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SEEDS INDIA invites submissions from photographers and writers on 'Climate Change'

This is regarding a campaign called ‘Climate Change and Himalayas’ initiated by an NGO called SEEDS INDIA with whom I am closely associated. They are inviting photographs for an exhibition in New Delhi and write-ups from professionals which will be printed in a report titled ‘Under the footprints’. Following are the details.

We are an NGO called SEEDS INDIA (www.seedsindia.org) and we work in the field of sustainable development with a focus on disaster management. As part of our work, we have started a new initiative called Adaptation Action Now!, which is a call to look at the plight of people whose lives are already being devastated by effects of climate change. As part of this campaign we are organising a slew of activities in Delhi on 5th and 6th of December which is the weekend before the world leaders meet in Copenhagen for the next round of negotiations on climate change.

The theme for the event this year is Climate Change and Himalayas. One of the things we have planned is a photo exhibition portraying the effects of climate change on Himalayas and Himalayan communities. We are looking at photographs or photo essays which show the impacts and changes which climate change has brought into the lives of people living in Himalayas.

We plan to exhibit these photographs at DLF promenade Vasant Vihar, New Delhi, India (tentative) on 5th and 6th Dec. coupled with a music concert which we are hosting at the same venue. Please consider this mail as an invitation for the concert also. We have various musicians from Himalayas playing different genres of music from rock to blues to metal to Himalayan folk music.

We will bear the cost of printing the photographs, the photographs remain your intellectual property and SEEDS will have no right to further use them without your permission, except the hard prints used for the exhibition might be displayed later at seeds office.

Below is an indicative list of themes under which we are looking for photographs

• Effects on Agriculture in Himalayas: Destroyed crops, failed crops

• Livestock: lack of food resources due to destroying/ drying of pastures

• Impact on water resources: Flash floods, droughts, Receding glaciers, GLOF: glacier lake overflow

• Impact of tourism: Waste Management, Ill effects of modern amenities/ technologies for luxury.

• Adaptation Activities: Bio Gas plants, new building technologies in use, Check dams for rivers, Use of Bamboo for construction etc.

• Effects on Humans: Loss of livelihood, malnutrition etc.

You can also send us photographs which you feel fit the broad area of climate change in Himalayas but not in the themes mentioned above.

Also if accompanying your photographs you can send us a couple of lines giving your perspective on the photograph and your thinking behind taking the shot. Things for us would become a lot clearer and easier.

The last date for sending the photographs is 20th November, 2009 12:00 noon. Please sent us low resolution images and we will be asking you for hi-resolution image once your photograph is short listed, which will be between 20 -23 November.

You can send your photographs to saurabh@seedsindia.org.

If you want to join our campaign you can do so by joining our facebook group “SEEDS India’s Youth Campaign for Climate Change” (http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/group.php?gid=115451529080&v=info)
You can also upload your photographs after joining the group on the group’s photo page.

You can also upload your photographs on the Flickr group http://www.flickr.com/groups/adaptation_action_now/

As a part of the campaign we are also releasing a small report tentatively titled “Under the footprint”. Through this report we are trying to highlight the vulnerabilities, impact and adaptation aspects of climate change in South Asia. We are looking for small write ups of around 200-300 words from various professionals working in the field which will be included in the report. These write-ups can be about impacts or changes or adaptation strategies or just human stories. It will be a collaborative online document which will then be published. We would be really grateful if you contribute to the same. All the contributors will be given due credit in the report.

Given below list of broad topics/ issues I could come up with and also a small write up outlining our thinking and approach. You can use any one of topics in the list or write about anything which is close to your heart.


Coastal Areas

• Sea level rise

• Bangladesh

o Migration
o Effect on agriculture
o Drinking water
o Effect on fisheries
o Development of salinity resistant paddy varieties
o Effects on Sunderbans and its subsequent effects
o Floods and diseases

• Sri Lanka

o Effect on paddy and tea: development of resilient varieties
o Coral loss and effects
o Changing rainfall patterns and effect on agriculture

• Maldives

o Dangers from sea level rise : land loss
o Migration: buying land in Ind. /Aus
o Coral regeneration
o Wall around Malle
o Islands lost


• Use of bamboo

• Nepal

o Waste land development program
o Community forest program
o Kosi floods and its aftermath
o Changes in agriculture
o Glacier melt

• Ladhak

o Effect on agriculture: locust problem, changing crops
o Flash floods
o Change in weather: heavy rainfall
o Water shortage
o Change in lifestyle: effect of tourism

• Bhutan

o Local adaptation strategies and impacts
o Glacial Lake Outburst Flood (GLOF)

• Himachal

o Agriculture: Apple crop problems and new varieties, change of crops
o Glacial Lake Outburst Flood (GLOF)
o Development work affecting climate
o Temperature change

• Uttarakhand

o Glacier melt
o Development work affecting climate


• Bihar

o Floods and its aftermath: Diseases, migration, human trafficking
o Heat wave cold wave
o Drinking water
o Floating vegetable gardens
o Machans

• Uttar Pradesh

o Change in rain pattern affecting crops in eastern UP
o Migration
o Human trafficking
o Ganges lost

• Maharashtra

o Farmer suicides (also in AP)
o Water harvesting in Pune and Vidharbha
o Ill effects of Konkan railways ( deforestation and spread of malaria )
o Mumbai floods and the future of maximum city

• Orissa

o Adaptation after cyclone
o Ill effects of cutting of mangroves for paddy

• Gujarat

o Forced climate change due to high emission of GHGs

I would be really grateful if you could help us out in this endeavor. Hoping for your help and waiting for your response.

Consultant – Climate Change

by Sarika at 2009-11-12 09:46:55 UTC Gurgaon , India | Bookmark | | Report spam→

04 Dec 2009 00:12

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