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Tablet for transmitting images?

I made this question a while back, hadn’t too many replies at the time, but the forum was running into problems, so I’ll do it again.
When I know I’ll need to transmit pictures from location, I carry a netbook. Not the fastest thing on earth, but gets the job done. I even found a free program that reads my RAW images and works quite similarly to Lightroom (Zoner 15, in case you wonder).
But there are many occasions in which I’m in the street the whole day but I’m not really sure if I’ll be filing images or not, and I’m basically carrying around 1.5Kg more.
So I’m looking at tablets, I wonder if there’s anyone using a tablet for captioning (it would need to be able to load XMP data that I write previously in Photomechanic) and filing images. Also, which soft do you know for Android that would allow for that.

by Patricio Murphy at 2013-02-02 16:08:03 UTC | Bookmark | | Report spam→

Hi Patrico,
I am currently using an iPad to do the same with this software http://filterstorm.com/pro2/iptc-support that lets you send xmp files with your images, but not sure about loading xmp data, you can certainly write it into the tablet and save IPTC information etc. and has built in FTP. Sorry I don’t know what is available for Android Tablets. Incidentally there is also a version for the iPhone for more compact and always with you transmission!
To get images to the iPad there is the camera connection kit (SD Card) which does not work on the iPhone, so I use Eye-Fi cards again (SD, but you can get adaptors to make them slot into CF card slot)
Hope it all helps in some way

by Gary Austin | 04 Feb 2013 12:02 | Derby, United Kingdom | | Report spam→
Gary, why doesn’t the camera connection kit work with the iPhone. Is it a problem of physically connecting the cable? I was not able to connect the cable to my iPhone 4 but then realized the problem was with the case. Unfortunately, the Speck case is quite a nuisance to remove. Anyway, now I still have the iPad 2 and its camera connection kit but my new iPhone 5 has a different shape cable connection.

by Barry Milyovsky | 04 Feb 2013 20:02 (ed. Feb 4 2013) | New York, United States | | Report spam→
Hi Barry,
Yes, cases do get in the way. Last time I connected the camera connection kit it came up saying it was not supported, and Apple’s description only refers to it working with the iPad, not the iPhone. Further I understand there is less support for processing RAW files on the iPhone compared to the iPad as well as size limitations? (you can use PhotRaw https://sites.google.com/site/iphotoraw/supported-cameras )and .DNG files are still not supported so you won’t be able to develop RAW from a Leica for example but you can still use .jpeg in such instances. Hope that helps

by Gary Austin | 04 Feb 2013 20:02 (ed. Feb 4 2013) | Derby, United Kingdom | | Report spam→
Thanks Gary,
it helps to know that someone is actually using a tablet and it works. I’ll se what’s available for Android (so far I found a good FTP app and MoPhoto for writing IPTC data, but have yet to test this one, it doesn’t run on my phone), as Ipads and iPhones are utterly expensive down here and right now I’m on the cheap side :P

by Patricio Murphy | 05 Feb 2013 12:02 | Buenos Aires, Argentina | | Report spam→
Hi Patricio,

I had the same problem but have found a solution! an app that is fundamentally Lightroom for the iPad.

The app is called ‘Photogene’ and it allows me rename, edit EXIF metadata and use custom IPTC sets. Before I found Photogene I was using a Macbook Air with Lightroom. Now, I can go out for the day with either a 6D or an Eye-fi card enabled camera and file directly from the iPad (with its amazing 10 hour battery) whilst keeping the weight down.



by Matthew Aslett | 05 Feb 2013 20:02 (ed. Feb 6 2013) | London, United Kingdom | | Report spam→
Hopefully they release an Android version or someone comes ouy with something similar for Android. :)

by Patricio Murphy | 06 Feb 2013 16:02 | Buenos Aires, Argentina | | Report spam→

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