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Slide Show: Hunger Pains, the Global Food Crisis

Greetings all. For any of you who have sat around my dinner table, you know how important all things having to do with food are to me. Increasingly I’ve become quite concerned every time I walk into the supermarket as it seems that each time I go items are just a little bit more expensive. While it doesn’t help my bank account any, for billions of people that small difference can lead to a family not being able to feed their children. As the world’s population increases and land is converted into non-food producing plots, feeding billions of mouths is going to be a monumental task that humanity has never witnessed before.

I have been invited by Grassroots International to put together a slide show addressing how, from Haiti to China, from Africa to Mexico, people’s relationship to the land they live on is rapidly changing and contributing to the current food shortages that are affecting billions of people across the globe.

Please join us on Tuesday, June 17th at the Bubble Lounge, 228 West Broadway (doors open at 6.30 followed by a slide show at 7.30) for an evening that focuses on the essential issue facing the globe today: how this ever expanding planet can continue to feed its inhabitants.

For those of you here in New York, I hope you can make it and to my friends across the globe please pass this on to anyone you know who is in NYC and might be interested in attending Tuesday evening’s sideshow.

All the very best, abbracci,

P.S. Re. the subject of food, despite all the heavy issues surrounding it, let’s not forget enjoying it as well. For a superb dinner come to one of my favorite restaurants in Brooklyn Korhogo126 who uses the finest of African spices . In full disclosure it’s owned by Emmanuelle of the Bubble Lounge, however one taste of anything on the menu and you’ll see why I’m recommending it.

by [a former member] at 2008-06-16 12:21:04 UTC (ed. Jun 25 2008 ) NYC , United States | Bookmark | | Report spam→

17 Jun 2008 00:06
jake, wish I could be there, but I wont be getting back to NYC until just after the show. This is a great project, more power to you. if You havent already shot the stuff for Haiti and are planning to pass through, you are welcome if you can manage a visit.

people’s relation to the land — we tend to forget about this in developed nations, because that relation is so mediated and complicated as to become almost invisible,but here in developing nations that relation is all too manifest and absolutely the single most crucial issue for our futures.

by Jon Anderson | 16 Jun 2008 15:06 | Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic | | Report spam→
Hi Jon, Glad to hear you’re headed this way and drop a line when you’re in town.

Yes, it’s really incredible what I’ve been witnessing over the past 10 years of travel. Wherever I go places are connected like never before. …Re developed nations, while perhaps a bit more forgotten it’s happening as well. 8 years ago I drove through Kansas and I spoke with an old farmer. His son had just moved out to the big city (Kansas City). His son wanted to become a stock broker. No different from the young man in Fuling who sets out for Fuzhou, in China. In the end just all very human and based on the same common desires and modern pressures.

by [former member] | 17 Jun 2008 12:06 | NYC, United States | | Report spam→
This sounds like an awesome project Jake – wish I could be there!
Good luck with it!!

by [former member] | 18 Jun 2008 10:06 | Milano, Italy | | Report spam→
A very important topic, indeed. Do you have a weblink to images from your show, Jake? I´d love to see them, and I´m a bit far away to make it to your slide show.

Good luck.



by David Lauer | 22 Jun 2008 16:06 | Cusco, Peru | | Report spam→
Hi David,
Thanks for the interest. I’d love to have had the actual slideshow online with audio and narration, but not sure how to get a quicktime file up there, so for now am posting text and photos, so hope they help get the idea across.

One point I think is important regarding these photos is that many of them where taken for a certain New York paper of record. I had traveled to Kenya in the runup to the 2005 G8 summit, which that year had a large focus on Africa. I was heartened because finally there where a series of in depth reportings on the continent and I was enthusiastic to contribute to a deeper understanding of this topic knowing Kenya quite well.

The project was conceived as mainly an interview piece. To understand why people where so mired in poverty, the goal was simple: take a portrait and then get in numbers what people are paid, what they must spend on and on whom. Breaking down those simple numerical facts would then give a picture of what needs to be done economically, how much people must earn in order for a healthy balance to be met.

Of course interviews take their own path and after I got the numbers one topic eventually kept coming up: hunger (and AIDS, the two correlate). In just about every conversation, without prompting, people said they where just scraping by to survive and sometimes they weren’t. The story of hunger has been around for a lot longer than the current crisis would suggest, simmering simmering simmering. That it’s gotten to this point is truly frightening because it means that the roots of this problem run remarkably deep and with each passing day those roots become more entrenched, the problems all the more intractable to cope with. While much blame can be placed on the arrogance of the G8 leaders and their ineptness, in this case blame also needs to be squarely placed on Kenya’s government which squanders so much wealth to the MPs in Nairobi. The violence that erupted last December is a product of that.

The photos where supposed to have run on Sunday to compliment the closing of the summit. Unfortunately they never ran as events in London rapidly changed the ever fickle media’s focus: a series of bombs exploded on London’s buses and in the underground, goodbye slow news cycle. When people die in Europe, those dying in Africa take a back seat and are quickly forgotten and we where back to all terror all the time.

For the series that was supposed to run it can be seen here:


The images from the slideshow are here:


by [former member] | 25 Jun 2008 14:06 | NYC, United States | | Report spam→

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