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Site idea - "assignments" calendar

No reply needed, Shinji. I’m just brin storming: I wonder if it would work to have a “calendar” on LS on which people can post Call-for-Entry deadlines, show dates, etc. I suppose each event can have a link that goes to more information/details. That way, members can see what’s going on for the week (or month) at a glance.

Not sure if others would find this useful.

by [an unverified member] at 2004-12-13 12:47:05 UTC (ed. Mar 12 2008 ) | Bookmark | | Report spam→

heya retsu. i’ve been working on a calendar design actually to make it a little more obvious what’s going on (i just sent a version to shinji). i think we’ve always had the idea of having call for entry, etc things be on the calendar, but i’m not sure if people are posting those things on the calendar yet. hopefully once we iron out a better design for the calendar it’ll be easier for people to find those things (and will encourage people to post those things there).

one question yout post raises however is if there should be a separate calendar for “assignments?” or is it ok to incorporate everything onto one? hm….

thanks for the thought and keeping us on our toes, though!

by Eugene Kuo | 13 Dec 2004 14:12 (ed. Dec 13 2004) | | Report spam→
Hmm. Good question, Eugene.

(your question: should there be a separate calendar for assignments? )

My opinion is that for things that would be of interest to more than a few of the membership, it would be handy to have deadlines/dates all in one place. On the other hand, if it’s a specific assignment for a specific individual, then I don’t think we all need to see that.

I’m picturing the “LStalkers-calendar” being useful in conjunction with whatever personal/professional calendars we maintain ourselves. Generally, my pref is for there to be as few calendars to check as possible – so I wouldn’t mind terribly if it all gets boiled down to one calendar.

I would enjoy getting to see ALL the things going on in the LS world. Right now, it’s a show here or there, some assignments, call-for-entries. I would like to see a calendar that shows all things going on. For the long term, to avoid the calendar becoming too cluttered and useless, I suppose it would be most useful if there was one Master LS Calendar, and each viewer could customize their view to include or omit certain categories of entries: illustration, photo, call-for-entries, openings/shows, parties, get-togethers, including perhaps “show only posts made by my inner circle”.

One last thought; in anticipation of some future flexibilities, the calendar entries should probably be in some universal format for syncing with other types of calendars such as Palm software, or Notes calendars, or whatever else people use to keep track of upcoming things.

Hope this wasn’t too stream-of-consciousness. Peace.

by [unverified member] | 13 Dec 2004 15:12 (ed. Dec 13 2004) | | Report spam→
i think shinji has created a way to synch the calendar (i haven’t tried it yet). there’s a “Subscribe via iCalendar” link at the moment but it seems limited as to what devices it can actually access.

you make a good point as far as categorizing the calendar. i guess we’ll have to create categories and then it will be up to people to entire their events into the right calendar. as far as what you see in the calendar, it’s up to the community to populate it. :-)

by Eugene Kuo | 13 Dec 2004 15:12 | | Report spam→
heyo guys! retsu, thanks for the notes… sounds to me like we’re on the same page. i like that ‘filtering’ idea; it’ll take a bit of ironing out, but i bet we can do something like that.

as for sync-support — like eugene said, the LS calendar is currently available in iCalendar format (despite the similar name, this is actually a different thing than iCal, on the Mac). unfortunately, there’s really not a “universal format” for calendars — there are dozens!. realistically, there’s not enough time in my day to support a multitude of formats, so i chose iCalendar — it’s as good as any, and works for Mac and PC users alike.

anyway, eugene’s just sent me some calendar comps, and eventually i’m going to apply them to the LS calendar pages… it’ll be great!

by Shinji Kuwayama | 14 Dec 2004 00:12 | | Report spam→

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