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taking your name off telemarketing/direct mail lists

hi all, i placed this post in “for sale” but really it’s how to not be for sale, or at least a little less for sale…..yesterday i got off a plane, still jet lagged and was falling into a pleasant sleep this evening when ashley from juniper bank called with an iditoic cheerful voice. after yellig at her, pissed and not being able to fall asleep i filed a complaint also registered my mobile phone for the national do not call registry, so if these little fuckers keep bothering you like mosquitos that bite you as the sun sets visit this site:


also, the credit card industry wastes untold amounts of energy and paper by sending out their crap to suck you further into debt, so in order to cut down on these solicitations visit this site:



it seems a little dodgy, they ask fo your ss, birth date etc. but it’s listed on the federal trade commission’s site and beyond those paradigms of virtue and concern for its citizens it comes up 20,900 on google and is listed on sites that actually do give a shit about cutting this stuff out, so these places are a good place to start to keep your mail box less full with crap and your phone quieter.

lastly, consider……

waste produced by junk mailers:

  • Creating 4 million tons of unnecessary wasted annually
  • Filling 3% of American Landfills
  • Stealing 320 million of your tax dollars for disposal fees
  • Destroying 62 million trees annually
  • Using 28 billion gallons of water for paper processing annually

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