

by Mirko Notarnicola | 19 Oct 2010 17:10 | Rome, Italy | | Report spam→
Carlo Gianferro
+39 3473644644

by Carlo Gianferro | 20 Oct 2010 13:10 | Rome, Italy | | Report spam→
hi sherri
i am a rome based photographer, with many years of experience in the event photography field. I work every year at a week meeting of major italian publisher, held in Venice: http://www.giuseppealiprandi.it/galleryeditoria.html
Also for the italian coaching federation, providing photos and a photoreel to be shown as the final moment of the event: http://www.giuseppealiprandi.it/gallerynet2010/slide.html
things you may be interested in:
- well versed in video (making and editing);
- recently worked (video & photos) on agriculture related subjects;
- fluen in english for i worked for years as a business analyst in london, uk.

by giuseppe aliprandi | 22 Oct 2010 10:10 | rome, Italy | | Report spam→
forgot my contact details: 3291588816 ; giuseppe.aliprandi@gmail.com ; www.giuseppealiprandi.it

by giuseppe aliprandi | 22 Oct 2010 10:10 | rome, Italy | | Report spam→
Hi Sherri,
My name is Marie Sjoberg, swedish/spanish born in Paris.
Im a photographer,based in Rome since 2001.
Please have a look at my website: www.mariesjoberg.com – www.f28.it
You can contact me at 3403635878
Thank you,

by marie sjoberg | 22 Oct 2010 15:10 | Rome, Italy | | Report spam→
Dear Sherri

My name is Domenico Ponziano a professional photographer based in Rome.

I am a VAT registered freelance Photographer, i’ m especially focused in documentary photography,

I collaborate with the magazine “Tempi” and the geopolitical magazine “Affidavit”.

I also work with the publishing company Alessandro Turci Editore, and i have published two photographic books " Archangelsk, on the footprints of Alessandro Faraggiana" and “The autumn of nations”.

My personal site is under construction so in your work e-mail you can find a short portfolio, if you want see more pictures let me know

Please consider me including your list.

Here my contact

Domenico Ponziano


347 522 62 13

by Domenico Ponziano | 22 Oct 2010 16:10 | | Report spam→
Hi Sherri,
My name is Alberto Novelli,
I am based in Rome
Professional since 1988
My web page is www.albertonovelli.com
email alberto.novelli@gmail.com
Best Regards

by Alberto Novelli | 25 Oct 2010 14:10 | Rome, Italy | | Report spam→
Dear Sherri,
I am Giuseppe Chiantera, a freelance photographer based in Rome.
Please add me to the list
My website is: http://giuseppechiantera.viewbook.com

Best regards
Giuseppe Chiantera

by Giuseppe Chiantera | 26 Oct 2010 08:10 | Rome, Italy | | Report spam→
Hy Sherry,
i’d really like to be considered for your project (news and event coverage).I’m a freelance photografer based in Rome.
You can contact me at:
+39 3283517788

Best regards
Tiziano Brodolini

by Tiziano Brodolini | 28 Oct 2010 13:10 | Rome, Italy | | Report spam→
Hi Sherry,

my name is Pierpaolo Scavuzzo. I’m a pro photojournalist based in Rome and specialized in economics and financial news, management portraits, corporate assignments.
My URL is http://www.pierpaoloscavuzzo.it

Best regards
Pierpaolo Scavuzzo

by Pierpaolo Scavuzzo | 30 Oct 2010 16:10 | Rome, Italy | | Report spam→
Dear Sherri,

I’m Matteo Fusacchia, a freelance photographer based in Rome.
My website is now under construction, but I can send you some of my works through email if you wish.
Please add me on your list, you can contact me at:

+39 340 8212716

Best regards,

Matteo Fusacchia

by Matteo Fusacchia | 02 Nov 2010 19:11 (ed. Nov 2 2010) | Rome, Italy | | Report spam→
Hi Sherri,

I am a German Professional Photographer based in Rome, see my online portfolio at www.oliverblum.com


by OLIVER BLUM | 12 Mar 2012 10:03 (ed. Mar 12 2012) | Rome, Italy | | Report spam→
Dear Sherri,
I am a freelance photographer based in Rome. A am a stringer for Associated Press and cover for them news, entertainment, politics, sports vatican etc. I also work for newspapers and magazines.
Have a look at my web archive.


Best regards
Riccardo De Luca

by Riccardo De Luca | 12 Mar 2012 10:03 | Rome, Italy | | Report spam→
Hi Sherri,
I’m Francesca Mancini, Rome based free lance photographer.
Everything that you need please don’t hesitate to contact me.
Best regards,

Francesca Mancini
MOB:+39 329 113 4225
EMAIL: mail.francescamancini@gmail.com
WEB: http://francescamancini.viewbook.com/
SKYPE: effe.m

by Francesca H. Mancini | 12 Mar 2012 13:03 | rome, Italy | | Report spam→
I’m Alex Marchese, I live and work in Rome. My photo studio is in the center of Rome.
mobile: +39 3470892141

by alessandro | 08 Oct 2013 09:10 | rome, Italy | | Report spam→
Hello Shelli,
I’m a documentary photographer with the passion for social photography. I’d like to know and take care of your initiatives.
If you haven’t found what you are looking for, maybe we could talk about it.
This is my archive: http://overthedoor.photoshelter.com/
and here you can see one of my latest works: http://www.romaltruista.it/blog/?p=738

Thanks anyway for the opportunity.
Best regards,

by Marcello Valeri | 09 Oct 2013 19:10 | Fiumicino, Rome, Italy | | Report spam→
Hello Sherri,

we are a group of professional photographers working through the WheretoRome website located in Rome offering Event Photography like Business Meetings, News and Conference. More details here.

Thank you,

by Andrea Matone | 23 Dec 2013 10:12 (ed. Dec 23 2013) | Rome, Italy | | Report spam→

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Sherri Dougherty, Photo Editor Sherri Dougherty
Photo Editor
(United Nations FAO)
Rome , Italy
Gianni Fantauzzi, Photographer Gianni Fantauzzi
Roma , Italy
Federico Ciamei, photographer Federico Ciamei
Milan , Italy ( LIN )
Daniel V. Kevorkian, Photographer Daniel V. Kevorkian
(telling stories)
Firenze , Italy
Cesare Dagliana, photographer Cesare Dagliana
Florence , Italy
Donatella Giagnori, Photographer Donatella Giagnori
Rome , Italy
Annibale Greco, Photographer Annibale Greco
Beirut , Lebanon
Matteo Gozzi, Matteo Gozzi
Rome , Italy
Guido Gazzilli, photographer Guido Gazzilli
Rome,London , United Kingdom
Rome , Italy
Francesca H. Mancini, photographer Francesca H. Mancini
Rome , Italy
Antonio Babbo, Free-lance photographer Antonio Babbo
Free-lance photographer
Rome , Italy
Mirko Notarnicola, photoreporter Mirko Notarnicola
Rome , Italy
Carlo Gianferro, Photographer Carlo Gianferro
Rome , Italy
giuseppe aliprandi, giuseppe aliprandi
Rome , Italy
marie sjoberg, Photographer marie sjoberg
Bangkok , Thailand
Domenico Ponziano, Domenico Ponziano
Alberto Novelli, photographer Alberto Novelli
Rome , Italy
Giuseppe Chiantera, Photojournalist Giuseppe Chiantera
Rome , Italy
Tiziano Brodolini, Photographer Tiziano Brodolini
Rome , Italy
Pierpaolo Scavuzzo, photojournalist Pierpaolo Scavuzzo
Rome , Italy ( FCO )
Matteo Fusacchia, Photographer Matteo Fusacchia
Rome , Italy
(Photography + Film)
Rome , Italy
Riccardo De Luca, Photojournalist Riccardo De Luca
Rome , Italy
alessandro, photographer alessandro
Rome , Italy
Marcello Valeri, Marcello Valeri
Fiumicino, Rome , Italy
Andrea Matone, Photographer Andrea Matone
(Transport emotions though time)
New York City , United States


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