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TEPCO Fukushima nuke press tour: no women/intl media limited

Tokyo Electric and Power Co., or TEPCO BANS WOMEN and LIMITS INTERNATIONAL MEDIA from press tour of Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant on Nov 11 & 12:

This is a tidbit of news that will most likely be breaking soon.

On Nov. 12 there will be a first time ever scheduled press tour of the crippled Fukushima Daiichi power plant. This is a press tour arranged mostly for Japanese media. Only a handful of foreign media (4 to be exact) are being allowed to attend, and under strict rules. Mainly, only one foreign journalist from each media pool will be allowed in: pen, still photo, TV, radio.

But in addition to this very tight pool, TEPCO has boldly laid down the following:

- No women will be allowed on this tour.

- Video footage and still photos will be reviewed and if anything deemed confidential will need to be DELETED on site by TEPCO personnel. The reason given for this is security against terrorist threats.

Listed below is the terms TEPCO has given to the Foreign Press in Japan organization (FPIJ):

- In consideration of conditions at the nuclear power station, we ask that women refrain from applying.

- Due to protection measures against nuclear materials, only the delegated still camera operators and video camera operators will be allowed to shoot inside of the nuclear power station. All camera operators will, however, be allowed to shoot at J-Village.

- Due to protection measures against nuclear materials, shooting inside of the nuclear power station may be restricted during certain times. Moreover, please kindly note that TEPCO staff will check the video or images taken inside of the facility, and if it is decided that said material may create problems from the perspective of protection measures against nuclear materials, please be noted in advance that we will ask that the material in question be deleted on the spot. (Please bring handheld, data-based video cameras. Do not bring video cameras that use videotapes.)

- Please make sure to bring photo identification (driver’s license, passport, Basic Resident Register Card with photo, or Alien Registration Card) with you, as you must present it when entering the nuclear power station. You will not be able to enter the nuclear power station without a valid photo identification.

- You must submit a prior application for approval for all articles to be brought into the nuclear power station. Please fill in the necessary fields of the attached “Checklist for Articles to be Carried into the Radiation-Controlled Area” and return it together with the completed application. As a rule, articles not included on the checklist will not be allowed in.

- Even covered you may become contaminated during the visit to the nuclear power station, so please bring an extra pair of shoes just in case.

- We ask that all staff wear a company badge, armband, or other form of identification while operating at J-Village.

- Please follow the instructions of authorized personnel while covering the visit

by Torin Boyd at 2011-11-02 14:02:10 UTC | Bookmark | | Report spam→

12 Nov 2011 00:11
Forgive me if the answer to this question seems obvious but why no women?

by Saira MacLeod | 02 Nov 2011 22:11 | London, United Kingdom | | Report spam→
They are more susceptible to radiation..?

by Ethan Knight | 03 Nov 2011 00:11 | Auckland, New Zealand | | Report spam→
This press tour came about due to Japan’s Minister of the Environment, Goshi Hosono’s upcoming visit to the Fukushima Daiichi nuke plant next week (Nov 12).

Hosono is a member of the ruling Democratic Party of Japan (liberal) and a cabinet member for the recently elected administration of Yoshihiko Noda, Japan’s current Prime Minister. The Noda administration seems to be making an effort to bring back public trust concerning the dangers of the nuclear disaster at Fukushima Daiichi. So a press tour is a logical step in implementing this new policy. That is a good thing, but Hosono failed to fully consider the needs of the international media for this media junket.

Hosono’s private secretary, Naohisa Shibuya is coordinating this press tour for both Japanese and foreign media in Japan.

Yesterday, two officials of the Foreign Press in Japan (FPIJ), Justin McCurry and Richard Lloyd Parry had a meeting with Shibuya to protest the limited number of foreign press allowed on the tour. They also brought up the issues of still and video images being subjected to review and deletion by TEPCO officials at the plant, and the banning of women on the tour. In regards to the latter, Lloyd Parry had the following comment about Shibuya:

“We raised a strong objection to the ban on participation by female reporters. He (Shibuya) explained this was because of (a) differing exposure limits for male and female nuclear workers; and (b) a lack of facilities such as ladies’ lavatories and changing rooms. Without going into all the details of a detailed and vigorous discussion, we observed that reason (a) is hard to understand from a scientific point of view; and as far as (b) goes, our female members will manage quite well using the men’s toilets and without a place to apply their make-up.”

Concerning the deleting of images on site, this has now been sort of rectified. Originally the rules were:

There was to be three zones for making photos and video. These were classified as white, gray and black areas. White was no problem, black was prohibited, and gray was to be the area in which imagery would be reviewed by TEPCO officials for approval or deletion.

Late last night it was announced by Hosono’s office that the gray area status would be eliminated, thus putting an end for the need of imagery to be reviewed and censored. This simplified the press tour, but censorship is still in affect.


by Torin Boyd | 03 Nov 2011 02:11 (ed. Nov 3 2011) | Toyko, Japan | | Report spam→
Is that so? Thanks for the insight TB

by Saira MacLeod | 04 Nov 2011 12:11 | London, United Kingdom | | Report spam→

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