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testing my new website

any observations,thoughts,witticisms or criticisms on content,design and ease of use would be greatly appreciated.thanks in advance,michael.i suppose the url would help! it’s michaelbowring.com

by Michael Bowring at 2007-04-06 12:32:57 UTC (ed. Mar 12 2008 ) Belgrade , Serbia | Bookmark | | Report spam→

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by Imants | 06 Apr 2007 12:04 | ok I give up... who am I, Australia | | Report spam→
well, from the link you provided, it looks pretty sparse.

by Narayan Mahon | 06 Apr 2007 13:04 | Syracuse, New York, United States | | Report spam→
I looked at it. I like the idea of coupling images like you did with the borders section. Personally I found the content to be fairly mundane, but I don’t really know what you are trying to convey so that might not be too fair for me to say.

by Narayan Mahon | 06 Apr 2007 13:04 | Syracuse, New York, United States | | Report spam→
Michael, It’s : http://michaelbowring.com/ (strange no www!!!)

Instant five second first impression : the opening doggie pic comes over a bit muddy .
The thumbnails slip off the the bottom of (my) screen on some pages.Easy to zip through
loads of pix quickly. People don’t hang around on sites.No flash,GREAT!
I’ll have another look later.I’m in the middle of fighting(updating) my own at the moment ,
so I know what hell this stuff is!!!

Nice to see you got something out anyway.

by Tony Stringer | 06 Apr 2007 13:04 (ed. Apr 6 2007) | Vicenza,, Italy | | Report spam→
I could choose a different opening photo. Also, some kind of index function would be nice so you don’t have to scroll through all the images….


by [former member] | 06 Apr 2007 13:04 | Stuttgart, Germany | | Report spam→
Liked it very much. Sparse and efficient. Though I like the opener, I think a color shot would be more effective given that your work is so damn colorful. You took me on quite a tour. One I hadn’t expected and it was something of a revelation. Thank you. I don’t think you need an index. I’m sure editors will love it. It shows very effectively what you do, what you see and you can either take it or leave it, right? Enthusiastic thumbs up from my corner.

by Paul Treacy | 06 Apr 2007 14:04 | | Report spam→
Michael: :))))))…quick comments (then i’ll give u more in a couple of hours, ’cause im on a deadline (already late) to provide Andy L my images for the Virgina festival)….

I LOVE THE COLOR OF THE IMAGES! :)))))))))….many of the photographs are gorgeous and there is so much strange silence in many of the pics…the red diving slide in the middle of the lake: apocalypic and poetic image…..and at first i was startled because my body predicts images (mind too) of serbia as in b/w…and i loved that you’re shooting in this vivid, gorgeous color…it was completely new for me, since i “imagine” serbia in images of b/w….i’ll comment later more specifically about the pics for you, but here are some quick impressions on the site:

1. open with a color shot for the door (though i like the dog and i like it’s “muddy” flavor), cause b/w doesnt seem to make visual and visceral sense in the overall scheme of the site’s aesthetic (though some of b/w images are beautiful): in other words: though the dog pic is cool, i didnt get it after going through the site and your color images are so strong, i think you should open with that…

2. I didnt see an index/thumbnail page….i always like this option, because as a photog who is pretty damn patient to slowly scroll through all the horizontal pics (i did 2 xs), i still like a quick refernece to return to in order to lick up the specifics of the pics….I did and wanted to scroll through everything and i always do with these kinds of sites, but later i want the option to pinpoint an image, i dont (after 1st viewing) wanted to be dictated as to what image i want to return to: keep the scroll but give the viewer an option to use a thumbnail/index page…

3. no blow-up possibility for individual photos: also, i like to extract specific images from a series by clicking and making them stand alone (like another window or frame so i can “dream” upon the image: same think in a book of photos: i like to linger, individually, over images as well as to tongue through the entire series….

4. the b/w images (or the logic of their placement) didnt always make sense to me in the context of the threads of color…maybe instead another thumb called: “B/W” or something…i dont mind b/w thrown in with color as long as it makes “sense” to me as a viewer (for distruptive reasons, chaotic reasons, dramatic, liturgical, logical etc)…..

5. I would love some writing: I dont want you to write about the stories or the images, but since you are such a strong and intelligent writer, i would have liked to have read something about the environment: because the images are so surreal and so wonderful, i was curious about other impressions….(this by the way IS NOT a drawback, just something i craved since Bowring is a very good writer)….

6. Overall, i think the site accomplishes the one thing a website should: give an impression of a story, a specific one as well as the photographers ideas/aesthetic/belief…this story (all three) is so powerful and revelatory (again, my own anemic prejudice about serbia being in b/w) and surreal that actually, i wanted more, more, more photos….(though im a photo whore/pig and can never get enough)….

i was so happy to spend some time (my son: dad, whose photos are those, theyre really cool) with them….

i’ll give you more specific comments in a few hours about the photos: many of which are delerium :))))


p.s. youve got some cool trees, add them to my Tree post ;))))))

by [former member] | 06 Apr 2007 15:04 | toronto, Canada | | Report spam→
Like it a lot; simple to navigate, a minimalist style not aseptic, ironic; i’m just curious to know more about u, besides that u love dogs: no biography? ciao

by Dana De Luca | 06 Apr 2007 15:04 | Bergamo, Italy | | Report spam→
thank you all for your generous comments,they are extremely useful and pertinent.i must clear up something about the dog picture.it is actually going to be a quick animation,but the file is proving to be a little bugger to reduce to a manageable size.the image of the dog is really,at the moment,a ghost of its animated(one day!),brother.thanks again for your time and energy.

by Michael Bowring | 06 Apr 2007 18:04 | Belgrade, Serbia | | Report spam→
Michael, ‘Borders’ is great, and very timely, would maybe open that section with a different pic though, at the moment to me the opener doesn’t really fit with the rest of the set. I really like that section though, very atmospheric, and with the whole ‘Srbija do Tokia….Srbija kao Nokia" and Kosovo/Greater Albania subtext, it’s really fascinating.

by [former member] | 06 Apr 2007 23:04 | New York, United States | | Report spam→
nice images michael ,as already other LS mentioned.change the opening piccose u have so much better.
even ,i am not friend of scrolling ,looks to work on your site.
and might keep the cotact box without image .
in general nice and efficient.

by [former member] | 07 Apr 2007 06:04 | Athens, Greece | | Report spam→
really nice work. felt like i was there. strange intense craving for vodka. seriously, i like the simplicity, but not
a fan of an all white page. no bio info. enjoyed very
much your images; keen, wry, sensitively observed. some of your landscapes made me ache with envy. well done you.

by julia s. ferdinand | 07 Apr 2007 11:04 | chiang mai, Thailand | | Report spam→
Borders has the greatest potential, though it strays from its implied title at times , needs reworking focusing on a narrower concept within what a border is

by Imants | 07 Apr 2007 12:04 (ed. Apr 7 2007) | ok I give up... who am I, Australia | | Report spam→
Michael ITS FUCKING BEAUTIFUL! Don’t listen to anyone but me!:) Seriously beautiful imagery, but would like to know a bit about the author of such gorgeous work. As Julia said there’s no bio. Maybe just a little bit of writing somewhere wouldn’t hurt. I think we all hang on to words a bit to define ourselves which I am not sure is always good but I think it can help to give a bit of depth to images as well. So maybe just a bit, heh?

by lisa hogben | 08 Apr 2007 07:04 | Still Stuck in Bloody Sydney, Australia | | Report spam→
The imagesyou have on the site are great. I’d like to see more variety. You have alot of landscapes and city scapes. Harldy any faces or images of people interacting, I’d like to see more. The photos have a distant, detatched feel to them. As one section, the detatchment works, but not as an entire portfolio if you are trying to get a variety of work.

As for the site itself:
1) I don’t like the slider, I’d prefer thumbnails.
2) More caption info or a little info on the subject matter in each photo.
3) Bio is a good idea.
4) I’d like to see the main images larger.
5) Contact page doesn’t say anything about where you are.
6) What has already been said about the opening image.

by Oscar Sosa | 09 Apr 2007 06:04 | Jacksonville, FL, United States | | Report spam→
once again,thank you all so much for your comments and suggestions.i will add some galleries of street and more formal portraits at a later date.they weren’t really a priority,because i am mainly a portrait photographer anyway,so i have a pretty clear idea of their worth and effectiveness.i wanted to see what people thought of my more abstrct,quieter work,which is why i concentrated on it first……and yes,i suppose i will have to write some sort of bio,but aren’t they usually a bit like c.v.’s i.e. white lies dressed up to appear credible?

by Michael Bowring | 09 Apr 2007 08:04 | Belgrade, Serbia | | Report spam→
quite nice pictures……

I echo about bio and captions. Nope bio is not a C.V, tell me who you are, what is your passion with photography, your philosophy, and other things you want to talk about yourself and photography. I am working on my new website though, let us see how I end up..

I really love to read about pictures, you might write something about whole story.

However, when I save the page as “complete web page” I get all of your images for free use. I would warn you about adding copyright notice somewhere on website and may be changing this negative thing in the future.

ha… I adore sun flowers….that’s the best one…

by | 09 Apr 2007 14:04 | toronto, Canada | | Report spam→
ali,were you at it on a mac or a pc?it hasn’t been set up to protect itself from mac thieves yet,but it is supposed to be pc proof already.it’s funny you like the sunflowers picture best,i only put it in as a joke,a little bit of fun with cliched images.

by Michael Bowring | 09 Apr 2007 19:04 | Belgrade, Serbia | | Report spam→

I am on PC and using Firefox. For example, I go to your serbia story and save page as “Web Page, Complete”. So I have all the pictures from Serbia story in low resolution which is not a problem for thieves. As far as I remember, same problem does exist with Paul’s website as well. Try it yourself and open one picture in Photoshop,so you will see how easy to increase picture quality for a publication or website. Good watermark experience can help you, no?

Yes, I like sunflowers as I grew up in them, think everywhere is sunflowers in 50-60 acres land. :) it is a beautiful joke for me.

by | 09 Apr 2007 21:04 | toronto, Canada | | Report spam→
ali,thanks.that’s bad news,i will fix it a.s.a.p. As for the sunflowers,i will try and explain. consider the photographs from that particular town as a triptych,the other two images juxtaposed against the beauty of the flowers,which are turning their faces away from the viewer is the story.that town is,how shall i put it diplomatically, not exactly a hotbed of tolerance and forward thinking.thanks again for bringing that glitch to my attention,i am off to hang the back end designer by his toes from the nearest bridge!

by Michael Bowring | 09 Apr 2007 22:04 | Belgrade, Serbia | | Report spam→

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