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Taking films through Heathrow?

I’m flying from Brussels to Entebbe/Uganda next monday. As I’m going for quite some time, and as I’m still shooting with film, I need to take (loads of) films with me. According to the Britisch Airways security policy, it is possible to take film on the plane. I’m still a bit worried though. Has anyone been trying to get films through Heathrow recently?? Thanks! Kristof

by Kristof at 2006-08-30 13:16:59 UTC (ed. Mar 12 2008 ) Gent , Belgium | Bookmark | | Report spam→

Came back yesterday through Heathrow, but not with BA, carried film hand luggage there and back and everything seems fine. Think they have a differnt policy for US flights though, but for Mid East the only poblems I had were the queues.

by John Perkins | 30 Aug 2006 14:08 | London, United Kingdom | | Report spam→
I will be flying (BA) from and back to the US through Heathrow in October and yes I will be film bound. I would like to hear from ANYONE who has done the london to US flights. In the past, I have had film at Heathrow hand checked. My last flight out of Heathrow was in 2003 and the exposed film went through the carry on xray machine. No noticable effects!

by F Fischer | 31 Aug 2006 14:08 | Milwaukee, United States | | Report spam→
As far as I know Heathrow will NOT hand check any film. This has been the case for some years now & I have tried on many occasions. I really don’t think that with recent events they will be any easier. I have a friend who recently changed his flight and came out of Bristol to NY and said it was far easier, but of course I understand that this is not always possible. The BAA has a statement on their website……. I tried to copy the link, but it was very long & didn’t seem to work. But go here http://www.heathrowairport.com and in the search at the top of the page put in “advice for photographers”.

It says ultimately that the hand check comes down to the discretion of the on duty officer……………. who of course will never let you !! I have had on more than one occasion “either it goes through this machine or it doesn’t go on the plane”. The whole film/x-ray thing is cumulative. The BAA says that it can be passed from 8 times " and in some cases up to 32 times" !?!?!? This is utter rubbish however. Anyone who has had any x-ray problems know that after 5 or 6 times you get large very obvious wavy lines through your film. If you use 120 or sheet film then it can be less. Surprisingly enough, the US authorities seem to be much more civilised & sensible about it….. see http://www.tsa.gov/travelers/airtravel/assistant/editorial_1035.shtm I have been working primarily in the US for the past 18 months and I have never had anyone refuse to hand check my film.

I always bank on getting my film x-rayed at Heathrow, I no longer even bother to ask but as long as it’s just once or twice, it’ll be fine. I hope this helps, safe travels. M

by Martin Crook | 04 Sep 2006 04:09 (ed. Sep 4 2006) | New York, United States | | Report spam→
Although some destinations cannot be rerouted to avoid Heathrow, I have been wondering why photographers keep flying through Heathrow. In July I had to because I could not find a seat on a direct flight to Vienna through my frequency flyer mileage program, but somehow I was routed through Munich/Lisbon/Philadelphia using other airlines on my return to the US. There are airlines other than BA. I’ve flown to the UK in the past using Swiss Air and Iceland Air.
This does not mean that other UK airports give you a film hand check. Perhaps you need to boycott the UK unless you are the UK resident. The last time I flew Iceland Air which was several years ago, we did not have to go through security in Reykjavik.

by Tomoko Yamamoto | 04 Sep 2006 14:09 | Baltimore, MD, United States | | Report spam→

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