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Sensative...... hmmmnn

Some of these competition/awards posters must be a bit sensitive to criticism ………. just made a slight criticism about one. Bang the whole post disappears……… one can just smile

by Imants at 2008-10-29 23:03:49 UTC (ed. Oct 29 2008 ) The Boneyard, Sydney , Australia | Bookmark | | Report spam→

I must have missed that one Imants. But you are welcome to enter my own photo competition on the theme of ‘Making money in an economic downturn’.

Entry is £20 per photograph. Only 50 mb unsharpened tiff files supplied on CD at high resolution will be accepted-NO point and shoot photos. By entering my competition you agree that all your work will belong to JR-photos.com in perpetuity, in this universe and any future ones which may be discovered.

The winner gets a Smena-8M camera, 50 rolls of out-of-date Fuji Reala and a day out shooting with a highly experienced and well respected photojournalist who has been
awarded the 1908 David Bailey Bollocks Award and is mentioned in ’Who’s nobody’.

Best wishes,


The insensitive photographer.

by JR, (John Watts-Robertson). | 30 Oct 2008 08:10 (ed. Oct 30 2008) | northants, ETA 5 minutes, United Kingdom | | Report spam→
Cool-it’s back !!

I’d like to point out that my own competition is in no way connected with the Visual Culture Awards at http://www.visualcultureawards.com

But please enter my competition anyway-I need the money and you stand a very good chance of winning.

by JR, (John Watts-Robertson). | 30 Oct 2008 08:10 (ed. Oct 30 2008) | northants, ETA 5 minutes, United Kingdom | | Report spam→
my entry ……nota cent

by Imants | 30 Oct 2008 09:10 (ed. Oct 30 2008) | The Boneyard, Sydney, Australia | | Report spam→
A insensatez
Que você fez
coração mais sem cuidado
Fez chorar de dor
o seu amor um amor
tão delicado
Ah porque você
foi fraco assim
assim tão desalmado

Fotografei você na minha Rolleiflex,
Revelou-se a sua enorme ingratidão


by Tommy Huynh | 30 Oct 2008 09:10 | lihue, United States | | Report spam→
Don’t you dare challenge the US agency mafia system
either, Imants. The response to my post on that
subject was either photographers are as pleased
as punch (no way) or afraid to open their mouths
for fear of similar reprisals as your post on

Oh well. I guess you are best to carefully
choose your fights. The better part of valour
is discretion?

Criticism is quashed.

by John Smith Streetphotographer | 30 Oct 2008 15:10 | Idaho, United States | | Report spam→
Yai!! I’m gonna win and be famous, get me pitcha ina book called “Pig’s arse”. They told me it’s gonna do real good in Bullamakenka Heights, me mate Mick will be as pleased as punch …….. gonna !

by Imants | 30 Oct 2008 19:10 (ed. Oct 30 2008) | The Boneyard, Sydney, Australia | | Report spam→
Thanks for your entry Imants. I look forward to receiving your £20 entry fee, and so far it looks like you are the only entrant.
Unfortunately I have to tell you that my wife has cleared out the garage where the fifty rolls of Reala were stored under temperature controlled conditions.
Under the terms of my competition, I reserve the right to substitute a different prize- so here is a photo of the replacement which the lucky winner will receive.
It’s a gorgeous genuine leather crocodile camera bag as used by many of the UK’s top wildlife photographers.

Unfortunately ‘Pigs Arse’ Magazine have pulled out of the competition as their Picture Editor considered my terms and conditions to be something she called ‘a clear rights grab’, whatever that means.
Fortunately the Bullamakenka Heights Weekly Packet newspaper have leapt to the rescue as one of the sponsors.

P.S.. I’m not sure if Tommy is offering to sell me a Rolleiflex or enter my competition.

by JR, (John Watts-Robertson). | 30 Oct 2008 21:10 (ed. Oct 30 2008) | northants, ETA 5 minutes, United Kingdom | | Report spam→
Remember I am not entering the competition because I am not afraid of competition. Far be it for me to scorn on competition and ones competative spirit. Have you confronted Analog Railroad ( Digital’s older sibling, you know the one that didn’t pay it’s mates out and then piss on everyone else) for sponsorship. I would want my winning image to be posted on Digital Railroaded

by Imants | 31 Oct 2008 05:10 | The Boneyard, Sydney, Australia | | Report spam→
For some reason the line seems busy at Digital Railwreck so I can’t be bothered to get sponsorship from them.

I don’t think I’ll be running another photo competition anytime soon though-too much hassle trying to get the sponsorship in the first place and then there are all the abusive phonecalls from photographers who complain about the entry fee, the prize and this ‘rights grabbing’ thing they keep going on about.

From now on I’m going to concentrate on shooting my multimedia piece on gecko hunting in the UK.

by JR, (John Watts-Robertson). | 31 Oct 2008 10:10 | northants, ETA 5 minutes, United Kingdom | | Report spam→
“A so delicate love made to cry of pain its love…”

(I think Tommy likes you, John.)

“I photographed you in my Rolleiflex, Showed its enormous
ungratefulness to it”

…wait, that somehow seems dirty. is this THAT kind of competition?


by [former member] | 31 Oct 2008 10:10 (ed. Oct 31 2008) | boston, ma, United States | | Report spam→
Your right Ted-another reason for me to get out of this competition business.
‘Making money in an economic downturn’ is the theme of my competition. I guess that covers the porno industry too!

EDITED UPDATE !!!! Interesting- A post by Mikayla Mackaness was deleted six hours ago. Checking her name on LS shows
she is involved with the award that started this particular thread.
I’m not going to get involved in any conjecture about what her post was about. But suffice it to say that I have NOTHING
against the competition she is involved with and that my own comments are merely an attempt,(pathetic I know), at humour.

by JR, (John Watts-Robertson). | 31 Oct 2008 12:10 (ed. Nov 1 2008) | northants, ETA 5 minutes, United Kingdom | | Report spam→

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