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anyone else using skype out there?
shinji and I just installed. it’s an internet phone service, anyone else using skype you can talk to for free, or you can dial regular phone numbers for a fee. I suppose its basically iChat with an web-phone option built in. it also has a built in IM feature.
On my mac, it works no problem—unlike iChat, which never seems to connect for me.
On my PCs, I get the incoming audio fine, but the other end cant hear me—dont know if the microphones in the PCs are disabled somehow, but I cant find them.

anyone know?

I think shinji is also going to build a skype id field in the profiles. but FYI, my skype id is terukuwayama, as it is on AIM, yahoo and msn messenger. also, any recommendations for multi-client IM programs? ie. trillian, fire, don’t know what else?

by teru kuwayama at 2004-11-24 12:23:06 UTC (ed. Mar 12 2008 ) | Bookmark | | Report spam→

On my Mac, I like Proteus — but I actually use iChat mostly. The multi-clients aren’t able to do group chatting and voice chat, and even though I could switch, I find it easier to be in iChat in the first place. Plus I don’t have that many contacts in the other services.

Skype is pretty cool though. It amounts to the same thing as voice iChat for me, but it seems to work more reliably on the other end (cf. Teru).

by Shinji Kuwayama | 24 Nov 2004 14:11 | | Report spam→
Skype is good, I use it and another one, Rhino, to call DR for cheap. Good idea to put a Skype field or other such PC to PHone field for every one to see. Mine is macocael1 like the AIM.

by Jon Anderson | 24 Nov 2004 18:11 | | Report spam→
Hey guys — that’s in. You can add it to your profile


by Shinji Kuwayama | 25 Nov 2004 11:11 | | Report spam→
Hey Jon — what’s Rhino? Is it a voice chat / Internet telephony app?

Also, an addendum on my earlier post — I also use a little Applescript to manage IM clients; I have one script which launches everything (iChat, Yahoo, MSN, Skype) and another which quits everything. All four are set to automatically log in (and log out) accordingly, so it’s quite convenient.

by Shinji Kuwayama | 26 Nov 2004 20:11 | | Report spam→
for a mac based aggregator i’ve been using fire and am really digging it (one fun thing is that you can use ichat sounds for it; and you can make the chat windows pretty small and it supports tabbed chat windows). it’s starting to be able to do file transfers somewhat better, which is exciting. but there’s still the lack of voice chat support it’s true. for that i’ve been using ichat. not enough people i knew were using skype yet but it looks like that might be changing . . .

by Eugene Kuo | 07 Dec 2004 01:12 (ed. Dec 7 2004) | | Report spam→
These days I am using iChat, Proteus, and Skype simultaneously. (Proteus handling MSN and Yahoo.) Being a big nerd, I wrote Applescripts to launch/quit all three for convenience.

by Shinji Kuwayama | 07 Dec 2004 01:12 | | Report spam→
OK, Rhino is another computer to Phone or computer to computer calling program and this is the address where you can find it and a few other such companies. Rates differ, and actually according to my calculations Skype is cheapest (for me): http://www.computerphonecall.com/pc-to-phone.htm. Shinji what is this Applescript thing you use to launch and quit all the programs at once. That sounds great to me, but i know nothing about this “script” stuff. Teach me o master.

by Jon Anderson | 07 Dec 2004 08:12 | | Report spam→
I’m no master - Applescript is easy. :) Here’s a step-by-step:

1) Launch “Script Editor”, in your Applications folder.

2) Paste in this code:

tell application "iChat" activate end tell tell application "Proteus" activate end tell tell application "Skype" activate end tell

3) Click “Compile”. It might ask you to locate the application files for each of these, but probably not.

4) Now, just select “Save As”. Choose type “Application”, with option “run-only” checked. I call mine “IM Launcher” and keep it in my Applications folder.

That’s it! There’s likely a smarter way to do this; if anyone knows it, lemme know.

PS — replace the word “activate” with “quit” in the above example, and you’ve got an IM Quitter!

by Shinji Kuwayama | 07 Dec 2004 13:12 (ed. Dec 7 2004) | | Report spam→
Teru—next time you come by the office I’ll show you how to find the microphone control.

by Stokes Young | 07 Dec 2004 15:12 | | Report spam→

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